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初三英语Unit6 Topic 1 导学卡1

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初三英语Unit6 Topic1 导学卡


1、善长_______________ 2、学习中国象棋对我来说有困难_______________ 3、在某人业余时间_______________ 4、智力游戏节目_______________ 5、同意某人_______________ 6、参加_______________ 7、获奖_______________ 8、讨厌干某事_______________

9、宁愿干……_______________ 10、宁愿……也不……_______________ 11、有一个悲伤结尾_______________ 12、使我们笑_______________

13、似乎在动_______________ 14、同坏人做斗争的故事_______________ 15、简是怎样的一个人?_______________ 二、根据括号内所给汉语意思完成下列各句。

1.Tom does well in math,but he__________(不擅长于)history. 2.My father enjoys watching TV__________(空闲时)。 3.I __________(宁愿待在家)than go shopping with you. 4.What is he__________(他是个什么样的人)? 5.What does he__________(看起来什么样)?

6.It's hard __________me__________(play)Chinese chess. 7.I can__________(参加)quiz show. 8.He__________(获奖了)!

9.Could you teach me how to play it?__________(没问题) 10.—I would rather__________(watch)sports shows. —__________(我也是)

11.He would rather__________(play)chess than sports shows. 三、选择题

( )1.—What about playing football this afternoon, Sam? —I would rather______at home than_______football.

A.stay, playing B.stay,play C.to stay, to play D.to stay,playing ( )2.—Meimei could read books when she was only three years old. —________

A.So did Joe B.So could Joe C.So Joe did D.So Joe could ( )3.Ann is tired_____Tv plays,because it takes much time. A.watching B.to watch C.of watching D.and watches ( )4.—Shall we go shopping tomorrow? —My god!_______

A.I would rather go shopping B.I don't know C.I prefer to stay at home and sleep D.I would rather go shopping than sleep. ( )5.Most of the boys like______programs.

A.Child B.Child's C.Children D.Children's

( )6.—How do you think about the mountain Village? —_________ A.I'm sorry to hear that B.Why not?

C.That's true D.I've fallen in love with

( )7.—Could you tell me_____we the computer? —Sure.

A.how B.how to C.What to D.What

( )8.It's hard _____me_____English with strangers at the English comer. A.to,speak B.for ,speak C.to,to speak D.for,to speak

( )9.I would rather watch educational programs_____I can learn a lot. A.from which B.from who C.which D.what

( )10.—Whatching too much Tv is bad for students.Do you think so,Jim? —Yes,I agree_____you.

A.to B.with C.at D.about 四、短文填空

pocket,or,pleased,use,left,and,litter,first,either,allow,public,so When you visit England,you must know about a few of their laws(法律).

The 1 one is about drinking .You may not buy alcohol(烈性酒)in the country if you are under 18 years of age.Your friend can not buy it for you, 2

The second is about smoking.If you are under 16 years, you are not 3 to buy cigarettes(香烟).

The third is about crossing the road.Be careful.The traffic moves on the 4 side of the road in England. 5 crossings for walking when you cross the road.

The last is about 6 .You can't throw away waste things in a 7 place.When you have something to throw away,please put it in your 8 and take it home, 9 put it in a dustbin.Although the laws are strict(严格的),the police are very kind.If you have any problem,just ask the police for help.They will be 10 to help you.

1.______ 2.______ 3.______ 4.______ 5.______ 6.______ 7.______ 8.______ 9.______ 10.______ 五、补全对话。

A:Hello,Fangfang.We are looking for you everywhere.1__________________? B:I went to the school library.What's up?

A:We're going to help the children in hospital.Will you join us? B:Of course.2__________________?

A:This Saturday morning.We'll stay there for the wholeday. B:That's great.See you then. (At the Children's Hospital)

B:Hello,I'm Fangfang. Can I have your name, please? C:I'm Li Hua.

B:Hello,Li Hua.3__________________?

C:I've got a high fever.I have stayed here for five days. B:How are you feeling now?

C:4__________________.I hope I can go back to school soon. B:don't worry.I will help you with your lessons. C:5__________________.

B:It's a pleasure.Now, let me read you a story.

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