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Dax and Dora are coworkers at a downtown office. They are talking about the salaries they will receive after the firm announced the difficult situation it is facing.

Dora: Dax, did you read that m____1____ from the boss?

Dax: Why? What’s it about?

Dora: It says: “D____2____ to the difficult business conditions, every

employee’s pay must be r____3____ by 5 percent.” I’d say business is good but the boss just wants m___4____ money.

Dax: Dora, do you mind if I o____5____ a suggestion?

Dora: Of course not, Dax. Do you mind if I organize a protest in the office? Dax: No, no. Actually, I was going to say that maybe you should be more c____6____ about the things you say.

Dora: Why? I’m not w____7____ about losing my lower-paying job, if that’s what you m____8____.

Dax: Maybe you should be. But more importantly, your attitude may be affecting other workers — in the wrong way.

Dora: OK, I see. I will think it over before t____9____ any action.

A____10____, thank you for your suggestion.


1. We were busy p_______ for the examinations even in the Spring Festival.

2. The movie Promise by Chen Kaige is really fascinating, which is well w_____ seeing.

3. He had 999 roses d______ to his girl friend on Valentine’s Day.

4. I was late in getting to the station, but f______ the train was late, too.

5. Liu Xiang’s competition always a__________ millions of fans’ attention, at home and abroad.

6. Sorry, our boss is away on h_________. Please call again next week.

7. The fans went c_______ when their team scored the first goal.

8. Jacky Chan is not always s_____ with his performance in some films. He wants to be perfect.

9. As a famous saying goes, f_____________ is like wine----- the older the better.

10. Mary’s lovely pet dog follows her w__________ she goes.


66. Everybody wants to go for an outing. There is almost no d____________ about the plan.

67. You should m________ the window before buying the curtains, and then you’ll know how much you’ll buy.

68. Many people go to that store because it d_________ all its goods at 20%.

69. I was so f___________ by the sight that I would not take my eyes off it.

70. Reading is one of the best ways of enriching your v_____________.

71. There is an interesting story o_________ most of the front page of the paper.

72. They are so b_______ off that they never expect to afford a holiday.

73. Nowadays heavy studying b__________ on middle school students make them have no time to develop their own interests.

74. I had to sign v_________ documents before they would let me into the counting.

75. After years in Yangzhou, I’ve been a___________ to the wet weather here.


66.We can’t enter the teacher’s office without p___________.

67. In less d______ countries of Africa, the target of “Education for All” will be a huge task.

68. The football game had been c _____due to rain.

69. Would you please make an I ________answer, for time is limited.

70. The big fire is spread fast from the factory to the nearby houses and c _____great loss.

71. Do drink more b_____ water when you catch a cold.

72. Great changes had taken place in China by the end of t_____ Century.

73. What we achieve together is more important than what we can do s__________.

74. Something must be done to protect such r____ animals as pandas and milu deer.

75. She resembles her mother in c _______but not in appearance.


66. It was very c___________ of you to let us know you were going to be late.

67. I have no p_________ with people who are always complaining of unhappiness.

68. We are getting busier and busier with the time for graduation


69. He worked too hard and e___________ made himself seriously ill.

70. 200,000 cars will have been produced by the end of the year 2006 according to the production s____________.

71. That was a most e_________ moment when I forgot what I had to say when making a public speech.

72. If I’m not m__________, that’s the man we met on the train.

73. Tourism and toys c______________ to the fast development of economy of Yangzhou.

74. I have got into the habit of going through the h___________ of the newspaper every day.

75. All human beings are much more i____________ than animals.


66. A little teddy bear caught the little girl’s a__________ when she went into the shop.

67. His life would be in danger if he were not sent to hospital i__________ .

68. Please have a dinner with us at six if it is c____________ to you.

69. Hawking d____________ all his life to studying physics.

70. Smoking is f____________ in public places in our country.

71. They set about c_________ money for the starving children by singing on the streets.

72. The o___________ languages in Canada are English and French.

73. The newly-built overhead bridge adds to the b___________ of our city.

74. I am sorry, I took your umbrella by m________, for your umbrella is quite the same as mine.

75. Chuck lived on a l___________ island for a long time with a football as his only friend


66.Everyone like a person with a good s_________ of humour.

67.If l had known his a_________,I would have written to him yesterday.

68.On the phone,try to e_________ yourself clearly in as few words as possible.

69.The boss though h_________ of the work done by his employees.

70.He can’t see anything because he lost his s_________ in a car accident.

71.On hearing the f_________ voice,I recognized at once it was my best friend,Tom.

72.The place of interest is full of v_________ from home and abroad during May and June.

73.Having acted wrongly toward the customer,she r_________ serious punishment.

74.Although she has improved her spoken English,her written English r_________ poor.

75.Please f_________ me for my being late,my bike broke down on my way to school.


71.My first a_______ to make a chocolate cake failed, but I decided to try again.

72.She is a girl of d_______ interests, from sports to arts, even literature.

73.A group of experts have come to the university to e _________ the work of the school in every aspect.

74.After three months’ study, every member of the delegation was given a c________ by the university.

75.How a_________, I’ve left my wallet at home!

76.In ancient times, pigeons were used to d_________ urgent messages.

77.Steven Hawking is a great scientist d_______ to his research despite of his serious disease.

78.The CEO of Baidu is a person with great a________ and he wants his company to be the best.

79.Euro is the currency of most E________ countries.

80.The office building is under construction and they’ve decided to have it f_______ with modern office equipment.


66. Here it says it is important to read the i________ carefully before using the machine.

67. The big fire s_______ fast from the factory to the nearby houses and caused great loss.

68. I could hardly r_______ him at the station after ten years of separation.

69. Do drink more b______ water when you catch a cold.

70. D_______ is the hardest matter on the earth, as we all know.

71. At yesterday’s meeting they came to a d ______ about their plan.

72. Companies always e_______ customers to buy their products.

73. At his uncle’s Joseph was offered a small, but c_______ room.

74. The people in the eastern provinces speak quite d_______ from the rest of Canada.

75. Advertising is a h________ developed industry nowadays.


66.December is the t__________ month of the year. wasn’t feeling well, for f73.74.75.76. The boy wrote a good poem, which made his parents d___________.

77. Australia is a young nation on an a_________ continent.

78. In the 18th century, the Africans made several v___________ to the court of Song Dynasty.

79. Before the 18th century, botany was merely a b________ of medicine.


66. The empty boat was f_______ on the sea after the heavy storm.

67. James Cook made three v_______ around the world.

68. People all over China have great r_______ for Lei Feng.

69. He couldn’t give a reasonable e_________ for his being late.

70. It’s easier for a physical wound to heal than a m_______ one.

71. She b_______ into tears the moment she heard the news.

72. She r_______ her mother in character but not in appearance.

73. The President a________ him to be ambassador to China.

74. Students who have a great a _______ for knowledge will succeed in time.

75. Over the past few years, the climate here has changed g________.

(1) 1. message 2. Due 3. reduced 4. more 5. offer 6. careful 7. worried 8. mean 9. taking 10. Anyway

(2) 1. preparing 2. worth 3. delivered 4. fortunately 5. attracts 6. holiday 7. crazy 8. satisfied 9. friendship 10. wherever

(3) 66. disagreement 67. measure 68. discounts 69. fascinated 70. vocabulary

71. occupying 72. badly 73. burdens 74. various 75.


(4) 66.Permission 67.developed 68. cancelled 69. immediate 70. caused71. boiled 72. twentieth 73. separately 74. rare 75. character

(5) 66. considerate 67. patience 68. approaching 69. eventually 70. schedule

71. embarrassing 72. mistaken 73. contribute 74. headlines 75. intelligent

(6) 66.attention 67. immediately 68.convenient 69.devotes

70.forbidden 71.collecting 72. official 73. beauty 74. mistake 75.lonely

(7) 66.sense 67.address 68.express 69.highly 70.sight 71.familiar


73.received 74.remains 75.forgive

(8) 71.Attempt 72.diverse 73.avaluate 74.certificate 75.annoying 76.deliver

77.devoted 78.ambition 79.European 80.furnished

(9) 66. instructions 67 spread 68. recognize 69. boiled 70. Diamond

71. decision 72. encourage 73. cosy/comfortable 74. differently 75. highly

(10) 66.twelfth 67.arrival 68.Wealthy 69.honoured 70.follows 71.delivers

72.frequent 73.heavily 74.referred 75.Effect 76. delighted 77. ancient

78. voyages/visits 79. branch

(11) 66—75

floating voyages respect explanation mental burst resembles appointed appetite gradually

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