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1. disappointed adj. 失望的 disappointing adj. 令人失望的 disappointment n. 失望,沮丧 I found my job ___________________. disappointing disappointment To my _______________, I failed the exam. disappointed He was ______________ at the result. be disappointed with / at / in sb. / sth. 对……感到失望 2. senior adj. 级别(或地位)高的 <反> junior a senior high school 高中 a junior school 初中

3. employee n. 职工,雇员 employer n. 雇主 employ v. 雇佣 <扩展> interview – interviewer – interviewee 4. impression n. 印象 have a good / bad impression on sb. 对……印象好 / 坏 make a good / bad impression on sb. 给……留下好 / 坏印象 impress v. 使印象深刻 be impressed by / at / with … 被……深深感动 impress sth. in one’s memory 使……铭刻在心

5. part – time <> full – time 6. well – dressed adj. 穿着考究的 well – dressed young ladies 衣着考究的年轻女士们 well – known = famous 7. glance: look very quickly v. 瞥一眼,匆匆看一眼 Don’t glace left and right. 不要左顾右盼。 glance : a quick look n. 匆匆看一眼 at a glance 一眼看过去 take / have a glance = have a look

8. greet – greeted v. 和(某人)打招呼或问好 主人在大门口迎接我们。 The host ________________ the gate. greeted us at greeting n. 问候,招呼,迎接 greeting He gave us a cheery ____________. 他愉快地跟我们打招呼。

9. speech n. 讲话,说话,演讲 speak – spoke – spoken v. 说话 spoken adj. 口语的,口头的 spoken Hello is usually used in __________ language. The famous scientist will give us a ________ speech next week. spoke The girl _________ in a low voice in order not to wake up the baby.

10. gesture n. 手势,姿势 gesture language 手语 gesture – gestured v. 做手势表达 gesture for sb. to do sth. 示意某人做某事 gestured for her He ______________ to take a seat. 他示意她坐下。 gesture to / towards / at 指着

11. appearance : look 外貌,外观 We should not _______ a person by judge his ___________. appearance 我们不应该以貌取人。 appear : show up v. 出现 She _______________ very confident. appears / looks 她显得很自信。 <反> disappear

12. rest – rested v. 靠,倚 请不要把头靠在手上。 Please don’t _____ your head ____ your rest on hand. rest v. & n. 休息 have a rest 休息一下 rest n. 剩余部分,其余的人 The rest of the students ______ (be) are waiting outside. The rest of the money ____ (be) put is aside for the future.

13. hesitation n. 犹豫 without hesitation 毫不犹豫 with hesitation 犹犹豫豫 hesitate v. 犹豫 ~~about/at/over sth. She hesitated before replying. hesitant adj. 犹豫的 a hesitant reply 14. remind v. 提醒,使想起 remind sb. of sth. 使某人想起某事 remind sb. to do sth. 提醒某人做某事

Practice: 1, After next summer vacation, we’ll go to s_______ middle school. 2, Do

n’t r_______ your bike against the wall. 3, We can express our thoughts by s_______. 4, The boss made a g_______ of anger to show that he was not satisfied with our work. 5, She pays much attention to her a________ and is always well-dressed. 6,In order to get the job, I tried to make a good i________ on the manager of the company.

7, Are you d________ at the new film Let the Bullets Fly? 8, The new boss is very kind to his e_______. 9, The guard at the school gate always g____ us by shouting “Hello.” 10. He jumped out of his bed, g______ at his watch and hurried out.

Practice: 1, After next summer vacation, we’ll go to enior s_______ middle school. 2, Don’t r_______ your bike against the wall. est 3, We can express our thoughts by s_______. peech 4, The boss made a g_______ of anger to esture show that he was not satisfied with our work. ppearance 5, She pays much attention to her a________ and is always well-dressed. 6,In order to get the job, I tried to make a good i__________ on the manager of the company. mpression

7, Are you d_____________ at the new film isappointed Let the Bullets Fly? mployees 8, The new boss is very kind to his e_______. 9, The guard at the school gate always g____ reets us by shouting “Hello.” lanced 10. He jumped out of his bed, g______ at his watch and hurried out.

1.a business that makes its money esp. by bringing people into touch with others
glance 2. to give a quick short look 3. to welcome with words or actions greet 4. to let out a deep breath slowly and with a sound, usually expressing sadness , sigh tiredness… 6. ( someone ) of high or higher rank senior employee 7. a person who is employed 8. the use of movement of the body ,esp. of the hands, to express a certain meaning gesture

9. the outside quantity of a person or a appearance thing; the act of appearing 10. the state of having connection or exchanging information or idea with others

11. state / act of hesitating


12. to tell or cause someone to remember a fact

13. a particular movement of the feet in step dance 14. moving; or hanging gracefully flowing

(disappoint) 1.The result made us really ___________! disappointed disappointment 2. To our great ______________, it rained suddenly. 3. The employer employed some new employees ________ _____ . (employ) 4. Her gentle attitude made a good ________ impression on the guests. (impress) 5. Peter ________ with pleasure after the sighed rich dinner. (sigh)

6. We should not judge a person by his ____ appearance (appear) 7. He always ___ the ladder against the wall. rests (rest) glanced 8. He _____ at the clock and found it was time to go to work. (glance) speech 9. Professor Wang will give us a _____ on how to learn economics. (speak) 10. The man jumped into the river to save the hesitation girl without ______. (hesitate)

1. 做兼职工作

1. have part-time jobs 2. a travel agency

2. 旅行社
3. 在工

3. be at work
4. look up 5. glance at sb.

4. 向上看
5. 瞥一眼 6. 高级雇员

6. a senior employee
7. prefer A to B

7. 偏爱A多于B

8. 得到机会去做 9. 肢体语言 10. 一种的 11.面部表情

8. get a chance to do

9. body language
10. a kind of

11. the expression on one’s face

12. rest one’s head on 12.把头靠在手上 one’s hand
13.给某人好印象 13. make a good impression on sb. 14.昂起头 14. hold one’s head up

15. make eye contact 15.与…有目光交流 with 16.决定做某事 16. decide to do 17.对某人微笑 / 给某人微笑 18.一会儿之后 19.毫不犹豫地 20. 马上 17. smile at… / give sb. a big smile

18. minutes later /
a few moments later

19. without hesitation
20. at once

Language focus
1. be at work = be working
2. as 一边…一边… (时态相同)

= while (常用进行时)
= 进行时+ when + 一般时

3. a well-dressed lady 一穿着考究的女士
~ smartly-dressed 穿着得体的 ~ neatly-dressed 衣着干净整洁的 <-> poorly-dressed 衣衫褴褛的

4. dress (v) – dressed (adj.) 打扮好的
dress sb 给某人穿衣服

dress oneself
get dressed 穿衣服

be dressed in (green/ a green shirt ) 穿着
5 enter = come in

enter a room = come into a room

6 have a part-time job

have a full-time job
7 look up 朝上看 look down 俯视

look up a word in the dictionary 查阅 look down on sb/sth 看不起, 蔑视 8 glance at sb 对某人匆匆一瞥 = have a quick look at sb = look at sb quickly stare at sb 凝视某人

glare at sb 对某人怒目而视

10 prefer – preferred
prefer A to B = like A better than B 喜欢……胜过…… prefer doing A to doing B = like doing A better than doing B = prefer to do A rather than do B 喜欢做……胜过做…… prefer to do sth = would rather do sth.


11 walk to sb

walk over to sb
12 greet (vt.) 问候, 迎接 – greeting

greet sb 问候某人
13 cheerfully = in a cheerful way 高高兴兴地 cheer 愉快 -- cheerful – cheerfully 14 What’s up? = What’s wrong? = What’s the matter/trouble? = What has happened?

15 what kind of = what sort of 什么种类的

What kind of music do you like best?

What kind of sports do you like best? 你读什么样的报纸? What kind of newspapers do you read? 你吃的是哪类早餐? What kind of breakfast did you have? 您提供什么酒? What kind of wine do you offer?

16 It’s the way (that / in which )you communicate. It’s the way you stand and sit.

17 get a chance to do sth. 得到做某事的机会

miss the chance to do sth./of doing sth.
错过做某事的机会 take a chance 冒险;投机 by chance 偶然,意外地

18 express (v) – expression

n. 表达, 表示, 表现, 表情, 措辞

a sad expression
a common expression in English 英语中的通常说法 19 appear (v) – appearance (n.)

出现, 出场, ---- 露面,

外表, 外貌 judge by appearances 根据外表判断

20 rest

v. 放置,搁

rest A on B


rest A against B 把一物斜靠在另一物上 用手托头 rest one’s head on one’s hand 把梯子靠在墙上 rest the ladder against the wall have a rest the rest of 休息 其余的

21 eye contact


make eye contact with sb 和某人目光交流
make contact with sb

= contact sb

和某人保持联系 和某人失去联系

be in contact with sb lose contact with sb

a contact person 联系人

22 improve sth = make sth better

23 minutes later
= a few moments later = after a while

24 remind (vt.) 提醒, 使想起
– reminder (n.) 提醒物, 提示 remind sb to do sth 提醒某人干某事 = tell sb to remember to do sth remind sb of sth 使某人想起某事 remind sb that … (+宾语从句)提醒某人 ... The teacher reminds us that there will be an exam next week.

1. 表演艺术

1. performing art 2. a stage show 3. through television

2. 舞台表演
3. 通过电视 4. 绝非易事

4. be no easy job

5.具有特定的高度和5. be of a certain height and build 身材 6. 在很小的年纪时 6. at an early age

7. 一种传统形式

7. a traditional form 8. be based on 9. express feelings

8. 以…为基础
9. 表达感情 10. 古典舞蹈

10. classical dance
11. dance studio

11. 舞蹈室

1. 整个人类历史 2. 在很多情况下 3. 远比…重要的多 4. 目光/眼神交流 5. …的关键 6. …是恰当的 7.不同的文化 8. 维持眼神交流 9. 事实上 10.把…认为是…

1. throughout human history 2. in many situations 3. far more important than… 4. eye contact 5. the key to 6. be proper 7. different cultures 8. maintain eye contact 9. as a matter of fact 10. consider … as

11. a lack of 11. 缺乏… 12. more frequent 12. 更经常 13. last longer 13. 持续更久 14. 避免…去表示尊敬 14. avoid …to show respect 15. someone in senior 15. 地位较高的人 positions 16. 导致问题(产生) 16. cause problems 17. 一个西方演讲(说)者 17. a Western speaker 18. 微妙的事情 18. a subtle thing 19. 盯着…看 19. stare at 20. 被避免 20. be avoided

1. 住院

1. be in hospital 2. a Bachelor’s degree in Science 3. free of charge 4. a set of false teeth 5. with a start 6. the rest of

2. 科学学士学位
3. 免费 4. 一套假牙

5. 一惊而起
6. 剩余的 7. 以…结尾

7. end with

8. 注上日期和签名8. be dated and signed 9. in a friendly way 9.以友善的方式 10. 期待做某事 10. look forward to doing 11. far more important 11. 比…重要得多 than 12. …的关键 12. the key to… 13. 事实上 13. as a matter of fact 14. 把…认为是… 14. consider … as…

15. 缺乏…

15 . a lack of… 16. stand close to …

16. 站得靠近…

17. someone in senior 17. 地位较高的人 positions 18. 微妙的事情 18. a subtle thing

19. 盯着…看

19. stare at …

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