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An Advertisement about Clear

Have you ever watched this advertisement? With a black dress, Little S appeared before our vision in a high-key and arrogant way. The words “If someone lies to you again and again, you should dump him at once” shook the spectator deeply. Finally, you come to realize that this is the advertisement of Clear.

In the past twenty years, the competition of China shampoo market has already become more and more deeply and has entered the brand competition stage. In particular, the P&G has already taken up eighty percent of the market share. However, with many news brands sprung up in the shampoo market, the question about dandruff breeding still couldn’t be solved fundamentally. Therefore, featured products such as Clear majoring on dandruff breeding have emerged at the right moment. And its advertisement is also successful and popular to the customers.

First, it is a best choice for Clear to choose Little S as its image spokesperson. It is well-known that Little S is a very popular star with unique personality and invincible eloquence. She is also a frank young lady with

controversy. Due to her trust and recommendation for Clear, many young customers have been attracted.

Second, in order to occupy the Chinese market, Clear caters to Chinese customers’ inclination. Clear doesn’t only mainly work on anti-dandruff products, but also develops new functions. In China, Clear is the first shampoo brand to provide men with dedicated products. It makes a breakthrough that Clear divides the customers into two groups by gender. So Clear has already broke down Chinese customers’ traditional concepts about shampoo.

Last but not least, Clear has already made over 3,000 clinical trials for Chinese customers to know more about Chinese’s states of hair and cortical tissue in the past ten years. Cut-throat market competition requires powerful technical support to be a backing. So Clear has already become a better choice for Chinese customers.

All in all, the reason why Clear succeeds in making the case is that it has accurately positioned the target groups and research direction. Besides these, a good advertisement is easy to capture the customers' eyes.

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