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Choose the best answer (选择最恰当的答案):

31. Though he is only five years old, he can make __________ bed himself.

A. the B. a C. an D. /

32. The bike isn’t mine. It belongs to __________.

A. Mary’s B. me C. his D. her

33. Though Jenny has made very __________ progress in her English, she won’t give it up easily.

A. few B. a few C. little D. a little

34. Lucy usually rides to school. However, she goes to school __________ his father's car when it rains.

A. on B. in C. by D. with

35. The detectives kept their eyes __________ so that they wouldn't miss any people entering the building.

A. opening B. opened C. open D. to open

36. -- Who is knocking at the door?

-- __________ must be Miss Liu.

A. She B. Her C. She's D. It

37. It's never a good idea to __________ before the exams.

A. get up B. turn up C. stay up D. take up

38. __________ water is needed after the earthquake happened.

A. A large number of B. A large amount of C. The amount of D. The number of

39. Mark Twain is a famous writer __________ wrote 'The adventures of Tom Sawyer.



A. which B. he C. / D. that

40. __________ Roddy __________ Peterson is busy at the moment. You'd better ask someone else.

A. Both...and B. Not only...but also C. Neither...nor D. Either...or

41. A. To say something briefly B. To tell you a short story

C. To cut a story D. To make a story

42. My parents often warn me __________ outside too late at night.

A. don't stay B. to not stay C. not stay D. not to stay

43. __________ great help he offered to us! We really appreciate it.

A. What B. What a C. How D. How a

44. The river is __________ so that none of us dares to jump into it.

A. 4-meter-deep B. 4-meters-deep C. 4 meters deep D. 4-meter deep

45. About __________ the students take part in the interview.

A. two hundred of B. two hundred C. hundreds of D. two hundreds

46. To our great disappointment, when we got to the station, the train __________ already.

A. left B. has left C. had left D. was leaving

47. Daniel’s handwriting is better than __________ in his class.

A. the others B. anyone else's C. the rest D. others

48. As a student, it is better not to keep silent when you __________ questions.



A. ask B. asks C. asked D. are asked

49. It's good manners to behave properly at the table. The underlined part means __________.

A. probably B. quickly C. correctly D. professionally

50. --_______ I leave the table now?

-- No. You __________ finish it up first.

A. Must... needn't B. Can... can't C. May... must D. May... may

51. Please go on with your work __________ you get tired of it.

A. if B. unless C. because D. while

52. Good news! A new play will be __________ in the Grand Theatre.

A. put on B. put up C. put off D. put out

53. He is used to writing down his important thoughts in his __________.

A. dairy B. diary C. daily D. delay

54. Could you tell me __________?

A. who would go with us B. that he is our monitor

C. what's the matter with you D. where is the nearest post office

55. -- Would you like me to give him a message?

-- __________.

A. Yes, I'd love to. B. Yes, I would. C. Yes, please. D. Yes, I like it.

56. -- Don't forget to give my best wishes to your mother.



-- __________.

A. No, I won't B. Yes, I will. C. Yes, I won't. D. No, I will.

VI. Complete the sentences with the given words in their proper forms (用括号中所给单词的适当形式完成下列句子): (共 8 分)

57. Tell me __________ what you think. (true)

58. Tom Sawyer sat down under, a tree to have a rest and left a large section __________. (paint)

59. We all agree this is one of the _________ cartoons this year. (fun)

60. Tomorrow is my little sister's __________ birthday. (four)

61. A lot of important government __________ took part in the celebration Of the hundredth anniversary of Qinghua

University on April 24, 2011. (office)

62. Mike's __________ in winning the gold medal made all of us proud of him. (succeed)

63. Help __________ to some fish everyone. (you)

64. Soon we will lake thee __________ exam for high school. (enter)

D. Read the passage and fill in the blanks with proper words (在短文的空格内填入适当的词,使其内容通顺,每空格限填一词,首字母已给): 112 teams. They went out to make money by selling things.

What did they choose to sell? Some sold newspapers; some chose bottled water; some sold environmentally friendly shopping bags and bemboo baskets.

A difficult start



Hu Qi’s team decided to sell ebuy such books for their children’s better development. But unfortunately, they came across urban management officers(城管). The officers asked them to leave.

"We played hide-and-seek(捉迷藏书)with the officers for the whole morning" said Hu. "Finally we gave up and moved to other place." what they were selling.

The team then put up a board saying the money was to help the "Project Hope" for country kids. It worked. More the poor kids and he wanted to help them," said Wang. "We were touched."

They gave the 100 yuan to the "Project Hope" office later that day.

Meng Zbeoxiang and his team were luckier. They sold all their cakes in four hours, spending 39.5 yuan and getting beck 80 yuan. They made 40.5 yuan. IX. Writing (作文):

Write at least 60 words about the topic "Success in my eyes"(以“我眼中的成功”为题写一篇不少于60个词的短文,标点符号不占格。)

Use the following points as a guide

? What is success in your eyes?

? Why do you think so? (Give at least two examples.)

? What would you do to achieve your success?


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