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初三英语Units Toic1 Section A1

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初三英语 Unit5 Topic1 Section A


1、了解很少__________ 2、5000年的历史__________ 3、名胜__________ 4、来自于全世界的游客__________ 5、中国文化的发源地__________ 6、详细地__________

7、给某人取某物__________ 8、向……介绍……__________ 二、关于定语从句

从Seetion A中找出含有定语从句的四句话

1.____________________ 2.____________________ 3.____________________ 4.____________________ 三、A)用适当的介词填空

1.Mary wants to come to China to live_______his parents,whowork_______china. 2.She knows very little__________computer.

3.China is a great country __________a history __________5000 years. 4.China has about 5000 years__________history. 5.__________the three subjects.I like math best. 6.__________all the subjects.I like math best. 7.Can you introude your hometown__________detail? B)用关于代词填空

1.It's Mount Tai________lies in Shangdong Province. 2.Who's that man________is reading a book over there? 3.The girl________we saw yesterday is Jim's sister.

4.My favorite place is kunming ________is Known as the Spring city. 5.The tall man________is playing basketball is Yao Ming. C)组合成带有定语从句的复合句。

1.The plane was late. It was going to Tibet. ________________________________________________

2.He is playing a piece of music.We all like listening to it. ________________________________________________

3.I want to read all the books. The books were written by Lu Xun. ________________________________________________ 四、用fetch,take,carry,bring的正确形式填空。 1.Who________the English book away?

2.Bob came here last night and he________us some good news. 3.Let me________the heavy bag for you. 4.________me sone orange juice. 五、选择题

( )1.China lies______the east of Asia and______the north of Australia. A.to,to B.in,to C.to,in D.in,on

( )2.He is taller and stronger than______in his team.

A.anyone else B.else angone C.members else D.else member ( )3.China is a big country______about 5000 years of history. A.with B.has C.that D.which

( )4.Our life is quite different from_____of the southern people's. A.that B.these C.is D.this

( )5.The sourrounding areas of the West Lake are the_____of the famous Dragon Well Tea.

A.house B.family C.room D.home 六、综合填空

use,teacher, popular, excite,unless,buy,for,send,hard,father,clever,what Mobile phones are very 1 with middle school students nowadays, One day my neighbour's son asked his father 2 a mobile phone.His father said;2won't buy you one 3 you show me you are a good boy.The son Was so 4 that he stadied very hard every day.When the final exam was coming,he studied even 5 .He got fall marks in Chinese, English and math.His 6 was very glad.He 7 the son a mobile phone.Can you guess 8 happened to the son? He used the phone to 9 short messages to his friend, more than 20 every day.He spent liffte time on his study. What's your idea about student's 10 mobile phones at school?


A:Good morning.1___________________________. B:Yes,please.I'd like to buy a camera.

A:We have many camera.Some are made in China,and some are made in other countries. B:This one looks very nice.2___________________________. A:In Japan.

B:3____________________________________ A:5,000 yuan.This is a digital camera.

B:4___________________________.I can't affood it.Do you have an ordinary one? A:Sure.What about these ones?

B:Well, this one looks very good.And the Price is OK.Is it made in China? A:Yes, it's made in Shanghai.


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