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一、 词汇题(每题2分)

1.学生—— 11.好奇、想知道——

2.学期—— 12.尺寸、大小——

3.堂兄、堂姐妹—— 13.直的——

4.女演员—— 14.吹——

5.借—— 15.大的、巨大的——

6. 不喜欢—— 16.然而、不过——

7.讨厌、憎恨—— 17.意思是——

8.音乐—— 18.拼写——

9.除了…以外—— 19.交流——

10.介绍—— 20.爱好——


21.不再… 22.迟到

23.是…的缩写 24.在去…的路上

25.try on 26.in ten more years

27.be interested in 28.do well in

29.顺便说一句 30.以…而骄傲/自豪


( )31. There is ___.

A. some thing special B. special something

C. something special D. special nothing

( )2. Please introduce the new pupil ___ us.

A. of B. for C. to D. with ( )3. Please introduce the new pupil ___ us.

A. of B. for C. to D. with ( )4. Thank you very much for ___ me ____the


A. invite, to have B. inviting, to have

C .asking, have D. ask, to have

( )5. She would like ____ more weeks.

A. other B. two

C. another D. some

( )6. Don’t speak to the lady in a loud ____, please.

A. noise B. voice

C. sound D. noisy

( )7. The boy ____ twelve next year.

A. is going to be B. is to be

C. will be D. is being

( )8. I’m a student. So ____they.

A. is B. do

C. does D. are

( )9. -- Jack isn’t at school today. He is a bit ill.

-- _______

A. Are you sure? B. I’m sorry to hear that.

C. Is he? D. It doesn’t matter

( )10.— Hello, may I speak to Kate, please?

— ______ speaking.

A. I’m Kate B. My name is Kate

C. This is Kate D. I call Kate


( )4、A.by bike B.on foot C.by train D.by bus ( )5.A.off B.on C.up D.to ( )6.A.with B.has C.have D.there was

( )7.A.but B.and C.so D.or ( )8.A.stands B.standing C.stood D.stand ( )9、A.don’t have B.have no C.didn’t have D.had

( ) 10.A.know B.didn’tknow C.think D.thought

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