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新目标九年级英语unit7Section A 1 课件

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Unit 7

Period 1

Language goal (目标) Talk about places you would like to visit. New language (新句型) I’d like to go somewhere relaxing. 我想去休闲的地方。 I hope to go to France some day. 我希望有一天去法国。 I’d love to visit Mexico. 我(很)想去墨西哥旅游。

What countries or cities do you know?

China Beijing

Tian’anmen Square

China Shanghai

America New York

France Paris

England London Tower Bridge Big Ben

Australia Sydney Opera House

Fuji Mount

Where would you like to go on vacation?

Why? What do you think of…? 西安 海南



Hua Shan Mountain

Hong Kong

educational 教育的;有教育意义的 fascinating 迷人的;有极大吸引力的 thrilling 令人激动的,震颤的;毛骨悚然的 peaceful 和平的;宁静的 relaxing 放松的 beautiful 美丽的 fun 有乐趣的 exciting 令人激动的 tiring 引起疲劳的;累人的 Can you momerize them? boring 乏味的,闷人的 wonderful 令人惊叹的;绝妙的 interesting 有意思的;有趣的 dangerous 危险的 lively 生气勃勃的

Where would you like to go/visit?

the Great Wall

educational I’d like/love to visit …
because it is …

fun exciting

Disneyland I’d like/love to visit… because it is…

Florida beach


fascinating peaceful I’d like/love to visit … because…

A: Where would you like to visit?
B: I’d like to visit…

A: Why? Shaoshan

B: Because it is…
Florida beach Amazon Jungle

The Great wall




Terra cotta warriors


Listening (1b: P52)
Person Place Brazil Why


likes exciting vacations

has been Florida stressed out

Pairwork :
B: I’d like/love to trek through Amazon Jungle. visit… A: Why? B: Because it’s …

visit ? Where would you like to go on vacation?

Listening (2a:P53)
____ I love places where the people are 3 really friendly. ____ I hope to see Niagara Falls some 4 day. ____ I like places where the weather is 2 always warm. ____ I hope to visit Hawaii one day. 1

Listening (2b:P53)
Places Reasons not to visit the place

__ 1. Hawaii a. We don’t know the b languages. a __ 2. Mexico c __ 3. Niagara b. It’s too touristy. Falls c. There’s not much to do there.

Fill in the blanks while listening
? Boy1: Wouldn’t it be great _____we ______ go if could on a vacation together? would ? Girl1: Yeah, that ________ be wonderful.

Where ? Boy1: _________ would we go?
hope ? Girl1: Well, I _____ to visit Hawaii one day. interested Would you be ________ in going there? like ? Boy2: Sure! I ______ places where the weather _______ is always warm.

The West Lake

T: Where would you like to visit?
S: I’d love to visit Hangzhou. T: Why? S: Because I’d like to visit somewhere beautiful.

T: Where would you like to visit?


S: I hope to go to Yunnan.
T: Why? S: Because I like places where the weather is always warm.

The Great Wall



Tibet 西藏

Hong Kong


Groupwork: An ideal place for a trip. (一个理想的旅游胜地) Model:
Name Jim Place Reason (why)


beautiful, fascinating

In my group, A would like to go to… because he likes somewhere beautiful/ places where scenery is so fascinating. …

Protect our environment is our duty Protecting our world is to protect ourselves

New words:
peaceful fascinating tiring educational thrilling relaxing

A: Where would you like to…? B: I’d love to… / I’d like to… A: Why? B: Because it’s… I like somewhere…/places…

Finish the following sentences
1. 你假期想到哪儿去旅游?

Where _

_ you ____ ____ visit ___ _________?

2. 我想去墨西哥。
would like to go to I _______________________ Mexico .

3. 我想去一些迷人的地方。

somewhere I’ d love to go ___________ fascinating __________. 4. 某一天我希望能去法国。 hope to I _____ _____ go to France some day . educational 5. Qufu,Confucius’ hometown is very ______ (education) 6 Working on math problems is very ________ (tire ). tiring dangerous 7.It is ______ ____( 危险的 ) to play football on the street.

8.They have never seen such ___ ______ ____ before(令人激动 an exciting film
Surfing thrilling 9.____ (surf ) is a very __________ ( thrill ) sport.

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