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Class ________ Name ________ I. 用括号内所给词的适当形式完成句子:

1. He looked very ________ when he learnt all the crops were destroyed. (sadly)

2. The girl was so ________ that she hid herself behind the door. (frighten)

3. Mr. Black is kind to everyone. He is really a person. (friend)

4. Don’t miss a new cartoon. It is very ______ (excite )

5. After hearing the old woman’s words, Linda’s face turned still _____ ( red )

6. The next day, thy boy was ________ to see the ground was covered with snow. (surprise)

7. The musical Cat is so _________ that many people like to enjoy it. (interest)

8. --- What a ______ day! Let’s go for a picnic, shall we? ---Good idea! (please)

9. We should obey traffic rules in order to keep ourselves __________. (save) 10. Someone thinks that the number 13 is an _______ number. ( luck )

11. Look! The famous actress is dancing very ________ at the dancing party.


12. Everyone should be ________ to cross the street. Wait until the traffic lights change to green. (care)

13. I can’t ____________ afford a new car right now. (possible)

14. The plane landed _______ at last after flying in the storm for about one hour. (safe)

15. Please read the passage and then finish the exercises. (care)

16. ________, we weren’t caught in the heavy rain last night. (luck)

17. The doctor is used to speaking to his patients __________. (gentle)

18. He threw the book on the table and shouted at me ________. (angry)

19. You must read ________ so as to learn more. (wide)

20. Our monitor can ___________ finish the task our class teacher gives him. (easy)

21. The son told his father _______ that he had got first prize in the English contest.


22. I’m glad that you did most of your questions ______. (correct)

23. ________, many readers are already trying to guess what will happen in Harry Potter. (final)

24. The lecturer from the university spoke so __________ that I could hear every

word. (clear)

25. Something is wrong with my foot. I have to walk ___________. (slow)


( ) 1. Please speak English as _______ as possible in order to improve your spoken


A. fast B. soon C. often D. many

( ) 2. After the racing car started, it ran __________.

A. quicker and quicker B. more and more quickly

C. quick and quick D. more and more quick

( ) 3. Look ______ at the photo. Do you know the man?

A. careful B. carefully C. more careful D. most carefully

( ) 4.We know that Mount Everest is ______ mountain in the world.

A. high B. higher C. highest D. the highest

( ) 5.The boss said to Billy, “Your idea sounds _______, we’ll try it in our project”.

A. clearly B. fluently C. good D. sad

( ) 6.Is everything on the moon _____ it is on the earth?

A. so light as B. as light as C. as lighter as D. so lighter as

( ) 7. I’m shortsighted and I can’t see the words on the notice board ______.

A. clear B. clearly C. carefully D. good

( ) 8.Jean works hard but she doesn’t work ______ Mary.

A. as harder than B. as hard than C. as harder as D. as hard as

( ) 9.This is ______ book in our library.

A. the most interesting B. most interesting

C. the more interesting D. more interesting

( ) 10.Do you think math is ______ important than English?

A. very B. as C. more D. quite

( ) 11.Tom failed in the exam. He looked ______.

A. happy B. sadly C. upset D. lovely

( ) 12.A taxi doesn’t run as ______ as an underground train.

A. fast B. faster C. fastest D. more fast

( ) 13.Yangpu Bridge is one of ______ in the world.

A. bigger bridge B. the biggest bridge

C. the biggest bridges D. bigger bridges

( ) 14.Her cousin can draw ______ an artist.

A. as well as B. not so well as C. as better as D. as good as

( ) 15. 30,000 dollars is a large amount of money, but it’s ______ than we need.

A. far more B. very much C. far less D. very little

( ) 16. Mr. Smith thought the Century Park was the second ______ in Shanghai.

A. large B. larger C. largest D. very large

( ) 17.I think Yao Ming, the famous basketball player, will be ______ new star in


A. hot B. hotter C. hottest D. the hottest

( ) 18.All of us are proud of the great changes in Shanghai. We’re sure Shanghai

will be even ______ tomorrow.

A. good B. better C. best D. the best

( ) 19. “I’ve got an A for my history,” Judy said ______.

A. sadly B. sad C. happily D. happy

( ) 20. When spring comes, days are getting____ and _____.

A. warm, warm B. warmer, warmer

C. long, long D. more and more long

( ) 21. Is there ______ to discuss at the class meeting?

A. something important B. anything important

C. important something D. important anything

( ) 22. The girl feels _______ worse after taking such medicine.

A. much more B. even C. even more D. more

( ) 23. The cheese cake tasted so _____ that the kids asked for more.

A. delicious B. well C. bad D. badly

( ) 24. Of all the subjects, I like Chinese ________.

A. more B. better C. well D. best

( ) 25. In the exam, the ________ you are, the ________ mistakes you’ll make.

A. careful; little B. more careful; less

C. more careful; few D. more careful; fewer

( ) 26. ——I will give you some picture books.

——The ________, the ________.

A. more; better B. many; better C. most; best D. much; better

( ) 27. It is _____ for us to work out the maths problem.

A. easy enough B. easily enough C. very easily D. enough easy

( ) 28.You must keep your room _______ and tidy.

A. to clean B. cleaning C. clean D. cleaned III. 改写句子:

1. He is the tallest student in his class.

No one is _______ tall ________ him in his class.

He is taller than ______ _______ student in his class.

2. This watch is more expensive than any other one in the shop.

This watch is ________ _______ expensive one in the shop.

3. Tony is 15 years old. My sister is 15 years old, too.

Tony is _______ old _________ my sister.

4. She is 6 years old and she can go to school now.

She is 6 years old and is _______ _______ to go to school.

5. My brother is 16 years old, he can’t join the army.

My brother is 16 years old, so he is _______ young _______ join the army.

6. Mr. Green has a daughter. She is only eight months old.

Mr. Green has a ____________ ___________.

7. The population of China isn’t growing very fast now, but it grew fast in the past. The population of China isn’t growing ______ ______ _______ it was before.

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