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UNIT6 How long have you been collecting shells ?

—Revision Lesson

1 谈论人们做某事持续多长时间 2 谈论人们的业余爱好

3 谈论人们收藏某物多长时间
4. 本单元的单词、词组及其句型



谈论人们做某事持续多长 I have been skating since nine o’clock. 时间 When did you start skating?

复 习 向 导

I started skating at nine o’clock

Students are skating at Hilltop School
语言结构 现在完成进行时 一般过去时 现在进行时 复习策略与思维技巧 引导 合作 重点词汇 Skating marathon skate stamp shell collect snow glob a pair of since for 跨学科学习 历史知识 文化学习

skating 1.The ice is very thick. Let’s go_________(滑冰) skates Yesterday I bought a pair of________(溜冰鞋) skaters Shenxue and zhaohongbo are famous______ (溜冰者). 2.I have been________(收藏) shells for 3 years. collecting collected I have __________(收藏)shells for 3 years. collectors Our class has many __________ (收藏家)

3.The students are skating there to charity raise _________(筹集)some money for _______(慈 善事业). storing 4.The shelf is used for ________(存放)books. share 5. Let’s _____ (共用) my umbrella if you don’t bring yours. 6. He has been waiting for thewhole 全部的)five ____( hours. 7.He has run out of ______(用完) money, so he had to walk to school. By the way 8.________(顺便问一下),what’s your hobby? Russian 9.Some old buildings in Harbin are in _______ (俄罗斯的) style.

skating 11. Victor has been ________(滑冰) since _____(自从) he was five. coins collecting 12. My hobby is _________(收集) _______(硬币). pair 13. When did you get your first ______(双) of shoes? several 14. I want _______(几个) apples for the children. foreigners 15. Chinese people are friendly to _________(外国人). capital 16. Beijing is the _______(首都) of China. 17. I’m certain/ sure _________(确实的) that you will enjoy living in China. thousand store 18. I have two ________(千) shells, and I _______(储存) them under my bed. anyone 19. If you know _______(任何人) who collects shells, please tell me.

the whole five hours 整整五个小时 collect stamps 收集邮票 为…谢谢你 Thanks for sth / doing sth 送某人某物 send sb sth / send sth to sb run out of 用完 on my ninth birthday 在我九岁生日 具有动物的雪球 snow globes with animals 任何其他的人 anyone else would like to do sth 愿意做某事 by the way 顺便问一下 对…感兴趣 be interested in finish doing 完成做某事 三个半小时 three years and a half / three and a half years 放风筝 fly kites learn a lot 学到很多

1. since 与 for 的区别 2. a pair of 一对,一副, 一双, 一把… a pair of glasses a pair of shoes 3. ago 与 before before I have been here ________(以前). ago Three years ____(以前), I came here with Tom. 4. 含有half 的用法: 一个半小时 o

ne/ an hour and a half one and a half hours two days and a half 两天半 two and a half days

5. 有关teach 的词组 teach sb sth teach sb to do sth teach sb how to do sth teach oneself=learn…by oneself

B ____trees we plant, ____ our country will be. A. More; more beautiful B. The more; the more beautiful C. The more, the most beautiful D. The more; the beautifuler

6. the +比较级, the +比较级,表示越…越…

Since +时间点(从句<过去时>) For + 时间段

1. They have been waiting ________ half an for hour. since 2. The baby has been sleeping _________ eight o’clock.

3. He has been studying English________ he since was eight years old. 4.He has been drawing _________ two hours since ago.

1.Jack has studied Chinese in his school ____ the year of 2000. A. since B. in C. on D. by 2.—Do you like You and Me? --Yes, it ___ very sweet. It is really a nice song. A. tastes B. sounds C. looks D. smells 3.The old shoes are old for me. I want to buy a new ____. A. one B. ones C. shoes D. pair 4.The pants are too long. Show me a shorter____. A. one B. ones C. pair D. suit

5.I started to swim ____ I was five years old. A. when B. since C. until D. while 6.It took him ____ to look for his lost watch. A.four all hours B. whole the four hours C. the whole four hour D. the whole four hours 7.I find English ____ useful language. We must learn it well. A. a B. an C. the D. / 8.The men ___ since they ____ to the party. A. have been drinking ; came B. were drinking ; came C. drank; came D. will drink; came

9.( )My mother bought a globe ______ me ____ _____ my eighth birthday . A. to, for B. for , on C. to , on D. for , to 10.( )He thought he ________ the first one ________ the mountain . A. was , to climb B. is , to climb C. was , climbing D. is climbing 11.____ you learn, ____ you will be. A.The more; the cleverer B.The much; the clever C. The many; the cleverer D. Much; clever

Choose Strategy(选择技巧)
I.读题,确定考查点 (定向法)





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