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8b chapter3pre-readingelectricity开课课件

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How many electrical appliances have we got ?

air conditioner

computer telephone

vacuum rice cooker cleaner


cell phone camera


fridge microwave





hair dryer


washing machine




kind of energy

Can you see electricity ?
No, We can’t .

Electricity is invisible.(看不见的)

Can you feel electricity with your hands ? No, we can’t . It is dangerous .
We should be careful with it.

We can change electricity into energy that we can see

light energy ...can produce light energy.

We can change electricity into energy that we can hear

sound energy ...can produce sound energy.

We change electricity into energy that can move things

moving energy

...can produce moving energy.

We can change electricity into energy that we can feel

heat energy
...can produce heat energy.

Four kinds of energy

sound energy light energy heat energy moving energy

Match the things and the kinds of energy.
(Some things may have more than one kind of energy.

sound energy
heat energy light energy moving energy

Which electrical appliance produces sound energy?


How many electrical appliances can produce heat energy?




How many electrical appliances can produce sound energy?

? ?



…can produce … energy.
1 ____________
2 ____________

3 ____________
4 ____________ 5 ____________ 6 ____________ 7 ____________ 8 ____________

Group work:
These electrical appliances can use different kinds of energy to work for us. A: What do we use electricity to do? B: We use electricity to cook rice. C: We use … to do… D: We use … to do…

a good servant
( someone who does housework for money)

a dangerous servant

B1 Before you read the story on the next page, look at the title, the first and last two paragraphs and the pictures.

One evening, Daisy said, ‘I’m going to buy

a packet of sweets. Does anyone want anything?’
Benny, Daisy’s brother, said, ‘Yes. Can you get me a packet of electricity, please?’ Daisy asked, ‘Didn’t you know that, Benny?’ Mum said, ‘Who’s looking foolish now, Benny?’

Try to answer these questions.
1.What did the girl want to buy? A packet of sweets. 2.Who is looking foolish? Benny is looking foolish. 3. Who or what is the servant in the title ? Electricity is the servant in the title. 4.Why is the servant in the title dangerous? If we don’t use electricity carefully, we will get hurt. If we aren’t careful with electricity , it will hurt us.




turn on We must not_________

turn fans off We must____________

more lights __________than we need. when we leave a room.



leave the close the fridge We must not________ We must_____________ after we have taken kettle open ____________when we something out. boil water.



turn the We must not_________ We must____________ close all the light on _________after we leave ___

_______when we are windows using the air conditioner. a room.

Safety first!

1.Oral work Read the text twice with the recording 2.Written work: Finish the paper of pre-reading

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