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My name is Dave.

This is my father.




These are my parents.


That’s my sister.

And those are my brothers .



That is my grandmother.


That is my grandfather.


Those are my grandparents.


These are my friends.





father mother parents





This is my family.
Those are my two brothers. And that’s my sister. that’s = that


1.mother 2.father 3.parents 4.brothers

c i h b
g e d

5.grandmother 6.grandfather 7.friend

a f

8.grandparents 9.sister

This is his mother. These are his parents. This is his father.

Mike Brown

This is his …
These are his grandparents.

Mike Brown This is … These are …

Mary Smith

This is … These are …

This is my family. This is my … These are my …

Is this/that your sister? Yes, it is. / No, it isn’t

Is he/she your sister? Yes, he/she is ./ No, he/she isn’t.

Who is that?

Is that her mother/sister/grandmother/…?
Yes, she is.

No, she isn’t.

She is my mother.


单数 this that it is

复数 these those they are



This___ my sister. is is That____ his brother. She_____ his aunt. is He_____ my uncle . is These ____ her parents. are Those ____ her friends. are are They _____my family.

Task 3 Add the words in the box to the family tree. sister son cousin grandfather mother aunt __________/ grandmother grandfather _________________________ 1 aunt father/ ______ mother uncle/ ______ 3 2 ____________ __ __ _____ __ ___ ___

daughter (_____) sister 4


(_____ ) son 5 brother

daughter (cousin) _____ 6

Father’s mother is mygrandmother ____________. uncle Mother’s brother is my ________. Mother’s father is mygrandfather __________. aunt Father’s sister is my _________. daughter I’m Lucy. This is my father. I’m his _______. Uncle’s daughter is my __________. cousin Tom is my son. I’m not his father. I am hismother ______. parents grandparents 8. My father and mother are my _______. 9. My __________ are my parents’ parents.son 10.I’m Jim. This is my mother. I’m her only ______. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

these buses his 1.this (复数)_____ 2. bus (复数) _____ 3. he (物主代词) _____ It’s 4.it is (缩写)_____ 5. she (复数) _____ 6. my (人称代词) ______ they I I’m that 7.those (单数) ____ 8. family (复数) families 9. I am (缩写) ____ ______ 根据句子意思填入适当的代词。 She He 1. ____ is my mother. _____ is my father. They are teachers. they 2. --Are these your brothers? –Yes, _____ are. 3. _____ name is Gina. _____ am a student. My I you you 4. --How are ____? –Fine, thank _____ ! his 5. --What’s _____ name? –He is Tony. 6. --What’s his telephone number? It ____ is 643-0274.

? 主语在be动词之前的句子叫做一

般 疑问句,以问好结尾。例如:
? Is this your monther? ? Is this your sister?

从B栏中找出栏相对的答语. A B 1. Is this your sister? A. Oh, you have two cous 2. Are these your brothers? B. No, it isn’t. It’s m aunt. 3. Is she Jim’s sister? C. Nice to meet you 4. Mum, these are my friends. D. Yes, they are. 5. They’re my aunt’s son and daughter. E. Yes, she is

Choose the correct answer
( D )1. -Are these your grandparents? -Yes, _______. A. they’re B. these are C. those are D. they are ( D )2. John is my ______. A. son B. parents C. sister D. mother ( D )3. Thanks _____ your help(帮助) . A. you B. at C. for D. of ( A )4. -Is this his sister? ---Yes, _______ A. this is B. this’s C. it is D. it’s ( C )5. -_____ my sister, May. -Nice to meet you, I’m Gina. A. Are you B. This is C. Is that D. she is C B

( D )8. Her _____ are Paul and Tony. A. brother B. parent C. friend D. friends ( B )9. ______ is my aunt, and _____ is my uncle. A. It, it B. She, he C. He, she D. she, it ( B )10. Is this a photo _____ your family? A. in B. of C. at D. for

句型转换 根据要求,完成下列句子。
1. Is this your mother? (作肯定回答) ___________________. Yes, she is. 2. Is Mary your sister? (作否定回答) ___________________. No, she isn’t. 3. this, his, is, daughter?(连词成句) _____________________. Is this his daughter? 4. Those are my cousins.(改为一般问句) ___________________________. Are those your cousins? 5. This is my sister.(改为复数) These are my sisters. __________________________. ? Those are books.(改为单数) _________________________. This is a book. 2. Jim, are, my, Tom, brothers, and.(连词成句) ____________________________________. My brothers are Jim and Tom.

根据句意用am, is, are填空.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

are Those ____ my English books. are I think(认为) they ____ John’s parents. is His father ____ Mr White. am is I ____ a student. My mane ____ Liu Qian. are Li Hong and Zhao Liang ____ not friends.

names 1. name _____ 2. brother brothers3. watch watches _____ _____ parents these 4. parent ______ 5. this _____ 6. that ______ those 7. is/am ____ 8. dictionary ____________ are dictionaries

用所给的词的适当形式填空 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. These are English _____. (book) books my This is _____ family. (I) friends Are they good ______ ? (friend) Are these ____ grandparents? ( she) her a an Emma is ____ girl. She is ___ English girl. (a )

Task 1

A: Is this a map? B: Yes, it is. A: Is this your/my/his /her map? B: No, it isn’t.

A: Is that a computer? B: Yes, it is. A: Is that your/my/his/her computer? B: No, it isn’t.


Task 2
A: Are they Li Lei’s friends/parents? B: Yes, they are. /No, they aren’t Li Guo Li Linlin

A: Is Li Lei a boy? B: Yes, he is. Li Lei A: Is he your brother? B: No, he isn’t. uncle aunt _____and ____

Talk about your family photos to your parents.

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