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2013人教版新目标八年级上Unit2 Section A(Gramar Focus-3c)

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Role-play the conversation in 2d. Hi, Claire, … Hmm, ...

What do you usually do on weekends? I usually exercise.

What do they do on weekends?
They often help with housework. What does she do on weekends? She sometimes goes shopping. How often do you go to the movies?

I go to the movies maybe once a month.
How often does he watch TV? He hardly ever watches TV. Does he go shopping? No, he never goes shopping.

根据课本内容,完成下列句子。 1. 你通常在周未做什么? ______ do you _______ do on What ____ usually weekends? always _______. 2. 我总是去运动。 I _______ exercise 3. 他们在周未做什么事情? What do ______ _____ they _____ on weekends? do

4. 他们经常帮助做家务。 often help They _____ _____ with housework. 5. 她在周未做什么? does do What ______ she _____ on weekends? 6. 她有时候去购物。 sometimes goes shopping She _________ _____ _________.

7. 你多久去看电影一次? How _____ movies _____often do you go to the ______? 8. 我可能一个月去看一次。 maybe once month I go to movies ______ _____ a ________. 9. 他多久看一次电视? How ______ does he watch TV? ____ often 10. 他几乎不看电视。 He ______ _____ watches TV. hardly ever

11. 你去购物吗? Do you ___ ____ go shopping? 12. 不,我从不去购物。 never go No, I _____ ____ shopping.

对频率提问: 多久一次 1. how often 意为 “__________”,是用于 频率 提问表示________的特殊疑问词组。

频率 其答语应为表示________ 的副词或副
词词组。句子的时态一般是 _____________,也可以是一般过去时。 一般现在时态

翻译: 你多久去游泳一次?一个星期三次。 How often do you go swimming? Three times a week.

2. 在一般现在时的一般疑问句中,当主语 为第三人称单数时,需要句子前加助动 词Do或Does 。 他们通常在周未锻炼吗? ___ they often exercise on ________ Do weekends? 她一周上网二次吗? _____ she _____ the Internet twice Does use a week?


Complete the questions with do or does. Then match the questions and answers.

1. How often ______ he play soccer? does 2. _____ you drink milk? Do do 3. How often ____ they stay up late?

4. _____ Sue eat a healthy breakfast? Does
5. How often ____ you eat apples? do

6. _____ your parents play cards? Do

指导: 首先,读句子理解大意。然后,分析 句子结构,看句子的主语是否第三人 称单数形式。

a. b. c. d. e. f.

Yes. She usually does. Hardly ever. I don’t like them. He plays at least twice a week. No, they don’t. They’re too busy. Never. They always go to bed early. Yes, I do. Every day.

指导: 首先,通读所有答语句子理解大意。然 后,判断问句是一般疑问句还是特殊问 句,来先确定答案的范围。最后,根据 问答句在主语及句意上的联系来确定答 案。 答案:1. c 2. f 3. e 4. a 5. b 6. d

1. maybe 意

为“大概;或许;可能”, 是副词,常位于句首或句中。 e.g. 或许他们将去海滩度假。 Maybe _______ they are going to the beach for vacation.

【辨析】 maybe 与may be maybe是副词,在句子做状语。may be 是情态动词may 与动词原形be 一起构成 句子的谓语动词意为“可能是”,它们 有时也可互换。
e.g. 或许它们在你的书包里。 Maybe _______ they are in your schoolbag. may be They _____ ___ in your schoolbag.

2. at least 意为“至少,不少于;起 码”,是副词词组,一般指在数量 或程度上。 e.g. 你必须至少一周打扫你的房间一 次。 You have to clean your house __ least once a week. at ____


Use the words given to write questions. Then ask and answer them with a partner.

Questions: How often do you help with housework 1.__________________________________? (how often/ help with housework) 2. What do you usually do on weekends _________________________________? (what/ usually / do/ weekends)

3. How often does your best friend exercise ___________________________________? (how often / best friend /exercise) What do you usually do after school 4. ________________________________? (what/ usually /do /after school )

How often do you help with housework?


What do you usually do on weekends?


How often does your best friend, Alice exercise?

She ...

What does your cousin, … do after school?

He ...

What can you do to improve your 3c English? Add more things to the chart. Then ask your classmates the questions and find the best English student.

How often do you…


Frequency twice a week

Read English books? Lin Ying

How often do you read English books, Lin Ying?

I read English books about twice a week.

How often do you …?


How often do you… Read English books? go to English club watch English movies write to a pen friend

Names Lin Ying Hu Tao Su Lei Ma Li

Frequency twice a week twice a week once a week twice a month

Keep an English diary Hu Tao

once a day

Lin Ying reads English twice a week. Hu Tao goes to English Club twice a week. Su Lei watches English movies once a month. Ma Li writes to a pen friend once a month. Hu Tao keeps an English diary. I think Hu Tao is the best English student.

Express and write down your own opinons.
every day, always, usually, often, sometimes once /twice a week hardly ever never

Report: In my spare time, I sometimes watch TV. I use the Internet once a week in the evening. I read English books every day. I never go to the movies. I hardly ever exercise.

How to improve English? read English books

read Learning read English magazines English

watch English programs

listen to English tapes

Interview: Who’s the best English student?
A: How often do you …? B: Once a week/Every day/Twice a month /Hardly ever/Never/Sometimes/… read English books sing English songs watch English programs listen to English tapes join the English corner (参

加英语角) chat with foreigners(与外国人聊天) write English diaries read English stories play English games

课时重点回顾 A: How often do you watch TV? B: Once a week. A: How often does he do the homework? B: Every day.

句型转换 1. I usually go shopping on weekends. (变 为一般疑问句) Do go ____ you usually _____ shopping on weekends? 2. She often helps with housework at home. (同上) Does help _____ she often ______ with housework?

3. They visit their grandparents once a month. (提问) How ____ do ______ often ____ they visit their grandparents? 4. She always watch TV after dinner. (提问) ____ _____ _____ she ______ TV after dinner? How often does watch

5. Maybe your mother is in the kitchen. (改为同义句) may be Your mother ____ ____ in the kitchen.

Do a survey: What does he/she do on weekends?
Name Activity Bob play computer games How often usually

Report: Bob usually plays computer games. He hardly ever watches TV…

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