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Chapter 9 The weird world of plants资料总结

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The weird world of plants

The tulip is the national flower in Holland.

adj. 想象的,虚构的 All the characters in this book are imaginary. 这本书中的人物都是虚构的。 image n. 形象,概念 imagine v. 想象,设想 ***imagine doing something imagination n. 想象力 imaginative. adj . 富于想象力的,爱想象的

imagination 1.The story shows plenty of _______. imagine 2.You can _________ my surprise when they told me the news. imaginative 3.She is such an _________ child that she can write many novels.

image 4.She had a clear _______of how she would look in twenty years time.

human nature 人性

natural adj. 自然的,天然的
natural resources 自然资源 natural food 天然食品

从…… 中逃生 及物动词
Only two passengers survived the air-crash. Her parents died in the accident, but she survived. 此处survive 是不及物动词

survivor n.幸存者
e.g. He was the only survivor from the plane crash.

Many trees and cactuses are growing toughly in desert .

4 excite v. 使兴奋,使激动 Don’t excite yourself! Relax! excited. adj. 兴奋的,激动的 The scientists are excited about the results of the experiment. exciting adj. 令人兴奋的 The exciting film made him excited. excitement n.

excited 1.The news of her arrival ___________ the crowd.

2. Life will seem very quiet after the excitements of our holiday. ___________
excited 3. The _______ children were opening their Christmas present.

exciting 4. The football mach was so___________ that everyone cheered up .

5 unfairly adv. 不公平的
fair adj. 公平的,公正的 un(表否定的前缀)+ fair = unfair adj. 不公平的,不公正的

unfair + ly = unfairly
adv. 不公正地,不公平地

5 unfairly adv. 不公平的




fortunate unfortunate unfortunately

Shakespeare’s works include plays and poems.

6. rarely / seldom / hardly adv. 不常,很少, 几乎不 I have rarely heard such a strange story.

rare adj. 珍贵的
rare animals


cultivate the habit of reading
培养,养成,磨练(才能等),启发 cultivate a love of art 培养对艺术的热爱

The huge pumpkins were cultivated (v.种植)by the cultivator (n.种植者)who had a big smile on his face.

How romantic they are!


1. v.关闭

close a door // a business//
Close your books!

2) adj.=not far// very near
A close friend of mine Don’t be close to the river!


closed 的
Please keep the window closed! (open) shut

close adv. & closely Stand close!(强调距离) Watch closely!(强调程度)

9 n,. 发现,发觉 A new discovery

v. 发现,发觉,认识到

discover a new star //a gold mine// the truth

discover, invent,

(原本就存在但一直未被认识的东西) invent 指发明.(原来不存在的东西)


_______ the New America?
Who _______ the fire powder?

Practice: discovered 1.Whilhelm Roentgen __________ X rays. 2.He was amazed to ______ her there. find 3.Let’s try and _______________ what’s find out at the back of this problem. 4.Whatt ___________ the steam engine. invented 5.She ran across some old letters when she was looking for ________ something else.

n. 仪式

Wedding ceremony

the most important guest

n. 优势,益处

<> disadvantage 缺点
***take advantage of

They took the advantage of the fine weather today to play tennis.

11 take place; happen
happen 往往指事情的发生带有偶然性 take place 常指按(计划//事实)发生。

The explosion (爆炸) ______

during an exercise near the town.
Great changes _________ in Shenzhen during the past ten years.

take 的相关短语:
take away 拿走,拿开 take in 把…带进;吸收 take off 取下,去掉,起飞 take part in 参加(活动,竞赛)

1 ---You can _____ your coat _____. ---- Yes, I will, it’s too hot here. 2 --- The plane will ________ at 2 a.m. 3---Will you _________ the English corner this evening? --- I would like to. 4 Plants oxygen.

1. imaginary (动词)

_________________ imagine natural _________________

2.nature (形容词)

survivor 3. survive (幸存者) _________________

4.excitement (形容词)_______________ excited/exciting
5.fairly (反义词) 6.work (动词) 7. rare(副词) unfairly ________________ _________________ work ____________________ rarely

though/ although 8.despite (同义词) _______________ cultivate 9.cultivator (动词) _______________ 10. closely (形容词) ________________ close/ closed

11. arrangement(动词)_______________ arrange
12.discovery (动词) discover _______________ disadvantage 13.advantage (反义词)_______________ 14. description (动词)________________ describe 15. Take place (同义词) _______________ happen/occur

1. The young couple was put in prison_______( unfair). unfairly 2. Nature is _______ with amazing plants. (fill) filled have taken place 3. Since 1979 great changes _____________in Shen Zhen. (take place) 4. Imaginary ________(imagine)things can excitement sometimes create_______ (excite) more easily than real ones. truly 5. The book was ______(true)amazing and the girl could not put it down.

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