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宁夏贺兰四中2014届九年级英语上学期第一次月考试题(无答案) 人教新目标版



Ⅰ. 听句子, 选出与其意思相符的图片。(每小题1分,计分5分)


( ) 6. A. Oh, good! B. Nice to meet you. C. How nice!

( ) 7. A. My pleasure. B. It’s a pleasure. C. Yes, please.

( ) 8. A. Have a good trip. B. All right. C. Goodbye.

( ) 9. A. Not at all. B. No problem. C. Never mind.

( ) 10. A. Fine, thank you. B. Good morning. C. My name is Li Li.


( )11. A. 30 B. 20 C. 50

( )12. A. English B. Both C. Math ( )13. A. Bob B. Mike C. Mary

( )14. A. In Shanghai. B. In London. C. We don’t know.

( )15. A. In 2000. B. In 1999. C. In 1998. Ⅳ.听对话选择正确的答案。


( )16. What’ s the weather like today? A. Cold. B. Windy. C. Sunny. ( )17. When will there be a party? A. Next Saturday. B. Next Friday. C. Next Sunday.


( ) 18. Who are making the conversation?

A. Brother and sister. B. Mother and son. C. Father and daughter.

( ) 19.Why doesn’t Jim want to go to a bed? A. Because it is still early.

B. Because he doesn’t feel sleepy..

C. Because there will be no school tomorrow.

( ) 20.Why should Jim get up early tomorrow?

A. Because he will visit the art museum.


B. Because he will go shopping.

C. Because he will visit his friend.


从A、B、C、D、四个选项中选出可以填入空白出的最佳选项。 ( )21.-How do you study for a test?

-By________ to tapes.

A. to listen B. listens C. listening D. listen

( )22.Reading books _____ a good way to study English.

A. is B. are C. be D. am

( )23. My son likes sleeping________, because he is terrified of the dark.

A. with the light on B. with the light off

C. with the window open D. with the window closed

( )24.We have ______ homework to do every day.

A. much too B. too many C. too much D.many too

( )25.This book is _____hard_____understand.

A. too; too B. too; to C.to;too D.so;that

( )26.If you meet some new words, you can _________ in a dictionary.

A. look them up B. give them up

C. look it up D. give it up

( )27. I used to be afraid of_______in front of a group.

A.to speak B.speaking C.speaks D.speak

( )28.It’s not easy for____to study English.

A.we B.our C.us D. ours

( )29.Changjiang River is one of ______rivers in the world.

A. long B. longer C.longest D.the longest

( )30-Could you tell me ______________?

-I’m outgoing and friendly.

A. how are you B. what are you like

C. how you are D. what you are like

( )31.-I don’t know ______this camera?

-Oh, it’s easy. Let me teach you.

A. how to use B. when to use C. where to use D. which to use

( )32.I have two sisters,______ of them are students.


A. all B. none C. both D. neither

( )33.You should pay more attention to _________.

A. important something B. something important

C. anything important D. important anything

( )34She used to ________in the morning, but now she is used to_______at night.

A. read ; read B. read; reading

C. reading ; read D. reading; reading ( )35.-Li Ming is never late for school, is he?

-________. He always comes to school earlier than others.

A. Yes, he is. B. No, he isn’t. C. Yes, he isn’t. D. No, he is.


阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从41-50各题所给的A、B、C、D、四个选项中选出最佳选项。 ( )36.A. think about B. depend on C. give up D. go on

( )37. A. lend B. buy C. drink D. borrow

( )38.A. afraid B. glad C. sick D. angry

( )39.A.bank B. library C. hospital D. restaurant

( )40.A. sent out B. got down C. gave back D .took away

( )41. A. excuse B. advice C. trouble D. difficulty

( )42. A. never B. always C. usually D. sometimes.

( )43. A. nervous B. pleased C. sorry D. shy

( )44. A. in surprise B. as usual C. once again D. at first 3

( )45. A. when B. until C. unless D. because




(A) Mr. Brown saw a sweater in a shop window. It was very cheap, so he bought it. When he got home, he put it on. It was all right and he was pleased with it.

In the afternoon, he went to work in his garden. It soon began to rain and Mr. Brown had to run into the house. He ran quickly, but he still got wet. Then his sweater started to shrink(收缩) ! It got smaller and smaller. Mr. Brown tried to take it off, but he couldn’t.

In the end, with the help of his wife, he got out of the sweater. Mrs. Brown laughed, “You see, you bought a cheap thing, but?”

( ) 46.Mr. Brown saw a nice ______ in a shop window and he bought it.

A. jacket B. coat C. sweater D. shirt

( )47. When he_______, he put it on.

A. got to the office B. got home C. went to work D. went to the shop

( )48.It soon began to________ while he was working in his garden.

A. rain B. snow C. cloud D. shine

( )49.Mr. Brown got wet and he tried to________ the sweater.

A. take away B. take off C. put up D. put on

( )50.From the story, we know Mr. Brown bought________.

A. a good sweater B. an expensive sweater

C. a comfortable sweater D. a cheap but not good sweater


When you are learning a language,listening,speaking and writing are important, but reading can also be very helpful. When you read, you can not only learn some new words,but also learn how to use them. When you read a passage, it gives you a good example for writing.

Here are some good reading tips.

Firstly, try to read at the right level(水平). Read something that you can understand . If it is too hard for you, it is not interesting.

Secondly, try to understand the new words. If there are four or five new words on a page, don’t use a dictionary. Instead, try to guess their meaning as you read. Mark (作标记) them with a pencil. Then look them up in a dictionary when you finish reading, and write them in your own vocabulary book. Try to remember them.

Thirdly,try to read for a short time once a day. Fifteen minutes or half an hour every day is better than two hours every Sunday. For example, you can read before you go to bed, or after 4

you get up or at lunchtime.

Lastly, read something that interests you. Choose a newspaper, a book or a magazines about a subject that you like. It will be easy enough for you understand.

( )51The underlined word “tips” in the passage means “______” in Chinese.

A. 末端 B. 小费 C. 处所 D. 建议 ( )52How many reading tips does the writer give us?

A. six B. five C. four D. three

( )53If you meet a few new words on a page while reading, you can______.

A. stop reading B. guess the meaning at first

C. write them down at once D. look them up right away

( )54Which of the follwing is TRUE according to the passage?

A. Reading a lot can help you write better.

B. It is useful for you to read for long once a week.

C. When you read, you can only learn some new words.

D. Try to read something hard to make your English better.

( )55Which is the best title for the passage?

A. How to look up a new word B. How to make reading better

C. How to remember new words D. How to choose something to read


Last Sunday I saw the worst storm(暴风雨) in years. It came suddenly and went on for more than three hours. After lunch, I went into my room to have a rest, the air was hot and all was quiet.

The strong wind started blowing into my room. Pieces of paper on my desk flew high into the air and some flew out of the open window. As I ran out to catch them, big drops of rain began to fall.

When I came back into the house, it was raining harder and harder. I tried very hard to close the window. Then I heard a loud crashing(碰撞的) sound from the back of the house. I ran out of my room to find out what it was. A big tree had fallen down and broken the top of the back room.

( )56.The storm took place______.

A. n the morning B. in the afternoon

C . while I was in the back room D. while I was in the back garden

( ) 57.Before the storm came, the weather was ______.

A. cold B . cool C. hot D. warm

( ) 58.The storm went on for __________.


A、more than three hours B、three hours C、less than three hours D、two hours

( ) 59.The wind blew some of the paper _______.

A. all over the floor B. out of the door

C. nto the back room D. out of the open window

( ) 60.The top of the back room was broken because of _______.

A . the hot air B. the crashing sound C. the rain D. the falling tree




61. Li Ming is a __________in Yinchuan.

62. Li Ming went to a _________by bus.

63. Some were talking happily. Some were ________quietly.

64. Li Ming felt sorry for ___________.

65. Li Ming thinks that everyone should __________our city.



66. Last night I ______(花费)half an hour dealing with this problem.

67. We saw a group of ducks swimming _______(慢慢地) across the lake.

68. September is the ______(第九个月) month of the year.

69. My students are ________(对...感兴趣的) in studying English.

70. We are vary sad about our dog’s ______(死亡).

71. My grandfather is very healthy, he can look after _____(他自己)at home.

72. What about _________(聊天) with your good friends?



My parents are very strict with me, and there are many rules in my family. For example, I can’t play computer games, even in (73)______free time on weekends. I hope I could be(74) ______ to play computer games sometimes. It will make me(75) ______. I have to do much homework. (76) ______ finishing the homework, I have to do some work that my mother gives me. I can’t watch TV(77) ______ school nights. And I can’t buy my own clothes. But I can buy school things. I

(78) ______ doing homework with my classmates. But my (79) ______don’t allow me to do that. Because they think we will talk instead of (80) ______. I disagree. In fact, we learn a lot from each other.




You may know the English letters A, B and C. But do you know there are people called ABC? You may like eating bananas. But do you know there is such a thing as a “banana person”? How strange! Are these people from “another earth”? No. They are just Chinese people like you and me.

ABC means American-born Chinese. An ABC is a Chinese, but was born in the United States. Sometimes, people call an ABC a “banana person”. A banana is ①________ outside and ②_______ inside. So, when a person is a banana, he or she is white inside-thinking like a Westerner and yellow outside-looking like a Chinese. Do you know why? Usually, ABCs know little about China or the Chinese language. Some of them do not speak Chinese.

But if ABCs cannot speak Chinese, can we still call them Chinese people? Yes, of course. They are Chinese. There are many overseas-Chinese. These people are citizens (公民) of another country like the US, the UK or Canada, but they have Chinese blood. Their parents, grandparents or even great grandparents were from China. They all have black eyes and black hair. But they are not Chinese citizens. They are not people of the People’s Republic of China(中华人民共和国). For example, we all know the scientist Zhenning Yang (杨振宁). He got the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1957. Chinese people love him. But he is an American citizen(公民).

81. “ABC” in this passage means ______________.

82. 根据所读内容,在文中横线上填写表示颜色的词,使其符合语境。

①_______ ②________

83. A Chinese in Western countries is called a “banana person” because he or she is white

inside-thinking like a _________ and yellow outside-looking like a __________.

84. Overseas-Chinese are ________of another country like the US, the UK or Canada, but they

have _____blood.

85. From the passage we can learn Zhenning Yang is an American-Chinese _________ and got the

Nobel Prize for ________ in 1957.



How do you study English? 1._______________________________________2.____________________________________



B假如你叫李华,新转到一所新学校。请根据下面表格中的信息,介绍一下你的变化。80词左右,开头已 7


I have changed a lot since I moved to new school this term . I used to




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