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冀教版英语九年级上册Lesson 25

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1.-What’s wrong with you ?

-______ .

A. My bike is broken B. Something is wrong with my watch

C. My TV doesn’t work D. I’m not feeling well

2. He _____ to find himself in hospital .

A. wake B. woked C. woke D. waking

3. “I saw the film last week ,”said Li Ming .

Li Ming said he _______ ______ the film the week _______ .

4. The girl doesn’t get _______ till now .

A. to dress B. dressing C. dresses D. dressed

5. I often _______ the new word in my dictionary when I don’t know how to read it .

A. look at B. look up C. look for D. look after

6. –Betty , you don’t look well . What’s wrong ?

-I have a fever .

-______ . You’d better go to see a doctor .

A. I’m sorry to hear that B. Oh, mine

C. It’s all right D. You look bad

7. When you don’t know a word , you can _______ in the dictionary .

A. look it up B. set it up C. give it up D. pick it up

8. Wang Fang hasn’t come yet . _______ her ?

9. -Could you tell me what time the train leaves Hefei for Beijing ?

- I’m afraid you need to ________ on the Internet .

A. look for it B. look at it C. look it over D. look it up

10.After a long journey , the eight pandas from Wolong safely ______ in Beijing .

A. arrived B. reached C. got D. came

11. It was already two o’clock when I ______ London .

A. arrived B. got C. reached D. came

12. Danny asked for a sick leave because of his f________.

13. The woman is badly ill . We must take her to the h_______ at once .

14. My sister works as a n________ . She is looking after the patient now .

15. On the trip to Hawaii , we were all in high s_______ .

16. I have a p_______ in my stomach . I must go to see the doctor .

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