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Chapter 9 Reading课后练习(配套教材)

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New words 1. tulip 郁金香 The tulips have come out early this year. 2. imaginary想像中的, 虚构的 <-> real

He has an imaginary enemy. 假想敌

想象 v.– 想象力n.--- 富有想象力的

Imagine that you are in London. She imagined flying in the sky . 3. novel 指任何有情节,人物,对白的虚构长 篇散文体故事。 He likes reading novels written by Mark Twain. 4. gardening 园艺 Dad is always in a good humour for gardening. 爸爸干园艺活时,心情总是很好。 do some gardening 做园艺活

5. nature—natural (n.—a.)
Nature is at its best in spring.

6. survive 幸存v. –survival (n.)
—survivor 幸存者

She survived an earthquake.

She survived her husband by twenty years.

7. desert 沙漠
Few kinds of plants grow in the desert.

8. excite—excited—excitement [C/U]
Life will seem very quiet after the excitements of our holiday. 9. Holland 是荷兰西部国土的一部分,在口 语中指荷兰;The Netherlands(较正规) 指荷兰国,可以交替使用。


10. unfairly -> fairly

He was unfairly treated by the company.
11. cultivate—cultivator (v.—n.) People cultivate mainly rice here. 种植 She cultivated her mind by reading many books. 陶冶思想 cultivator 栽培者;farmer 农夫; planter农场主; peasant 农民 cultivation 培养;cultivated有教养的

12. work 作品 [C]

A lot of classical works are on show.
13. common—commonly (a.—ad.)

How much does it cost commonly?
= usually

14. rare—rarely (a.—ad.)
It is rare to see such a grand hall. rare ~ uncommon

You rarely go to school by bus , do you?

15. true—truly –truth (a.-ad.-n.)

He is a truly good man. 他真是个好人. Yours truly (信件末尾用语 “你真诚的”) 16. actually ~ really; in fact 事实上
She looks young, but she’s actually 50. 17. despite 尽管prep. +n. Despite the heavy rain, they set out at 7. Despite the fact that he is short, he is an excellent basketball player.

18. romantic 浪漫的a.– romance 浪漫史n.

We’re easily attracted by Romantic fiction.
19. family (动植物的)科 (families)

20. fig 无花果n.
I don’t give a fig about him!

=I don’t care about him.毫不在意
21. strangle 勒死,使窒息 She was so angry that she wanted to strangle the naughty dog.

22. strangler fig 勒颈无花果
23. trunk 树干 (truck 货车卡车) branch树枝;leave 树叶; root树根 24. closely 紧紧地adv.

Good teaching and good testing are closely related. 紧密相关 25. volunteer 自愿做v. / 志愿者n.
He volunteered to water our plants. The volunteers were helpful during the Universiad.

26. arrange—arrangement (v.—n.)

Mr. Li wasn’t pleased with the seating arrangement in the meeting. 27. gentleman <-> lady
Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to begin. 28. discover—discovery (v.—n.)

Many great discoveries have been made

in the field of science.

29. agenda 议程
The agendas for the next two meetings will be sent to your email. 30. content 内容n.

He learnt by heart the contents of the letter. 他把信里的内容记在心中 content page 目录页
She got the ring to her heart’s content.


31. ceremony典礼,仪式

The winners attended the award ceremony last night. opening and closing ceremonies 开闭幕式
32. a guest of honour 主宾;贵宾 This is our traditional seat for the guests of honour. 33. heading 标题 = headline, title

34. advantage 优势,优点

The location combines advantages of country and city.
<-> disadvantage 劣势;缺点

35. initial =the first letter of a word 首字母
36. account 账户;记述, 描述, 报道 The two accounts of the accident do not agree. 有关这次事件两则报道不一致。

37. detail –detailed (n.—a.)详细的

He gave us a detailed report yesterday.
38. describe—description (v.—n.)描述 He made descriptions to the police. 39. stand 看台,高台 40. be filled with 充满

= be full of
My heart is filled with joy.

41. try one’s best to do尽全力做某事 = do one’s best Whatever you do, try your best.

42. come true 实现; 成为事实
= really happen ; become real His dream of winning a gold medal has come true. true实际发生的,与事实相符的;不等于real 当指“真正的,天然的”时,true可与real 互

43. at the latest 最迟; 最晚

= no later than
Passengers should check in one hour before their flight time at the latest .

44. take place 发生 = happen
A bus accident happened two day ago.

举行= hold
The meeting will take place soon.


《黑色郁金香》是法国大作家大仲马的主要作品之一。作 品以17世纪荷兰资产阶级革命时期激烈的政治斗争和动荡 生活为背景。主人公拜尔勒是个完全不过问政治的青年医 生。他爱好培植郁金香,并在试着培育一种没有一点杂色 的大黑郁金香,因为第一个培育除黑色郁金香的人能获得 一笔可观的奖金,拜尔勒的邻居博克戴尔为了得到这笔奖 金,也想培育出黑色郁金香。他对拜尔勒很嫉妒,生怕他 会捷足先登。他不择手段的监视拜尔勒的行动,暗中破坏 他培育起来的郁金香,而后,他又诬告拜尔勒藏着有损荷 兰总督制的信件,致使他无辜锒铛入狱,险些被送上断头 台。拜尔勒在狱中与看守的女儿罗莎相识并相爱,最后喜 结良缘。全书围绕黑色郁金香演绎出一幕幕惊心动魄而又 催人泪下的故事。





Roses Rice

Aleixandre Dumas Rosa
The Novel The Black Tulip

Cornelius Cornelius and Rosa


The Black tulip

was filled with survive

come true unfairly

6 4 7 2 5 3 1

1. No plants can survive in the desert. F Para.1 Some (plants) can

survive in the middle of the desert. 2. Sometimes people get more excited by imaginary things than by real ones. T
Para.1 Yet, imaginary things can sometimes create excitement more easily than real ones.

3. The Black Tulip sold fastest among all of Dumas’s works. T Para. 3 The book was extremely successful and sold faster than any of Dumas’s other works. 4. It is easy to find a real black tulip in nature. F Para. 3 However, in nature … Most scientists think that … dark blue or purple.

5. The cultivators gave up their dream of growing truly dark flowers. F Para. 3 Despite this, the cultivators have tried their best to make this romantic dream come true and we can all enjoy the special flowers they have made.

1. 充满… 2. 成长到 3. 例如 4. 广为认知 5. 努力去做 6. 为了做 7. 被监禁 8. 准备做 9. 忘掉某人某事 10. 监狱警 11. 赢得竞赛

12.在世界上/实际上 13. 尽管如此 14. 竭尽所能去做 15. 实现 16. 办得到 17. 处理问题 18. 想出方法来做某事 19. 放弃 20. 某人做某事的梦想

1. 充满…
2. 成长到

1. be filled with …
2. grow up to…

3. 例如
4. 广为认知

3. for example
4. be known widely

5. 努力去做
6. 为了做 7. 被监禁

5. try hard to do
6. in order to … 7. be put in prison

8. 准备做 9. 忘掉某人某事

8. be ready to do 9. forget about …

10. 监狱警
11. 赢得竞赛 13. 尽管如此 14. 竭尽所能去做 15. 实现

10. the prison guard
11. win the competition 13. despite this 14. try one’s best to do 15. come true

12.在世界上/实际上 12. in nature

16. 办得到
17. 处理问题

16. manage to do
17. deal with the problem

18. 想出方法来做某事18. think of a way to do

19. 放弃

19. give up (doing)

20. 某人做某事的梦想20. one’s dream of doing

Language focus

1. be filled with = be full of
fill 是动词, ―装满”; filled : 形容词

fill A with B:用B来填充A
full 是形容词, ―满的” Jack filled the basket with apples.

= The basket was filled with apples by Jack.
= Jack made the basket full of apples.

2. yet ,是副词 I haven’t had lunch yet. “尚未” 作为连词,“然而”

He lives alone, yet he is happy.

3. create 创造– creation – creator
The author created some funny characters. 创作角色

4. real 和true: real 指真的存在的而非想像或虚构的; true 指“真正的;天然的” 如true/ real gold 但true还指“正确的”,这时不能互换;

come true 实现/ become real成为真的

truly ~ really 确实地
actually = in fact事实上

5. for example一般只举同类人或物中的 “一个”为例,作插入语,可位于句首、句中 或句末 ,用逗号隔开,类似于for instance。

He has a gift for language, for example, he can speak six languages. such as一般列举同类人或事物中的几个例 子。插在被

列举的事物与前面的名词之 间,as后面不可有逗号 ,类似于like。
He can speak six languages , such as English and French.

6. try as hard as he can to do A. as … as sb. can 指尽某人所能 as… as 是同级比较句型

B. try to do 指试图、努力
manage to do 设法做成某事,

She tried hard to talk with them, and managed to persuade them. try one’s best 竭尽全力去做

7. in order to win …为了赢得…

=> in order that he can win…
拓展: in order to和so as to的区别

in order to可置于句首,比较正式,强调目 的性;
so as to不可置于句首,“以便”,常会 省略so as, 直接用to。 He learns so as to become wise.

8. forget (about) sth.
―不再想某物, 不再把某物放心上”, I’ve forgotten to take my book. He forgot about my mistake. I’ve left my book at home.

但当表示 “把东西忘在某处” 时, 用leave。

9. be extremely successful 极为成功 => be a great success sold faster than any of …. works => sold the fastest among Dumas’s works

10. despite 为介词,后接名词性短语,

不可接句子,== in spite of ;
although 为连词,引导让步状语从句 He attended the meeting despite his illness.
=He attended the meeting in spite of his illness.

= he came to the meeting though he was ill .








几个副词的比较级/最高级 句型

一、“甲+行为动词 +(倍数) + 副词比较级 +than+乙” 表示:“甲比乙……”或“甲比乙……几倍” e.g. I got up earlier than my mother this morning. 我今天早晨起床比我妈妈还早。 He runs three times faster than his brother. 他跑的速度比他弟弟快三倍。

any other+单数名词(+介词短语)”

表示:“甲比同一范围的任何一个人/物 都……”, 含义是“甲最……”。
e.g. Mike gets to school earlier than any other student in his class.

= Mike gets to school earlier than the other students in his class.

= Mike gets to school earliest in his class.
迈克在他们班到校最早。 注意: Mike gets to school earlier than any student in Tom’s class. 迈克比汤姆班上任何一个学生到校都早。 (迈克和汤姆不是同一个班)

三、动词+ “比较级+and+比较级”+副词
表示: “越来越……”。

He does his homework more and
more carefully. 他做作业越来越认真了。

系动词+ 形容词:
He is getting taller and taller. 他变得越来越高了。

四、“特殊疑问词+行为动词+副词比 较级, 甲or乙?”

表示:“甲和乙中, 哪一个……?”。
e.g. Who draws better, Jenny or Danny?

谁画得比较好, 詹妮还是丹尼?

P121 2. calculate/fast? SIMON: Can you calculate faster now? DEBBIE: Yes, I can calculate faster than before. 3. think/quickly? SIMON: Can you think more quickly now? DEBBIE: Yes, I can th

ink more quickly than before.

4. SIMON: Can you read more now? DEBBIE: Yes, I can read more than before. 5. SIMON: Can you speak more confidently now? DEBBIE: Yes, I can speak more confidently than before. 6. SIMON: Can you type more accurately now? DEBBIE: Yes, I can type more accurately than before.

P122 A2
Score Sheet (1=Average 2= Good 3= Very good)
Debbie Mary Ann

Accuracy of speech Clearness of speech Sensible arrangement of ideas Confidence of the speaker Ability to answer questions Cleverness of arguments Total

2 3 3 1 3 2 14

1 1 2 2 1 3 10

3 2 1 3 2 1 12

1. S1: Let me fill in the score sheet. __________ What about accuracy ________? of speech S2: Debbie spoke (accurately) more accurately than Mary, but ___________________ Ann spoke the most accurately ______________________. 2. S1: What about clearness of speech __________ ________? S2: Ann spoke (clearly) ___________ more clearly spoke the ____ Mary, but Debbie ________ than most clearly __________.

3. S1: What about arrangement of ideas __________ _______?
S2: Mary arranged her ideas (sensibly)

________________ more sensibly than Ann, but Debbie ________________________. arranged the most sensibly 4. S1: What about confidence of the speaker __________ ____________?
S2: Mary spoke (confidently) ___________________ more confidently than Debbie, but Ann _______________________. spoke the most confidently

5. S1: What aboutability to answer questions __________ _________________?
S2: Ann answered questions (well)

__________ better than Mary, but Debbie
________________. answered the best

6. S1: What aboutcleverness ____________? __________ of arguments
S2: Debbie argued (cleverly)

more cleverly than _________________ Ann, but Mary
_____________________. argued the most cleverly

as...as “和……一样 ”, 表示同级的比较。
(1) 肯定:as + adv. +as Your pen writes as smoothly as mine. (2) 否定: not as + adv. + as He didn’t speak as confidently as she. * 若有修饰成分, 如twice, three times, half, a quarter等, 则须置于第一个as之前。 Your bag is twice as expensive as mine.

(1) as...as possible
Please answer my question as soon as possible. 请尽快回答我的问题。 (2) as well as / as...as before / usual She cooks as well as her mother does. 她烧菜烧得跟她母亲一样好。 She plays the piano as perfectly as before. 她弹钢琴像以前那样优美。

(3) as far as

He walked as far as the railway station yesterday evening. 昨天傍晚, 他一直散步到火车站。 (4) as long as ... (引导条件状语从句) It took us as long as three years to carry out the plan. 我们花了长达三年的时间才完成这项计划。 As long as it gives me pleasure, it is my hobby. 只要它为我带来快乐,它就是我的爱好。

1. type: fast/accurately


MISS DAI: Simon and Debbie both type fast and accurately. MR LIU: I don’t agree with you completely. MISS DAI: What do you mean? MR LIU: Simon types as f

ast as Debbie, but not as accurately as Debbie.

2. calculate: quickly/carefully
MISS DAI: Simon and Debbie both calculate quickly and carefully. MR LIU: I don’t agree with you completely. MISS DAI: What do you mean? MR LIU: Simon calculates as carefully as Debbie, but not as quickly as Debbie.

3. write: neatly/correctly MISS DAI: Simon and Debbie both write neatly and correctly. MR LIU: I don’t agree with you completely. MISS DAI: What do you mean? MR LIU: Simon writes as neatly as Debbie, but not as correctly as Debbie.

4. work: happily/hard MISS DAI: Simon and Debbie both work happily and hard. MR LIU: I don’t agree with you completely. MISS DAI: What do you mean? MR LIU: Simon works as happily as Debbie, but not as hard as Debbie.

5. behave: confidently/politely MISS DAI: Simon and Debbie both behave confidently and politely. MR LIU: I don’t agree with you completely. MISS DAI: What do you mean? MR LIU: Simon behaves as politely as Debbie, but not as confidently as Debbie.

P123 B2
Activity table
Activity Debbie Getting up 6.30 a.m. twice a Jogging week Swimming 2.2 km High jump 1.75 m 100-metre 14.2 sec. race Simon 6.30 a.m. three times a week 1.9 km 1.75 m Mary 6.00 a.m. twice a week 1.9 km 1.80 m

11.8 sec.

14.2 sec.

1. Debbie gets up as ____ as Simon, but not early as ____ as Mary. early 2. Mary goes jogging as _____ as Debbie, often but not as _____ as Simon often 3. Mary can swim as far as Simon, but not ___ as ___ as Debbie. far 4. Simon can jump as high as Debbie, but ____ not as high as Mary. ____ 5. Debbie can run as fast as Mary, but not ____ as fast as Simon. ____

P123 B3 1. Debbie gets up _________ Mary. (late) later than 2. Simon goes jogging more often than ______________ Debbie. (often) 3. Mary cannot swim _______ Debbie. as far as (far) 4. Mary jumps __________. (high) the highest 5. Debbie and Mary both run

______________ more slowly than Simon. (slowly)

the date of the event (1) __________________

On 10 April, students from
Sunshine Middle School held a

sports day on their school
playground. (2) ________ who did ________ what (3)where the activity _____________ ____________ took place

(4) __________________________ the purpose of the activity
The sports day is help every year to encourage students to keep healthy. This year more than 300 students from different classes took part in different events. Other students watched from the stands. general information (5) ____________________

The sports day began with a speech by the school’s head teacher, Mr Hou. Then, students from each class took part in different events, such as the long jump and the 100-metre race. After lunch, there were some football matches. Finally, the teachers gave out prizes to the students. Class One, Grade Nine got the most gold medals.

(6) detailed information ________________

Everyone agreed that the sports day was a great success, and they are already talking about next year’s sports day! (7) people’s opinion of

the activity _______________________

Tree-planting Day
On _________, students from March 12 ___________ my school went to plant trees _________________________ in the Lianhua Park ________________________. The purpose of the activity was to help students learn to protect our environment _________________________. Many students helped by the gardeners _____________.

P1: details of time, date, place, etc. P2: general information about activity, including purpose, etc.

Students did many different jobs. For example, Some dug holes. Some put the young ____________________________________ trees into the holes. Some filled the holes ____________________________________ with earth. Others watered the ________________________ trees. Sarah took photos. _________________. P3: details of who did what

agreed that the tree-planting Everyone _________________________ day was a meaningful day _________________________________. they were talking At the end of the day, ______________ about next year’s tree-planting day _________________________________.

P4: details of what happened at

the end

In my opinion, ___________________ trees are very useful, ________________________________ so we ought to plant trees each year _______________________________. and carefully look after new trees

P5: your opinion (with reasons)


Read what Chen Ping says about his job and complete the outline below.
The Fairylake Botanical Gardens Garden information Over (1) ___________________ of 6,000 different types plants in this place

Information about bonsai
A appeared in China

(2) __________________ over 1,000 years ago.
B need (3) _________________________ to be handled more gently

______________. than other trees e.g., must water
and (4) _______________ check for pests.

Information about azalea plants
A grow to be over (5) ____________ 2 metres tall

B in early spring they are covered with
blossoms which come in many (6) ____________________________

_______________ different colours.
students to visit Great place for (7) ______________ and they will learn about plants and gardening. (8)____________________

21. 做一个宣告 21. make an announcement
22. 至今 22. up to now

23. 最迟
24. …的内容

23. at the latest
24. the contents of …

25. 开幕式

25. the opening ceremony

26. 主宾,贵宾 26. guests of honour 27. 议程的标题 27. the heading of the agenda

28. …的优势

28. the advantage of …

29. 写一个的报告 29. write an account of

30. 一个…的细节 30. a detailed description of 描述
31. 发生 32.参与 31. take place 32. take part in


33. give out prizes to sb.
34. be covered with

35. 靠近

35. up close = closely



3.竭尽所能去做 5.办得到
7.例如 9.充满…

4.幽默感 6.尽管如此
8.实现 10.放弃

A1 (P108)

1 walk more carefully
2 get up earlier 3 work harder 4 move nearer 5 call later A2 1 more carefully … (the) most care

fully 2 more beautifully … most beautifully 3 harder … hardest 4 faster … fastest 5 better … best

B1 1 works as well as

2 runs as fast as
3 rings as loudly as 4 doesn’t play music as clearly as

5 doesn’t wash as well as
6 doesn’t last as long as

B2 1 Peter jumps as high as Linton.

2 My mother usually gets up as early as my grandma. 3 Last night Jerry (Susan) did not watch TV as late as Susan (Jerry).
4 Lily walked as far as her classmates last Sunday.

5 My grandpa can sleep as well as a baby.
6 Yang Lan cannot write as clearly as her

7 The son doesn’t speak as fast as his mother.

8 I can see the stars in the sky as clearly as
my father.


1 as hard as
2 more quickly

1 doesn’t work as well as

2 faster

3 works the worst
4 more quickly 5 farther 6 more carefully 7 as carelessly as

3 fastest
4 as beautifully as 5 as well as 6 more carefully

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