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Where would you like to visit?

Task 1
Make conversations with your partner like 2c.

A: Where would you like to go ?

B: I’d like to go somewhere

warm. beautiful. educational. fascinating. fun. relaxing. dangerous. peacefuI. exciting. interesting.

A: What else can you tell me ? B: I’d like / I don’t want______.

Before we take a trip, it’s necessary for us to think about some basic(基本的) questions.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

What activities can I do there? _______________________ What can I see? _______________________ Where can I live? _______________________ What kind of food can I eat there? _______________________ How much will it cost? _______________________

What is the most important when you go on vacation?

Task 3

Guess about the writer

Write“T”for true “F”for false and “DK” for don’t know.

1. The person has a lot of money to F spend on the vacation . ____ 2. The person wants to relax and do F nothing on vacation . _____ DK 3. The person is a man . _____ DK 4. The person has children. ____ T 5. The person likes to swim . ____ 6. The person wants to go to F another country. _____

S.T.Zhang’s demands(要求) Place Residence Room (住所)
An exciting place where they can do lots of outdoor activities and place with a big pool or somewhere near the ocean.

Read the e-mail and fill in the chart below .

1. The hotel or An apartment have a inexpensive room with a kitchen. hotel 2. The room is big or enough for three apartment people.

Dear Ace Travel:

My family and I want to take a trip this
summer somewhere in eastern China. I hope you can provide me with some information about the kinds of vacations that your firm can offer. We would like to travel to an exciting place, and we don’t mind how far we have to go. It has to be a
how far 引导mind的宾语从句 定语从句修饰vacations


place where we can do lots of exercise;

We especially love hiking and swimming, but

any kind of outdoor activity is fine, We
also need to stay in an inexpensive hotel or apartment. It would be nice if we could get a room with a kitchen, so we could save money by cooking our own meals. The room needs to be big enough for three

people. Also, we’d like to stay at a place with a big pool or somewhere near the ocean.

enough 修饰形容词置其后

Could you please give some suggestions for Could you please do 用来征求对方的建议 vacation spots? Also, please let us know if 是否 it’s best to travel by plane, train or bus. We’d like to be away for about three weeks. Thank you very much. S.T. Zhang
be away 意思是 “离 开;远离”,away 副 词,意思是“离开”。

in eastern of … 在……的东部(in强调在某一范围之内

方 位 介 词 in on to

即in the east of China) Shandong is in eastern of China. on the east of…在……的东面(on强调两者接壤)

Hubei is on the north

of Hunan.
to the east of… 在……的东方(to 强调两者隔它物相 望)

Taiwan is in the east of China and to the east of Fujian Province.

in A B





to B

Fill in the blanks with in, on or to
1.Our town is ____ the south of Jinan. 2. Australia is ____ the south of China and quite far from China. 3. Do you know the country ___ the east of China? It’s China’s best friend---Korea(朝鲜).

provide 供应;供给
provide sb. with sth. Bees provide us with honey . provide sth. for sb. Bees provide honey for us. 他们供给我们热水。 They provide us with hot water.

They provide hot water for us.
我们为饥饿的孩子们提供了食物。 We provided food for the hungry children. We provided the hungry children with food.

思考: provide 与 offer 的区别

provide 用于表示无主动慷慨之意地为人或物 提供需要或有用的东西,仅仅是出于某种责任 ,强调提供必须或有用的东西,尤其是生活用 品。常用于peovide sb with sth或provide sth for sb的固定搭配中。 offer表示主动提供服务、工作等。常用于offer sb sth或offer sth to sb的固定搭配。例如: offer help to sb 主动提出帮助某人;offer sb a good salary给某人一个好工资。

Mind sth.\doing sth
Mind one’s doing sth Mind + a clause(从句)
1 Would you mind ____(help) me with my English? 2 3 Do you mind my ____(sit) next to you We don’t mind when ___(start).

a coat with four pockets 有四个口袋的外衣 a book with a blue cover 蓝色封面的书

with a smile on one’s face.


go to bed with the light on 开着灯睡觉
He is standing there with a medicine box and his arm.

Useful phrases
1. 旅行 2 . 在中国的东部
3 . 为某人提供.. 4 . 去..旅行 5 . 户外活动 6 . 一家不贵的旅馆 7 . 节约钱 8 . 有厨房的一个间房 9. 足够容纳三个人 10 . 给某人提建议 11. 离开三周 12. 任何一种 13. 通过自己做饭
take a trip
in eastern China / in the east of china provide sb. with sth./ provide sh. for sb. offer sb. sth. \ offer sth.to sb. travel to outdoor activities an inexpensive hotel save money a room with a kitchen be big enough for three people give sb. advice \suggestions be away from three weeks any kind of by cooking one’s own meal


Retell the writer’s vacation plan

The writer and his family want to ______(度假)somewhere ______(在中国的东部)He hopes the travel agency can _____(提供) them ____ some information about the ______(一系列的旅游服务) that they can offer. They would like to travel to somewhere _____(令人 激动). They don’t mind ______(有多远)。It should be a place _______(他们可以做很多运动), _____(特别)hiking and swimming.They also want to stay _______(便宜的宾馆)______(带 有厨房). The room should be ________(足够3个人住)

They also would like to stay in a place ____(有大池子或在海边). Could you give me some ____(建议)for _______(假期游览地点)? Also they want to know if it’s best ____(travel) by plane or by bus. They would like ____(离开)for three weeks.

Practice conversations with your partner

A: I’d like to go to Qufu. B: Why Qufu? A: Confucius was born there. It’s very educational.

A. Where would you like to go on vacation?
B: I’d like to visit Beijing. A: Why Beijing?

B: Because it is the capital of china and it has lots of places of great interest.
A: What else can you tell me? B: I don’t want to go somewhere hot. So Beijing is my favourite holiday spot.

I.用所给词的正确形式填空 1. The Smiths stayed in an _______(expensive) hotel to save money. 2. Do you mind ____(travel) by bus ? 3. You can save more money by ____(cook) at home. II.完成句子 1. 今年夏天李先生想去中国西部的某些地方旅行。 This summer Mr. Li want to ______ _____ _____ to somewhere in the west of China. 2. 我希望你能给我提供一些关于旅行费用方面的情况。 I hope you can _____ _____ _____ some information ____ the expand of the travel.

3. 房间要大到容纳10个人。
The room ______ to be big _____ ______ ten people.

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