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一、 选择题

1.( )-What else do you need,Mum?

-________ else, I think.We’ve got everything today.

A.Something B.Anything C.Nothing D.Everything

2.( ) Look at the clouds,there _______ be a storm.

A.is going to B.will C.would D.has

3.( )Not long ago, the workers were busy _______ a large number of dead pigs from the Huangpu River.

A.collect B.collecting C.to collect D.collected

4.( )I _____ able to finish my homework in an hour.

A.am B.was C.will be D.has been

5.( )The Beijing-Guangzhou high speed rail line has opened. It enables us ______ from Beijing to Guangzhou in eight hours.

A.travels B.travel C.to travel D.traveling

6.( )It’s very _______ for you to make such toys. You can learn to make it later.

A.simple B.exciting C.diffcult D.boring

7.( )______ quickly the little boy runs in the street!

A.How B.What a C.What D.How a

8.( )______ her voice sounds!

A.How strangely B.What a strange C.How a strange D.What strange

9.( )-Is there ______ orange juice left?

-No.______ is left in the glass.

A.any;None B.any;Nothing C.some;None D.some;Nothing

10.( )These shoes are _____ for you. You’d better take that pair.

A.much big B.much too big C.very too big D.too much big


1.My mother is busy ______ her housework.(do)

2.It’s necessary for him ______ out the problem.(work)

3.The two cities are _______ by a railway.(connect)

4.We use the mouse ________ the control.(control)

5.This button is for ________ the channels.(select)

6.The city has greatly _________ in the past five years.(change)

7.Something was _______ wrong with her.(certain)

8.We can use a pen for_______.(write)

9.How about _______ out?(eat)

10.Computers ________our work easier and more efficient since they were invented.


1.Don’t be so ______next time,or you will make more mistakes.(care)

2.In some maths tests,the students are allowed to use the ___________ calculators.(electric)

3.I think his illness must have had some _________with his diet.(conncet)

4.The _____________ of this plan was that it needed too many people.(advantage)

5.He was late and he walked into the meeting room _______.(quiet)

6.I was able to read a whole page and ________ it in about five minutes.(memory)

7.It’s _________ for us to know something about Western culture and customs.(need)

8.In America and many other counties, it is ________ to ask adults how old they are.(polite)

9.You’d better ____________ with more local people if you want to improve your English.(communication)

10.Yao Ming is a player of great ______.(able)


1.Mike took the foreign friends to visit the Bund yesterday.(保持句意基本不变) Mike ________ the foreign friends ________ the Bund yesterday.

2.She lent me a very interesting book.(改为感叹句)

______ _______ interesting book she lent me!

3.The workers are very busy these days.They are renovating our classroom building.(将两句合并为一句)

The workers are _______ _________ our classroom building these days.

4.Father dialikes pop music very well.(改为反意疑问句)

Father dialikes pop music very well,_______ _______?

5.There are trees on both sides of the road.(保持原意不变)

There are trees on _______ ________ of the road.

6.The bedroom looks nice.It’s also very comfortable.(保持句意基本不变) The bedroom looks nice,and it’s comfortable _____ ______.

7.Diana speaks French best in our school.(保持句意基本不变)

______ else speaks French as_____as Diana in our school.

8.Computers are wonderful machines.(改为感叹句)

______ _______machines couputers are!

9.We can use the mouse to control the computer.(保持句意不变)

We can use the mouse _____ _______the computer.

10.Mary is a very careful teacher.(改为感叹句)

_____ ________Mary teaches her students!

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