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Unit 11 sectionB

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Unit 11 What do you think of game shows?
Section B

测测你的记忆力: love game shows 1.我喜爱游戏节目。I ______________________.

like sports shows We __________________________.

don’t mind sitcoms They ____________________________.
4. Tom不喜欢肥皂剧。

doesn’t like soap operas Tom ____________________________.
5. Mary不能忍受访谈节目。

can’t stand talk shows Mary __________________________.


? belt ? belts

? scarf ? scarfs/scarves

? watch ? watches

? wallet ? wallets

? key ring ? key rings

1a Match the words with the pictures. 1. __ sunglasses 4. __ watch b c 2. __ belt 5. __ wallet f a 3. __ scarf 6. __ key ring d e

? 2a 2b Listening

Thing watch

Carol loves

Paul doesn’t mind

sunglasses scarf

likes can’t stand loves

doesn’t like likes


Listen and answer
? 1. How many things did the writer show to the students? Six. ? 2. What was the coolest thing?


Can you fill in the blanks? key ring 1.Judy Smith likes the _______________ .
can’t stand the scarf. 2.Jeff__________ wallet 3.William Jones loves the ________ loves 4.Gina Taylor _______ the watch.
5.Ann Rice doesn’t mindthe watch. _____________
6.Jerry Green likes the __________. sunglasses 7.The coolest thing was the _________. belt

Writing a letter to Maria,and tell Maria what you think of the six things:
Dear Maria, I enjoyed reading your “What’s Cool?” article in the school magazine, and would like to tell you what I think. I _____the belt, and I _____ the sunglasses. I _____ the key ring, I _____ the scarf, I _____ the watch, and I ______the wallet. Can you please put my letter in next month’s magazine? Yours,


? ? ? ? 1. A: What ____ your brother think of the bike? B: He likes it. A. does B. do C. is 2. A: What do they think ___ the movie ? B: They like it very much. A. to B. of C. for

? ?

? ? ? ? ? ?

3. A: What do you think of sitcoms? B: Oh, I _________ mind them. A. can’t B. don’t C. am not 4. A: What does she think of the scarf? B: She ________ stand them. A. isn’t B. doesn’t C. can’t

5. --- ____ do you think of the movie?


- It’s very interesting. I like it.
A. Why B. Which

C. How

D. What

此题考察句型What do you think of...?


6. It’s too hot in the classroom. We can’t
___ it. We all ___ up and go out of the classroom. A. mind; stand B. stand; stand C. sit; stand
?此题考察的是stand的两个词义。句意是“教 室里太热了。我们不能忍受。我们都站起来走 出了教室”。故答案为B。


写一篇短文, 介绍一下你的家人或

love(s), like(s), don’t/doesn’t
mind, don’t/doesn’t like can’t stand

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