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新目标九年级英语Unit 1 Period 5 教学设计

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Unit 1 how do you study for a test ?

Period 5(reading & seft-check)

临西一中 刘 君

一.Teaching Aims and Demands

1. Knowledge Objects

To learn some new words and expressions

2. Ability Objects

To know something about hawking .

二.Teaching Key Points

Reading comprehension.

三.Teaching Difficult Points

1. How to improve students’listening and reading ability.

2. How to help students to express their opinion freely.

四. Teaching method: Task-based Approach

五. Teaching Aids: a computer, blackboard, the listening materials

六.Teaching steps

Step 1To show the goal of this class。


Step 2:Leading in——Discussion

Do you have any problems about study/life/ family recently(最近,近期)?

Can you think of any problems you have had recently? Tell a partner how you deal with them.


Step 3: Presentation

1) T: who is he ?

what problem does he have ?

2) S: He is hawking .he can’t walk or write easily . he is disabled. T: Can you tell me something about hawking ?

S:Yes ,…

Step 4 Reading .

How do we deal with our problems.

Before you read

1. Listen to tape first and then fill the chart.

2 Play the recorder. Ask the students to listen the article first.

Then let them read the article, then tell T or F

1.Only the poor have problems.

2.Worrying about our problems will affect how we do at school.

3. we can’t solve a problem by learning to forget.

4. Many students often complain about school

because they think the rules are too strict.

5. Education is an unimportant part of our development.

6. It is our duty to try our best to deal with each challenge in our education with the help of our classmates.

3 While you read:

T: read the articlt again and then answer the questions .

1What may happen when people are angry with others for long?

2. What happens to children when they have disagreements?

3. What must we learn at school? Why?

4. What’s our duty as young adults?

5. What should we do after comparing ourselves to Stephen Hawking?

4 Ask students to discuss together and then check the answers.

【Purpose】通过阅读这篇文章,让学生了解halking 是如何面对生活的困难,他面对困难时,他的生活态度是怎样的。

Step 4 After you read

T: Retell the story in front of the students .

【Purpose】以复述的的形式完成本部分内容,让学生能够能进一步了解霍金,增强学生的听说读写能力 。

Step 5: Show more pictures about the disabled persons .

Love life love youself !


Step 6: Test in class


( ) 1. I study math by ____ lots of exercises.

A. did B. doing C. do

( ) 2. ____ do you study for tests? I work with my friends.

A. How B. Who C. When

( ) 3. What _____ reading aloud to practice pronunciation?

A. of B. about C. around

( ) 4. Why don’t you _____ to cassettes?

A. listening B. listen C. listened

( ) 5. Many students asked the teacher _____ the time of the test.

A. for B. to C. about

( ) 6. I got an A this term, so my teacher was _____.

A. impressed B. impressing C. impress

( ) 7. Lucy thinks that ____ English movies isn’t a good way.

A. watch B. watched C. watching

( ) 8. When we practice English speaking, we often end up ____in Chinese.

A. speak B. spoken C. speaking

( ) 9. I read very slowly. I can’t spell some English words, _____.

A. also B. either C. but

( ) 10. Don’t laugh ___ others. You should help them when they are in trouble.

A. at B. to C. of

Step 7: Homework

1.Do 3b in your English exercise books.

2.Think of another way of dealing with problems,and then write down five ways at least in your English exercise books.

Design on the blackboard (板书设计)

Unit 1 how do you study for a test ?

Period 4

How do you deal with your problem? By talking to people about them? By thinking your problems is not big By breaking off a friendship .

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