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新目标版英语七上《Unit 10 Can you play the guitar》ppt课件

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Unit 10

Can you play the guitar?

Can you play basketball?
Play basketball

Can you / swim / Swim ? swim

Can you /si? / Sing ? sing

Can you /spi:k / speak English? speak

Can you /d? ns/ /dɑ:ns/ dance ? dance

Can you / peint / Paint ? paint

Can you play /t?es / chess



swim paint sing dance Play chess Play the guitar Play basketball Speak English

Quickly words

Game Act and guess!

Can you …? Yes, I can. / No, I can’t.

Can he sing ? Yes , he can .

Can he play volleyball ?

No , he can’t.

Can she sing ? Yes , she can .

Can she play soccer ? No, she can’t.

Can they sing? Yes, they can./No, they can’t.

Let’s do some pair work:

Can you / she / he /they … ? Yes, I /she /he/they can. No, I /she /he/they can’t

Music Club

Art Club

Swimming Club

Chess Club

English Club

Sports club

What club do you want to join?

I want to join the…

Make a survey
Work in four, ask your partners “ can you….? What club do you want to join ? ” Write down their answers, fill in the chart. then make a report.

Let’s listen!


Listen and number the conversations [1-3]

A: Can you swim ? 2 B: No, I can’t . A: I want to join the art club . 3 B: Can you paint ? A: Yes, I can . A: I want to join the music club . 1 B: Oh, can you sing ? A: Yes, I can .


Listen to these two conversations and circle

the clubs you hear.

a.English club

b. art club
c. music club d. chess club

e. swimming club

2b Complete the conversation with the words in the box.
Then listen to the first conversation again and check you answers. David: What club ____ you want _____ join? do to (1) (2) want club Lisa: We _____ to join the chess _____. (3) (4) play David: Can you ______ chess ? (5) Lisa: No, I _____ . can’t (6) Joe: I can .

to club

want do
play can’t

Can you dance?
Can he paint?

Yes, I can.

No, I can’t. No, she

Yes, he can. No, he can’t. Yes, She can.

Can she speak English ?
Can you sing? What club do you want to join ?


Yes, we can. No, we can’t. We want to join the chess club. I want to join the sports club.

Can you fill in the blanks ?

1.____ you swim ? Yes, I can. Can 2.Can your father play the guitar ? can’t No,he ____ . do 3. What club ___ you want to join ? 4. Can Lucy and Alice dance ? they Yes , _____ can . to 5. We want ___ join the English club .

Can you rewrite them ?
? ? ? I can play the chess .(改为一般疑问句) Can you play chess ? She can speak Chinese .(改为否定句)

She can’t speak Chinese .
Can your brother play basketball .(作 肯定回答)

Yes , he can .
? We want to join the English club .(划 线提问)

What club do you want to join ?

Writing Write something about your family members what they can do or can’t.

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