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九年级英语上册 Unit 2 Books could be produced more quickly and cheaply学案

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Unit 2 Books could be produced more quickly and cheaply学案

课型:Reading and writing 计划课时:2课时 主备人: 审核人:


1. 掌握下列词汇:produce, invention, look through, create, cotton, wood, at a

time, by hand,

ink, block, at the beginning of, knowledge, spread, introduction,

rather than, one day

2. 掌握现在完成时的被动语态与含情态动词的被动语态。

3. 能读懂谈论发明创造的文章;了解发明对人类生活的影响。

4. 能用被动语态的句子表述发明对人类的影响,并恰当使用as a result, because 和


学习重点:能用被动语态的句子表述发明对人类的影响,并恰当使用as a result, because,

so 和so that等连词连接句子。

学习难点:用as a result, because, so 和so that等连词连接句子和用被动语态表述生



1. 找出本单元的不认识的单词并在课本上注音。

2. 完成《英语周报》大张的单元练习;掌握周报中罗列的本单元重点词汇和短语。

3. 阅读课文内容,试着完成课堂练习(P28-29) 课文导读 (重点、考点)

1. looks through 浏览,温习

e.g. He looked through many books in order to find the correct answer. 为了找到

正确答案, 他查阅了许多书籍。

2. with– without 带有……/ 没有…… e.g. He found a house _______ many trees around. 他找到了一所周围有许多树的房


He went to school _____________ breakfast today. 他没吃早餐就上学了。 他今天没有吃早饭就去上学了。

3. be made of ---- be made from---

be made up of --- be made in------


be made by— be made into ---


1) ——Look at the camera. Where is it _______? ——Japan.

2) The table is __________ wood, while paper is ____________ wood.

3) Our class is _____________ twenty boys and twenty three girls. 4) The metal can be ____________ a knife.

5) This kind of car is ______________ many workers in the factory.

4. write words on —— make a book ----- in those days ——

at a time —— by hand —— as a result —— e.g.:用上面短语的适当形式填空:

1) He could even eat three hamburgers ________, _________ he became very fat.

2) This picture is produced _______, so it’s very expensive.

3) ___________ there were few people knew about computers.

4) They tried to _____________ paper in order to ___________.

5. put… against 将……放进/刻进 hold… against 将……贴到

6. at the beginning of 在……初/ 开始时 反义短语:at the end of

after that 然后, 之后 in a way 以……方式

7. compare…. with…. 与……相比 , 与……相媲美 e.g.:

You can’t compare him with Tom, they’re different. as compared with… 与……比较

He’s really done better as compared with last term.

8. rather than 胜过, 而不愿 e.g.: He would choose Sunday rather than Saturday. I would like to go with you rather than stay at home.

prefer to do… rather than do… 情愿…而不..

9.be replaced by 被……所替代 be read online 在网上阅读






First, read the passage on P28, match the main idea with the paragraghs.(读课文,把文章各段落与主要意思连线起来。)

Next, read the passage again and make notes to complete the timeline.(Activity 3)

Third, read the passage and answer the questions in Activity 4.(读课文,回答活动4的问题)


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