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八年级,英语,7单元Section A-1

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Unit 8 How do you make a banana milk shake?
Section A Period 1 (1a—2d)

What’s your favorite drink?
Sprite Coco Cola


fruit juice

What’s your favorite drink?




fruit milk shake

Look and learn.

turn on

cut up






ingredient n. 材料;原料;成份

pineapple watermelon











1a Write these words in the blanks in the picture above.
turn on cut up drink peel pour put

drink pour ______ the milk shake _____ the milk into the blender peel ______ the bananas ______ the bananas cut up ______ turn on the blender ______ the bananas and put ice-cream in the blender

1b Listen and put the instructions in order.
____ Turn on the blender. 5 ____ Cut up the bananas. 2 ____ Drink the milk shake. 6 4 ____ Pour the milk into the blender. 3 ____ Put the bananas and ice-cream into the blender. ____ Peel three bananas. 1

Key points
cut是“切, 割”的意思, 过去式为cut。
短语cut up意为“切碎”, 当其后接名词作 宾语时, 此时宾语可以放在短语后面, 也 可以放在短语中间。 Cut up the bananas. = Cut the bananas up. 把香蕉切碎。

当其后接代词作宾语时, 只能放在短语中间。
Wash an onion and cut it up. 洗一个洋葱, 并把它切碎。 cut sth. into ... 意为“把某物分割成??”。 He cut the bread into four slices. 他把面包切成四片。 cut down意为“砍倒”。

Who cut down the tree? 谁把这棵树砍倒了?


cut up

cut down

1. Look! Some people are cutting ______ trees. ______ down cut up 2. First, ______ ______ the apples, and then put them into the blender.

turn on 打开, 接通(电流、煤气、水等)
Turn on the blender. 打开搅拌器。 Please turn on the light. It’s dark. 请把灯打开, 天黑了。

拓展 turn off 关掉, 截断(电流、煤气、水等) turn up 开大, 调高(音量、热量等)

turn down 调低, 关小(音量、热量等)

注意:当这四个短语的宾语是名词时,可以 放在短语中间,也可以放在短语后面;当其 宾语是代词时,只能放在短语中间。 Don’t forget to turn off the lights when you leave the classroom. 当你离开教室的时候, 别忘了关灯。 Could you turn the TV up? 你能把电视音量调大些吗? Turn down the radio, please. 请把收音机的音量调低些。

on / up 1. Turn ________ the TV, please. There is important news. 2. Don’t turn _____ the computer. I want to off surf the Internet. up 3. It’s a beautiful song. Can you turn _____ the radio? I can’t hear it clearly.

【2012福建福州】— It’s time for the weather report. Could I _____ the TV, Dad? — Go ahead, please. I also want to know about the weather for tomorrow. A. turn on B. turn off C. turn down 【解析】考查短语动词的辨析。turn on意 为

“打开”;turn off意为“关闭”;turn down意为“调小(音量等)”。由答语可 知爸爸也想看电视了解天气状况,因此此 处需要用表示“打开(电视)”的短语动 词。故选A。

【2012贵州贵阳】When you leave the reading room, you should remember to ______ the lights. A. turn on B. turn down C. turn off
【解析】考查动词短语的用法。turn on意 为“打开”;turn down意为“关小”; turn off意为“关上”。根据句意:当你离 开阅览室时,你应该记住把灯关上。故选C。

How to make a banana milk shake?
We need these things: three bananas a blender some milk

ice cream

Step 1

Step 2

Peel the bananas.

Cut up the bananas. Put the bananas and ice cream in the blender.

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Pour the milk into the blender.

Turn on the blender.

Step 6

Drink the milk shake.

Let’s chant. Peel, peel, peel the banana. Cut, cut, cut up the banana. Pour, pour, pour the milk. Turn, turn, turn on the blender.


A: How do you make a banana milk shake? B: First, peel the bananas …

2a Listen and complete the chart.

How many bananas, watermelons, apples, oranges How much yogurt, honey

2b Listen again. Write the ingredients under the correct amount in the chart.
one two three one cup two spoons

watermelon, apples bananas yogurt

Do you like fruit salad? Let’s make our own fruit salad.

To make a fruit salad, what do you need?

Clean and put the fruit in a bowl.

Peel the fruit.

Cut up the fruit.

Pour one cup of yogurt into the bowl and mix it all up.

Eat the fruit salad.

A: Let’s make fruit salad. B: OK, good idea. How much yogurt do we need? A: One cup. B: How many apples do we need? A: Let me think … We need two apples. B: OK, and how much …

Summary How to make ______? Words and phrases:
peel, cut up, put…into, pour…into, need, mix …up how many / much, teaspoon, cup

Fill in the blanks. ? A: I am hungry. Let’s make an orange milk shake. ? B: OK. What do we need? ? A: We need some oranges and milk. ? B: How m___ oranges do we need? any ? A: We need three. ? B: OK. How m____ milk do we need? uch ? A: One cup. ? B: Now how to make it?

A: First, p____ the oranges . Next, c___ up ut eel the oranges and then put them in the b______. P_____ the milk into the blender, lender our too. Then t____ on the blender for about 3 urn minutes. Finally, pour the mixture(混和物) into a glass and enjoy it. B: That must be much more delicious.


Role-play the conversation.

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