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1、fewer /less


2、dress, wear, put on, be in

3、hundred/hundreds of



6、find/ find out




例如:A: I think that France will win the next World Cup.

B: I agree. (I disagree. I think that Brazil will win next time.)


例如:A: My clothes are out of style. What should I do?

B: Maybe you should buy some new clothes.


Unit3:学习本单元之后,能以 “the interesting event” “my unforgettable experience”写作文。



Ⅰ. 根据句意在下列各句中的空白处填写一个适当的单词,使句子完整、正确。

1. The more careful you are, the mistakes you will make.

2. Who taught him Chinese? Nobody. He learnt it .

3. He tried his best and his dream came at last.

4. To our , the little child carried such a heavy box.

5. Tony was ill in bed, so all the students went to the mountains him.

6. When I got home, my mother was cooking in the .

7. Mr. Zhang has taught in this school for over ten years, he has a rich in teaching.

8. Robots, spaceships planes are all machines.

9. They didn’t say anything and stayed there in .

10. Don’t worry. Your children are old enough to look after .

Ⅱ. 句型转换 根据要求改写句子,每空一词。

11. He knows computers and loves it.

He knows computers and love with it.

12. Li Lei is 15 years and Lin Tao is 15 years old, too.

Li Lei is the as Lin Tao.

13. Everyone else in my class was invited except Tom.

__ __was not invited in my class.

14. They are friendly to each other.

They are______ ______well with one another.

15. The child is too young to go to school.

The child isn’t to go to school.

16. What a strange alien it is!

the alien is!

17. I don’t know what I should do next.

I don’t know do next.

18. To do eye exercises is very important for students’ eyesight.

very important for students’ eyesight do eye exercises.

19. His uncle went to America by plane last month.

His uncle America last month. 20. Kate was shopping when the UFO landed.

Kate shopping?

Ⅲ. 单项选择

( )21. My aunt forgot .

A. where she first met John B. where did she first meet John

C. where she first meets John meet John D. where does she first meet John

( )22. —Dad, look at the building. It is on fire.

—Call 119 the mobile phone right now.

A. in B. by C. on D. with

( )23. —Is this your bicycle ,David ?

—No, it’s not . It’s Helen’s.

A. his B. yours C. mine D. hers

( )24. I followed him to see he was going and I was surprised when he went into the police station.

A. how B. where C. why D. whether


( )25. —Mary, what about going boating if it tomorrow?

—Good idea!

A. not rain B. will rain C. doesn’t rain D. won’t rain

( )26. —Will people live to be 300 years old?

— .

A. No, they aren’t B. No, they won’t C. No, they don’t D. No, they can’t ( )27. do you think our life will be like 2050?

A. What B. How C. Where D. Who

( )28. Mary’s pencil was lost yesterday. And she asked me she mine.

A. why, could borrow B. if, could use C. while, can borrow D. that, can use

( )29. —How can we help Dennis with his schoolwork?

— , we can get a tutor for him.

A. First of all B. On the other hand C. As for D. Of course

( ) 30. —Do you go to the movies?


A. never, ever B. ever, never C. ever, always D. often, ever

( )31. —Where is the post office ?

—It’s the lake .

A. in the front of B. in the front C. in front D. in front of

( )32. The boy eats meat, so he is fat now.

A. too much, much too B. much too, much too

C. too much, too much D. much too, too much

( )33. We don’t know how to remember these English words. Can you give us ?

A. an advice B. some advice C. any advices D. many advices

( )34. — country will you go to next month?

—We will go to the United Kingdom.

A. When B. Where C. How D. Which

( ) 35. —I can’t find Mr Wang. Where is he?

—Sorry, I don’t know. Maybe you should .

A. call up he B. call up him C. call he up D. call him up

( )36. I am sure my life will be better in 10 years.

A. many B. more C. a lot D. a lot of

( )37. My sister her book in the classroom when her teacher came in.

A. read B. reads C. was reading D. is reading

( )38. Everyone in China be polite to their parents and teachers.

A. may B. can C. should D. could

( )39. I don’t have enough money to the computer.

A. cost B. spend C. take D. pay for

( )40. He said he but there was no reply.

A. called me up B. called up me C. call me up D. calls up me

( )41. I was doing my homework my mother came in.

A. while B. when C. as D. since

( )42. I can’t compare my English his. His English is the best in our class.

A. with B. at C. for D. as

( )43. — ______________________________________

—I felt there was something wrong in my eyes.

A. What do you think of your eyes? B. What’s wrong with you?

C. Something is wrong with you? D. How bright is wrong eyes are?


( )44. We enjoyed the film A. too, to B. as, as

( )45. Did you hear a boy A. sing B. sings

Ⅳ. 完形填空


much we saw it many times. C. such, that D. so, that in next room at six yesterday afternoon? C. to sing D. singing

( )46. A. like B. as C. and D. with

( )47. A. students B. scientists C. teachers D. computers

( )48. A. few B. a few C. little D. a little

( )49. A. cheap B. cheaper C. more expensive D. expensive

( )50. A. even B. still C. already D. yet

( )51. A. fast B. faster C. slow D. slower

( )52. A. help B. make C. stop D. use

( )53. A. write B. play C. study D. learn

( )54. A. football B. games C. basketball D. piano

( )55. A. put in B. put on C. put into D. put up


Once there was a farmer(农民). He worked for a landlord(地主). The landlord 56 the man work all day long, but paid him very little money and didn’t 57 him enough food to eat.

One day 58 the man was having the breakfast, the landlord came and said to him, “It’s too much trouble to go to work and come back 59 supper. 60 I want you to have breakfast and lunch and supper now, before you go to the fields.”

“How 61 I eat three meals at the same time?” the man thought. But he said, “All right.” He 62 his breakfast and went out. Two hours 63, the landlord went out for a walk. Now what did he see? He saw that the man was sitting under a tree and smoking. The landlord was very angry. “64 aren’t you working in the fields?” he said. The man said with a smile, “I’ve had my supper and you know very well that after supper it’s time to 65.”

( )56. A. let B. helped C. made D. told

( )57. A. buy B. cook C. bring D. give

( )58. A. before B. after C. when D. because

( )59. A. to B. for C. with D. at

( )60. A. So B. And C. But D. Or

( )61. A. can B. may C. must D. need

( )62. A. took B. threw C. finished D. got

( )63. A. ago B. later C. before D. late

( )64. A. How B. When C. Why D. How long

( ) 65. A. work B. rest C. smoke D. play


Ⅴ. 阅读理解

A Soon it would be the holidays. But before that,there were the end of year exams. All the students had been working hard for some time. If they didn't pass,they would have to retake the exams in September. There were usually a few who failed,but Kate decided not to be one of them. She had worked hard all day,but just before the exams she was working so hard that her sister was worried about her. She was staying up too late. The night before the first exam, Barbala insisted(坚持) that she should have an early night and take a sleeping pill. She promised(许诺) to wake her in the morning.

As she was falling asleep, Kate was worried in case(万一) she over-slept. Her mind kept jumping from subject to subject. At last,with the help of the pill,she fell asleep. In no time at all,she was sitting in the examination hall, looking at the paper. She couldn't answer any of the questions. Everyone round her was writing pages and pages. However hard she thought,she couldn't find anything to write about. She kept looking at her watch. Time was running out. There was only one hour left. She started one question,wrote two sentences,gave up and tried another one. With only half an hour left she wrote another two sentences. By this time she was so worried that she started crying. Her whole body shook(摇晃,震颤). It shook so much that it woke her up. She was still in bed and it had all been a terrible dream. A minute later, Barbala called her name.

( )66. Which of the following is true?

A. All the students were usually successful in their exams.

B. Most of the students usually passed the year exams.

C. Only some of the students could pass the end of year exams.

D. None of the students would take the exams again in September.

( )67. When you prepare for an exam,________.

A. you go over your lessons. B. You read new books.

C. You take the exam again and again. D. You look through the exam.

( )68. Kate worked very hard before the exams for ______.

A. she was very poor at her lessons.

B. she decided to be the best one in her class.

C. she didn’t work hard all year.

D. she didn’t want to fail in them.

( )69. Why did Barbala insist that Kate should take a sleeping pill?

A. Because she thought Kate should oversleep before the first exam. B. Because Kate was so worried about her exams that she couldn’t go to sleep at all.

C. Because Barbala hoped her sister would have a good sleep before the first exam.

D. Because she had promised to wake her up the next morning.

( )70. Kate dreamed a terrible dream simply because ______.

A. she had taken a sleeping pill.

B. she was too worried about her exams.

C. her sister had forgotten to wake her up.

D. she did not pass the exams.


A traveler(旅行者) came out of the airport(飞机场) There were a lot of taxis. He asked every taxi-driver his name. Then he took the third one. It cost 5 dollars(美元) from the airport to the hotel. “How much does it cost for the whole day?” the man asked. “100 dollars,” said the taxi-driver. This was very dear,but the man said it was OK.

The taxi-driver took the man everywhere. He showed him all the parks and museums in the city. In the 5

evening they went back to the hotel(旅馆). The traveler gave the taxi-driver 100 dollars and said,“What about tomorrow? ”The taxi-driver looked at the man and said,“Tomorrow? It's another 100 dollars. ”But the man said,“That's OK! See you tomorrow. ”The taxi-driver was very pleased. The next day the taxi-driver took the traveler everywhere again. They visited(参观) all the parks and museums again. And in the evening they went back to the hotel. The man gave the taxi-driver 100 dollars again and said,“I'm going home tomorrow. ”The taxi-driver was sorry because he liked the traveler and,above all, 100 dollars a day was a lot of money. “So you're going home. Where do you come from?” he asked. “I come from New York.” “New York!” said the taxi-driver,“I have a sister in New York. Her name is Susannah. Do you know her?” “Of course I know her. She gave me 200 dollars for you! ” ( )71. Where did the traveler come from?

A. England B. America C. Canada D. France

( )72. Why did the traveler take the third taxi? Because ____.

A. the other taxi-driver asked for more money

B. the third taxi-driver was a kind-hearted(热心肠的) man

C. he didn't want to spend his own money on the coming visit

D. the other driver didn't like him

( )73. Usually the cost of the traveling one day may be ____.

A.$100 B.$200 C. less than $100 D. more than $200

( )74. Who asked the traveler to give the money for the taxi-driver?

A. The traveler’s sister. B. The traveler himself. C. Nobody. D. The driver's sister.

( )75. The driver was unhappy ____.

A. when he heard the traveler’s last words

B. when the traveler asked every taxi-driver his name

C. when the traveler asked him for his sister's name

D. during the two-day visit

Ⅵ. 用所给动词的适当形式填空

76. There (be) 45 students in our class last term. there (be) more students in our class next term?

77. I can’t (have) any pet cats because my mother____ __(hate) them.

78. The pupils (not go) to school next Monday. Instead, they __ ____ (visit) the Science Museum. 79. (teach) is hard work.

80. It’s easy (study) math well.

Ⅶ. 书面表达

假如你叫 Mary,在生活中有烦恼,于是给你的老师写了一封电子邮件,希望老师给你一些建议。(about 80 words)电子邮件的开头和结尾已给出。(不计入总数)





5、你很不开心,你想用自己的方式生活和学习。想问问老师,该怎么办? Dear teacher:

My name is Mary, your student ___




八年级(下) Units 1—3

1. fewer 2. alone 3. true 4. surprise 5. except 6. kitchen 7. experience 8. modern

9. silence 10. themselves 11. falls in 12. same age 13. only Tom 14 getting on (along)

15. old enough 16. How strange 17. what to 18. It’s to 19. flew to 20. When was 21—25 ACCBC 26—30 BABAB 31—35 DABDD 36—40 CCCDA 41—45 BABDD 46—50 ADABA 51—55 BAABC 56—60 CDCBA 61—65 ACBCB 66—70 BADCB 71—75 BCCDA 76. were Will be 77. have hates 78. won’t go will visit

79. Teaching 80. to study


Dear teacher:

My name is Mary, your student. I have a problem. My parents are kind to me all the time. But, these days, they are too strict with me. They hope I study all day. I feel tired. Sometimes, I want to sleep very much. But my parents ask me to do my homework. My mother checks my homework at home like a teacher. I can’t stand that. So I don’t want to speak to my parents .My parents are angry with me, too. I am unhappy. How can I study happily? I want to live in my own way, and I want to study in my own way. I don’t really know what I should do? Can you help me?




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