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一、听句子,选出你所听到的单词。(每个句子听两遍。) 1. A. VCD. B. CD C. DV 2.A.baseball B. sofa C. school 3. A. grandmother B. grandparent C. grandfather 4. A. on B. in C. under 5. A. uncle B. aunt C. son

二、听句子,选出能回答该句子的正确答语。(每个句子听两遍。) 6. A. I?m fine. B. He is my father. C. Yes, I?m good.

7. A. J-A-C-K-E-T. B. It?s a jacket. C. They are blue.X-k- b-1 .-c-o-m 8. A. It?s yellow. B. I?m OK. C. It?s a key.

9. A. No, she isn?t. B. No, I am. C. No, I?m not. I?m Helen.10. A. Yes, it is. B. No, it is. C. It?s hers.

三、听对话,选出能回答该问题的正确选项。(每个对话听两遍。) 11. Is this Bob?s pen?

A. Yes, it is. B. No, it isn?t. C. It?s Helen?s. 12. What color is the key?

A. Red. B. Black. C. Black and white. 13. Who?s the girl?

A. Cindy?s sister. B. Cindy?s cousins. C. Tom?s friend. 14. What?s Grace?s cousin?s name A. Jenny. B. Grace. C. Linda.

15. What?s Dale?s telephone number?

A. 429-0876. B. 964-2234. C. 248-9087. 四、听短文,回答问题。(短文听三遍。) 16. What?s Mike?s phone number?

A. 776-1342. B. 864-3656. C. 974-2197. 17. Is this Mike?s pen?

A. Yes, it is. B . No, it isn?t. C. Yes, it isn?t. 18. What?s Mike?s good friend?s name?

A. Jack Green. B. Tina Green. C. Mike Brown. 19. Is this Tina?s watch?

A. Yes, it is. B. No, it isn?t. C. It?s Mike?s. 20. __________ has(有) a pencil and a baseball. A. Jack. B. Tina. C. Mike.

- 1 -

第二部分.笔试。(共100分) 二、单选。(15分,每题一分。)

21.---Hi, Grace! How are you! ---______________. A. Yes, I am. B. I?m fine. C. No, thank you. 22. ---_________________ ---It?s blue.

A. What color is the ruler? B. Is this a blue key? C. What?s this? 23. ---What?s your sister?s name? ---______________

A. My name is Linda. B. Her name is Cindy. C. His name is Dale. 24. ---Are you Jack? ---______________

A. No, I?m not. I?m Mike. B. Yes, I?m not. C. No, he isn?t. He?s Mike. 25. ---_____________________ ---It?s 286-4752.

A. Is this your number? B. What?s her name? C. What?s his telephone number? 26. ---What?s __________ name? ---_____________is Eric. A. her / He B. he / Her C. his / He

27.--- Have a good day! ---_____________

A. Yes, it is. B. Thank you. C. It?s good. 28.---Who are they? ---______________

A. That?s my parents. B. They?re her brother. C. They?re my sisters. 29. Alan and Mary are my ____________. A. cousins B. sister C. friend

30. --- Is this_________ pencil? --- Yes, it is. It?s ___________. A. you / mine B. your / my C. your / mine

31. ---Are these her erasers? ---No, they?re_________. A. Anna B. Mike?s C. my

32.---_________________ --- You?re welcome.

A. What?s this? B. Is that your book? C. Thank you. 33. Thank you __________ your help. A. in B. of C. for

34. ---________________ ---B-A-S-E-B-A-L-L.

A. How do you spell “baseball”? B. What?s this? C. Is that a baseball? 35.--- __________ is he? --- He?s my grandfather. A. How B. Who C. What 三、完型填空。(10分,每题一分)

I ___36___ Alice Black. My ___37___ name is Alice. My last name is ___38___. I?m a ___39___. My phone number ___40___ 587-9988. Look! That is ___41___ schoolbag. It?s red. Sarah is my sister. And this isn?t my CD. It?s ___42___. Tom is my ___43___. Is his schoolbag

red? No, it ___44___. It?s yellow. ___45___ are my parents. I love my family. 36. A. is B. am C. are

37. A. first B. family C. last 38. A. Alice B. Black C. Sarah 39. A. girl B. boy C. father 40. A. am B. are C. is 41. A. I B. my C. mine

42. A. she B. Sarah?s C. Sarah

43. A. sister B. mother C. brotherXkb1. com 44. A. is B. isn?t C. aren?t 45. A. These B. This C. That 四、阅读理解。(30分,每题两分)


Hi! My name is Mary Smith. My telephone number is 876-0921. I have a good friend. His name is Frank Brown. That is his mother. Her name is Gina. And that is his father. His telephone number is 980-4356. They are in Beijing. 根据文章内容判断正(A)误(B)。 46. Mary?s telephone number is 980-4356. 47. Mary?s friend is Frank Brown. 48. Mary?s mother is Gina.

49. Gina?s telephone number is 876-0921. 50. Frank?s parents are in Beijing.


My name is Grace. I?m nine years old. What?s this in English? Oh, it?s an eraser. It?s my eraser. What color is it? It?s white. What?s that in English? It?s a book. It?s blue. It isn?t my book. It?s Jim?s. Jim is my good friend. Are those Jim?s rulers? No, they aren?t. They?re my sister?s rulers. Her name is Lily. 根据文章选出正确选项。

51. Grace is __________ years old. A. five B. seven C. nine

52. Grace?s eraser is __________. A. blue B. white C. yellow

53. ___________ book is blue. A. Jim?s B. Lily?s C. Grace?s

54. The rulers are _________. A. Grace?s B. Lily?s C. Jim?s

- 2 -

55. Lily is Grace?s __________. A. sister B. friend C. cousin


I have a big family. My father is Mr. Smith. He is a Chinese teacher. My mother is an English teacher. Alan and Bob are my twin brothers. They are ten years old. Maria is my sister. She is four years old. Those are my grandparents. They are teachers, too. And those are my aunt and my uncle. They are thirty years old. They are in China. And they love China. 根据文章选出正确选项。

56. Mr. Smith is a ________ teacher. A. Chinese B. English C. American 57. Bob is my __________. A. father B. brother C. cousin

58. ________ is four years old. A. Alan B. Bob C. Maria 59. __________ are teachers.

A. My parents B. My grandparents C. My parents and my grandparents 60. My aunt and uncle are in ___________. A. China B. France C. America

五、根据句意及首字母或汉语意思提示补全单词(5分) is in my pencil box.

62.Her books are on the (椅子). 63.My notebook is the bed . 64.I muse my watch

65.My (表弟) is a good student.

71. That is my pencil box. (改为一般疑问句) ________ ___________ your pencil box? 72. Are those his keys? (作肯定回答) _________, __________ __________. 73. These are my sisters. (改为单数句子)

This _________ my _____________.

对划线部分提问) _______ her books?

对划线部分提问) ____________ ____________ is the dictionary



( )76.Is the cat behind the sofa? A. No, it isn?t..It ?s a picture . ( )77.Is it a map? B. Yes, they are.

( )78.Are these your cousins? C. It?s black and blue . ( )79.What color is your bag? D. No. it?s on the sofa ( )80.Where is your ID card ? E.It?s on the desk . 九、任务型阅读(10分,每题2分)

Hello, everyone! I?m Bob. Here are two photos of my family. In the first photo are my uncle, Steven , my aunt, Selina, and my two cousins. They are very happy. Look! That is a small dog. Its name is Wang Wang. My grandfather and grandmother are in the next photo. These are my parents, Helen and Dale. Those are my sisters, Cindy and Hebe. Look! It?s me. 81. My uncle?s name is 82. I have cousins.

83. The name of the dog is 84. My grandmother is in the photo. 85. My mother?s name is 十、书面表达。(10分)


- 3 -

听力材料及答案 一.听力。


6.Where is my CD?

7.A ball is behind the sofa. 8.My grandfather is Mr.Green.

9.My notebooks are under the chair. 10.He is my brother`s son.

(二)听句子,选出能回答该句子的正确答语。(每个句子听两遍。) 6. Hi, Eric! How are you? 7. What?s that in English? 8. What color is the cup? 9. Excuse me. Are you Gina?

10. Excuse me. Is this your pencil?

(三)听对话,选出能回答该问题的正确选项。(每个对话听两遍。) 11. W: Hi, Bob. Is this your pen? M: Yes, it is.

12. W: What?s that in English? M: It?s a key.

W: What color is it? M: It?s black and white.

13. W: Hi, Tom. Here?s a photo of my family. M: Hi, Cindy. Who?s the girl? W: She?s my sister. M: Who are they?

W: They?re my cousins. 14. W: Good morning, Frank! M: Good morning , Grace!

W: This is my friend, Jenny and this is my cousin, Linda.

15. W: Good afternoon. What?s your name?

M: Good afternoon. I?m Dale.

W: I?m Mary. What?s your telephone number?

M: It?s 248-9087.


My name is Mike Brown. My telephone number is 776-1342. This is my pen. That is my eraser. These are my books and those are my notebooks. I have a good friend. Her name is Tina Green. Her telephone number is 864-3656. Is this her watch? No, it isn?t. It?s Alan?s. And that is her computer. She likes playing computer games. She has a brother. His name is Jack Green. This is his pencil. Is that his baseball? Yes, it is.



BBCCC 6—10 ABACA 11—15 ACACC 16—20 AABBA



21—25 BABAC 26—30 CBCAC 31—35 BCCAB

36—40 BABAC 41—45 BBCBA

46—50 BABBA

51—55 CBABA

56—60 ABCCA

61.eraser 62.chair 63.under 64.find 65.cousin

- 4 - 66.watches 67.those 68.Her 69.are 70.mine 71.Is that 72.Yes,they ate 73.is sister 74.Where ate 75.What color 76-80 DABCE

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