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Our food house

Our hotel has all kinds of food, 15 stuffed dumplings only need 10 Yuan, a fruit juice only needs 5 Yuan, but also has all kinds of soup, the big share only needs 30 Yuan, the share only needs 20 Yuan, small share 10 Yuan. Our spot also has very many kind of noodles, the chicken beef noodles so long as 10 Yuan, the cabbage mutton noodles only sell 5 Yuan merely.

Welcome us the hotel to go to eat, we welcome you as necessary! 中文: 我们的饭店

我们的饭店有各式各样的食物,15个饺子只需要10元钱,一杯果汁只需5元钱,还有各式各样的汤,大份的只需30元,中份的只需20元,小份的10元。我们的点还有很多种面条,鸡肉牛肉面仅仅只要10元钱,卷心菜羊肉面条仅售5元。 欢迎来我们的饭店就餐,我们随时欢迎您!

My Food House Come and see my food house. We have dumplings, juice, soup, and noodles. The 15 dumplings just 10 RMB. And orange juice is only 2 yuan. The soup is very cheap——————only 5 for a glass. We also some noodles. The beef and tomato noodles for only 5 yuan. The mutton and cabbage noodles for 6 yuan. The potato and egg noodles for only 7 yuan. Come and have lunch to my food house.

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