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1. We have lots of time ____________after-school activities. A at B of C to D for 2. We try to spend _________ money doing ___________ things.

A fewer; good B fewer; better C more; better D less; better 3. Do you know sound travels very fast? Yes. But light travels ________ sound. A as fast as B a little fast than C much faster than D slower than 4. We took a boat trip and ________ the Opera House. A. pass B. past C. go past D. went past 5. He always tells _______ stories to make us _______. A. interested, laugh B. interesting, to laugh C. interested, to laugh D. interesting, laugh 6. The street was very busy because there was ________ traffic. A. too much B. too many C. much too D. many too 7. The River Seine is one of the __________ in France.

A. beautifulest rivers B. most beautiful rivers C. most beautifully rivers D. most beautiful river 8. Our classroom is as big as ____________.

A they B them C their D theirs 9. Peter’s drawing isn’t______________ Sandy’s.

A. as more beautiful as B. as much beautiful as C. as beautiful so D. so beautiful as 10. The little girl could look after ________ though she was only five years old. A she B her C hers D herself 11. These shoes are too big for me. Would you please show me _____ pair? A. another B. other C. the other D. one 12. You were _______, you didn’t hurt yourself. A. luck B. luckily C. lucky D. lucks 13. The sport meeting ___________in my school every year. A. took place B. happened C. happens D. takes place 14. Don’t __________ any old pictures on the white wall.

A put on B put away C put up D put in 15. Mr. Smith was ill, so I went to give the talk ____________.

A instead of B instead C in place of D in the place 16. What_______ honest boy! And he is_______ best student of all. A. a; a B. an; the C. a; the D. the; the 17. I'm so hungry, can I have_______? A. anything eat B. something eating C. anything to eat D. something to eat 18. Funny jokes can always make us _______when we are sad. A. laughing B. laugh C. laughed D. laughs

19. ---What do you think of the film Rush Hour?---________,but someone thinks it's_________.

A. Good enough; bored B. Enough good; boring C. Good enough; boring D. Enough good; bored 20. ________all the fixed stars, the sun is_______ to the earth.

A. In; the nearest B. Of; the nearer C. In; the most near D. Of; the nearest 21. . Shanghai is bigger than______in Jiangsu and bigger than______in China.

A. any city, any city B. any city, any other city C. any other city, the other cities D. any other city, any city 22. Are you able to work better with_______ money and __people?

A. little; few B. less; fewer C. a little, a fewer D. least, most

23.——The lake is said to be dry. Is that true? ——It_______ .Look, some kids are swimming in it. A. must be true B. can't be true C. may not be true D. is true 24. _______pleasant weather it is!

A. How an B. What an C. How D. What 25. What's your best friend like?

A. He is fine. Thank you. B. He is a doctor C. He likes watching TV D. He is helpful and generous 26.—I'd like to buy a skirt like this—OK, We can buy_______ one than this, but_______ this.

A. a cheaper; not as nice as B. a cheaper; as nice as C. a nicer; not as cheap as D. a nicer; not so cheap as 27.—What if you have two days_______?—I'd like to go_______ a trip_______ Suzhou. A. of; for; to B. off; on; for C. off; on; to D. of; for; for 28. —Could you tell me_______ of your classmates? —Sure. _______45.

A. the number; It's B. the number; They're C. a number; It's D. a number; They're 29. He didn't know where_______. A. to go B. can he go C. he goes D. he can goes ball match on TV this evening.

A. will have B. are going to have C. are going to be D. is going to be 31.There are many tall buildings on side of the busy street. A. both B. all C. each D. every 32 . ____ you are, _____ mistakes you’ll make.

A. The more careful, the fewer B. More careful, the less C. The more careless, the less D. More careless, fewer 33. ---Which sport do you like best?-- I like playing ______ softball, and ______ softball under the desk is mine. A. the; the B. /; the C. the; / D. /; / 34 There aren’t enough chairs. Would you please ________ones here?

A. to bring another three B. bring more three C. to take three other D. bring three more 35. ---Why not take exercise to keep fit? ---_______.

A. Because it's too tired B. That's all right C. Yes. I'd like to D. What a great idea! 36. When something me, I always go to her..

A. worries B. worry C. worries about D. is worry about 37. Which do you like , the country or the city?

A. well B. better C. best D. good 38. The weather in Beijing is colder in winter than ___ in Hainan. A. it B. that C. this D. one 39. Mr. Li would like to ______ us an interesting story.

A. talk B. say C. speak D. tell 40. Taking a car is always __ than __ a bus. A. faster, take B. fast, to take C. faster, taking D. more faster, taking 41. My English is so poor, so I ________my English.

A. need help with B. need to help C. need for helping D. need helping 42. Kate, ______ his father, ______ fishing very much. A. is like; likes B. likes; is like C. like; likes D. is like; is like 43. No one taught ______ English. He learned it _______.

A. him, by himself B. his, by himself C. him, himself D. his, by himself 44. Thank you for __________ let me _________ on the trip today.

A. agree to, go B. agreeing, going C. agreeing to, go D. agree, to go 45. The Place Museum is _________. These foreigners are all __________ in it.

A. amazing, interested B. amazed, interested C. amazed, interested D. amazing, interesting 46.He didn’t tell us anything important, __________. A. either B. also C. too D. as well

47. Take the exam carefully, __________ you won’t get full marks. A. but B. or C. and D. so

48. Father asked Sandy if she was ready ________ to school with him.

A. for go B. going C. to go D. went 49. —We need ______ balloons for the birthday party. — Here you are.

A. more than B. ten another C. ten more D. other ten 50. Do you think going to school by car is faster than __________? A. take a bus B. to take buses C. taking a bus D. takes buses 51. Amy is _______ girl of the two. A. tall B. taller C. tallest D. the taller

52. I’m sorry to that, though (虽然) most of you tried your best, ___ passed the exam. A. many B. little C. a few D. few 53. She decided to go abroad(国外) to have a __________study. A. far B. farther C. further D. the farthest 54. Meimei likes Maths a lot. So she does her best ________ it well.

A. to learn B. learn C. learning D. of learning 55. This maths problem is too hard. I think ______ students can work it out.

A. a few B. a little C. few D. little 60. The doctor asked him _________ in bed for three days.

A. to stay B. not stay C. stays D. not stays 61. Jay is one of _____________in teenagers.

A. the most popular star B. the most popular stars C. the popularest star D. most popular stars 62. Your room is in a mess. Please _________,

A. tidy it up B. tidy up it C. tidy D. tidies 63. ---- How many students are there in the classroom? ----_________. A. Nobody. B. None. C. Nothing. D. No one.

64. “How do you ________ it in English?” means “ What do you ______ it in English?” A. speak; say B. say; call C. call; say D. tell; speak 二、单词

1. We learnt a lot about different __________________ (文化).

因特网). 3. _____________________ (最后), we won the first place.

4. I got three _____________________ (免费的) tickets to the concert. 5. There are many _________________(错误)in the article.

6. If he __________________ (be not) careful, he may fail in the exam. 7. ___________________ (watch) TV is better than doing housework.

8. It was interesting ______________(see) so many places of interest from all over the world. 9. Yao Ming and Lin Shuhao are my favourite ________________(hero). 10. These _____________________ (climb) come from the USA.

11. My teacher advised me __________________ (borrow) books from our school library. 12. It rained heavily yesterday morning, so my father _____________ (drive) me to school. 13. I want to play basketball instead of _______________(watch) TV at home. 14. Look! Those boys and girls ________________ (cheer) for their team. 15. It takes her three hours to finish _______________ (draw)a picture 16. I don't like so many_______(广告)on TV. They are boring. 17. There are many places of i___________ in China.

18. My favourite ___________(语言) are Chinese and English.

19. Would you like to go to Hainan to have a __________(holiday) with us? 20.I like to tell everything to her ,because she can keep __________for me.

21. I have a round face while(然而) my younger brother has a s__________ face. 22.Playing football is__________ (healthy) than watching TV.

23This Maths problem is not difficult. I can work it out _____ (easy). 24My brother is old enough to look after _____________(his).

25.When I walk slowly around the lake at the sunset, I feel the _______(beautiful) of this city. 26.Tim’s brother is so ________gfgnvgf__ (care) that he often forgets to do his homework. 27. _______ (luck), he didn’t pass the exam. 28. What useful __________(advise) he gave us!

29. I keep writing in English about my ___________(day) life.

30. I’d like to live next to _____________ (big) restaurant in the city. 31. The weather today is even ___________ (bad) than it was yesterday. 32. The death(死亡) of his pet made him even s__________. 33. The boy is _______(几乎) late for school again.

34. My sister always _________(面带)a smile on her face at the age of 10. 35.They spent a lot of time _________ (练习)the piano every week.

36.Is there any difference between _________ (英国的)English and American English. 37._______is another way of saying autumn.

38. This is one of the best_________(杂志)in our town.

39. Could you tell me the ________(英雄) names? They are our examples. 40.The girl with long hair is the_______(苗条的)of the three.

41. David studies in a m_______ school. There are 20 boys and 25 girls in his class.

_(语言) did you learn in the past? Three.but I was good at none of them. 43.The singer is good at singing, she has a beautiful v________

44. ----How does Peter look?----- He looks s_______. He is the fastest runner in my class 45. ----Which _______ do you like best?----Maths. 三、动词填空

1.After the PE class, the teacher gave them something _________ (drink). 2. _____ he ______ (watch) the football match this weekend? No, he isn’t. 3. You shouldn’t spend too much time _______ (play) computer games. 4. My cousin is willing __________ (help) your sister with her English.

5.----Sorry, I __________(leave)my homework at home.----Don’t forget to bring it here tomorrow. 6. Look! Simon, with his father, __________(play) basketball in the playground.

7.They __________(complete) the picture in two hours. 8. I often do some _____________(read) at weekends.

9. Keeping pets _____________ (give) old people a lot of pleasure. 10. Millie, ______________(not frighten) the dog, or it will bark at you.

11. —You can’t park your car here. Look at the sign! It says “No parking!”—Sorry, I _______________(not see) it. 12. I _________(plan) the trip to the Temple of Heaven at present.

13 .Not only you but also he __________ (attend) this meeting every year. 14. I hope that girl __________ (become) a very good dancer in the future.

15. They always have a great time ______ (chat) with their e-friends on the Internet. 16. Excuse me, could you give me something __________ (eat), please? I’m so hungry. 四、首字母填空

A Many people like to watch TV. For some, w________(1) TV is one of the most important a________(2) of the day. TV brings the outside world closer to people’s homes. Some people say the world is now s________ (3) than before because of TV. Perhaps they are right.

What’s h________ (4) in other countries? How do people live in places far a________(5)? Is there a good sports game somewhere? What’s life like in the deepest parts of the sea?

Well, just turn on the TV. Turn it on and watch. You can s________(6) a lot and you can learn a lot. Of course, people can also learn through reading or l________(7) to the radio. But with TV they can learn better and more e________(8). Why? Because they can hear and watch, too.

TV helps to open our e________(9). TV also helps to open our minds. TV often gives us new i________(10). We learn newer and better ways of doing things. TV is a wonderful thing. How can we make better use of it.

B People all want to make good friends but sometimes you will meet a fair-weather friend. A fair-weather friend is (1)n________ to you only when everything is going (2)w________ in your life. When you are having good days, they will come to you and (3)w________ a smile on their face. But they are (4)f________ to you only because they want to get (5)s________ from you. They are not (6)t________ friends. When you are in trouble and need their (7)h________, they will be nowhere to (8)f________.

You may feel (9)s_______ when you find your friend is a fair-weather friend. But you'd better leave them because they will only make you (10)u__________ at last. Leave them and try to find true friends. 五、根据汉语意思完成句子 1.你最好停下来去休息一下。 2.“UFO”代表了什么?

3. 告诉他不要再犯语法错误了。 4. 这个女孩不但漂亮,而且很友好。 5. 我们所有人都迫不及待地下了车。

6. 当我看到如此多的人时,我不能相信我的眼睛。 7. 小朋友们再也不会感到无聊了。 8. 坚硬的座位使我感觉不舒服。 9. 谢谢你邀请我们加入你们的旅行。

10. 当我看到这些照片时,我不敢相信自己的眼睛。 11.我认为游泳不如下棋有趣。

12.我花在英语上的时间比Nancy少。 13.北京是中国最著名的城市之一。 14.一个好老师应该具有幽默感。 15.说别人坏话是不礼貌的。 六、作文

以My best friend为题写一篇短文,必须包括以下要点:


3、很诚实,能保守秘密,是我的忠实朋友,有比我更多的朋友。4,喜欢做课外活动,放学后经常练习打垒球。 5、他心目中的理想学校在早上8点开始上课,下午4点结束。每天只有半小时的家庭作业,周末不必做作业.每个月进行学校旅游一次。6、长大后想成为一名优秀的社会工作者。

请以 “My School Life” 为题写一篇70词的英语短文。要点如下:

1.学校大而且漂亮,有三栋大楼,一个图书馆,里面藏书很多。2.上午9:00开始上课,下午4:30结束。3. 我们不需要早起,有大量时间从事课外活动。每天只有一小时作业。4.我们的课程有语文,数学,英语,电脑等,我最喜欢...,因为…5.我们有许多兴趣小组和课外活动。我们总是玩得开心。

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