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Unit 3 Language in use

Language practice Everyone will have a small car. Teachers won't write on a blackboard with chalk. Homes will be cool in summer. There will be heavy rain and strong winds.

一般将来时: will +动词原形

Look at the picture and write questions about the future (use shall, will, send, use,read, go)
go ___ Will students ___ to school in the future? ___ use Will students ___ pens and paper? ___ read Will students ____books? ___ ____ Will teachers send emails to students?

Put the words in brackets in the correct places in the sentences.
1. Cars will be small. (new) New cars will be small.

2. Machines will do work in factories.
(heavy) Machines will do heavy work in factories

3. People will have holidays. (long) People will have long holidays. 4. There will be winds in spring and autumn. (strong) There will be strong winds in spring and autumn.

5. We’ll speak English. (good)

We’ll speak good English.
6. Flying in planes will be cheap. (large) Flying in large planes will be cheap.

Put the words and phrases into the correct columns.

bad weather/cable TV/computers expensive fuel/heavy work/hot summer interesting jobs/large planes/satellite TV small cars/strong winds/warm winter/dull jobs

climate bad weather hot summer strong winds warm winter jobs dull jobs heavy work interesting jobs

technology cable TV computers satellite TV

transport expensive fuel large planes; small cars

Around the world

We will have robots in our homes to do many jobs. Robots will clean the house, cook food, care for children and help old people. People will have a lot of free time.

1.如果表示的是未来的事实或对将来的预测等,我们可以 用will+动词原形来表示 will 没有人称和数的变化。 There will be a big park over there. 那边将建成一个大型的公园。 They will send their homework to the teacher by email. 他们将通过电子邮件将作业发给老师. 2.表示将来不会,就用其否定式 will not/won’t I think everyone will study at home and will use computers. They won’t use books. 我想人人会待在家里学习,用计算机学习。他们不用课 本。 3.询问将来的事,将will提到句首构成它的疑问形式。 Will there be computers in school? 学校里会有计算机 吗?

My dream school will be very beautiful. There will be many colorful flowers, green trees and grasses all over the school. So the air will be fresh. And there will be many big buildings in the school. In the front of the school there will be a lot of classrooms.

The classrooms will be very large and useful. There will be laptops, satellite TVs, air-conditioners and many other things in the classrooms. Students will use the computers to study and teachers will use the computers to teach. Students will do their homework on computers, and send homework to teachers by email.

In the middle of the school, there will be a big beautiful garden, but there won't be any cleaners

because the robots will clean the garden. Next to the garden, there will be three canteens in the school but there won't be any cooks because the machines will cook the meals for students and teachers.

At the back of the school, there will be a large gym and a large playground. Students will play with each other there after school. Anyway, everything will be beautiful and wonderful in the school. I think this dream will come true. So I must study hard and work hard!

Homework :Module task Designing your dream school
The classroom The lessons The playground

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