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七年级下册unit6 It's raining

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How is the weather? -It’s … -How’s it going?
-It’s great/pretty good/not bad/terrible. What’s she/he doing?

Weather report

How’s the weather in Guangzhou

It’s sunny.

It’s hot.

How’s the weather? What are they doing? It’s sunny and hot.

It’s snowy and cold .

It’s cloudy and cool.

It’s rainy/raining and humid.
What is he doing? How’s it going? Terrible

How’s the weather ?

It’s windy and cool .

It’s sunny and warm.
What is she doing?

1a.Match the words with the pictures d 1.___ hot e 3.___cool
4.___ warm b

c 5.___humid

a 2.___cold

a c b



Pairwork: Make a conversation on the phone.
? Role play a conversation between A and B. ? A is in Beijing. B is in Hainan .



Make a conversation on the phone.

A: Hi! How’s it going? B: Hello, … Oh, great! What are you doing? A: I’m … How’s the weather there? B: Oh, it’s … How’s the weather there? A: It’s …

A: Hi, B. This is A B: Hi, A. Where’re you?
A: I’m in Beijing.

B: How’s the weather there?
A: It’s snowy.

B: What’re you doing? A: I’m taking photos. B: Have fun! Bye! A: You too!Bye!

Listening task. Look at the chart. Write what Maria and Sam answer to the three questions.

hot ,humid visiting my Pretty good. grandmother and sunny . terrible, cold having a great and raining. party

Weather report
Harbin(-1—3 ℃) Shanghai(16—19 ℃) Hainan(20—24 ℃)


Homework: Report the tomorrow’s weather of three big cities and write it down.

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