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How do you study for a test?

Teaching Material

本课新目标英语《go for it》九年级unit 1 setion A 为依据。

Analysis of the Materials

1. Status and Function

In this unit, students learn to talk about how to study. Such topic is very useful to students. It’s helpful to raise learning interest of all the students. Either more or less advanced students will benefit a lot.

2.Analysis of the Students

Junior students are teenagers . They face the great changes of physiology and psychology. As the difficulties of learning English raising, they really don’t know how to face the challenge of learning English well. I think this unit helps them a lot. Teaching design


1. 语言目标

1. How do you study for test?

Well, I study by working with my classmates.

2. Have you ever studied with a group?

Yes, I have. I’ve learned a lot that way.

2. 能力目标

1.Train students’ listening skill.

2.Train students’ communicative competence.

3.To develop the ability of reading ,self-study , cooperation and communication .

4.To enable the students to gain information from others.


Art :1. Draw a picture about new vocabulary we learned.

2. Appreciate the songs and films.


Verb + by with gerund



学习策略与 思维技巧

通过听、说、唱、讨论、采访等多种教学方式体验学习英语乐趣。 重点词汇

1) vocabulary 2)flashcard 3)aloud 4)pronunciation 5)pronounce 6)memorize

7)grammar8)differently 9)frustrating 10)frustrate 11)quickly 12) not at all

13)excited 14)end up 15)specific


How do you study for a test?

Task One Task Two Task Three

Talk with their classmatesText listening comprehension Interview their classmates Teaching procedures

Task One : Talk with their classmates


Teacher’s Activities

Students’ Activities


Step 1

Do warming- up activity.

Ask the student on duty to answer what date is it today?

And the final exam is coming, how do they prepare for their text.

Talk with their classmate how do they study for their test? And find out their own way to study on the textbook.

Get the Ss to learn the new words unwittingly, and raise their curiosity . Step 2

Present some key words

Learn the new words

Pave the way for later learning

Step 3

Play the Speech Cassette unit 1 1b.

Show exercises to the Ss

Do some listening comprehension exercises.

Develop the Ss’ listening and comprehensive competence .

Step 4

Make an example for them,

And ask they to talk with their partner, and fulfill the bland.

Talk with their group and finish the blank. And try to report to the class. Develop the Ss’ speaking competence and how to learn from others.


Warming – up activity

Presenting key words

Talk with classmates (Task 1)

To fullfill do the listening comprehension Talk with your partners

listening comprehension (Task 2 )

listening to the tape listen again check the answer

Make an interview ( Task 3)

Reading Fill in the form Make a competition




Required & Optional





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