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unit13-2 William Shakespeare

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Unit 13
William Shakespeare

1.Can you tell me something about William Shakespeare? 2.Where was he born? 3. Do you know some of his famous plays?

1.What are the four great tragedies written by Shakespeare?
Romeo and Juliet,The Merchant of Venice, King John, And Henry

2. What was he regarded as throughout the western world?
He was regarded as the greatest dramatist.

Read passage Two

How did people love the play?
People cried for poor Ophelia’s death,and they shouted for the murderer Claudius to die. How many people went to the Globe Theatre to watch the play Hamlet? Two thousand people..

The life of William Shakespeare
1.When and where was he born? He was born on April23,1563 in Stratfordon-Avon. 2.Where was he educated?
He was educated at the local grammar school 3.How old was he when he married?

He was eighteen.

1.Can you say the jobs he had done?
He had kept horses, an actor, playwright,poet.

2. When did William Shakespeare die ?
He died at the age of fifty-two.

Language points:

A murderer murdered Lincon
It was reported that It is said that There isn’t a complete report.

Complete the dialogue. I received his gift and accepted it.

Shakespeare was regarded not only a playwright but also a dramatist. Arrive in Arrive at Marry sb

She married a handsome boy.

Complete the passage.
William Shakespeare was a ____________


and the best

poet plays ________ . He wrote many _________ ,like hamlet and Romeo was and Juliet. He ________ born in 1564. grammar School The He was educated at the local ________ _______ classical writers Influenced his plays and poetry. when he ___________ left at _________ school ________ the age of fourteen. arrived in At twenty-eight he ________ ________ London . Then he actor Writing became an ___________ and started _________ plays. died William Shakespeare __________ at the age of fifty-two. He the greatest is regarded as _______ _________dramatist in the world.

Writing some events in your life. Using “at the age of…” or “ When I …”.

I was born in a small village in ShunYi thirty-four years ago. At the age of eight, I started primary school. At fourteen, I became a middle school student. When I finished Senior Middle School, I chose the normal college because I wanted to be a teacher. I became a teacher at the age of 24.After five years, I came to Miyun with my son. Now I am living a happy life here.

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