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八年级英语课件上Unit 2 period 5

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Unit 2 How often do you exercise?

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Unit 2 How often do you exercise?

Period 5: Section B 3a — 4 (含Self Check)
陕西省太原市清徐县教研科研中心 牛改萍

My habits
Now I would like to talk about my habits. I have a lot of good habits. I exercise 3-4 times a week and read books every day. Also, I often drink tea. On my free time, I often listen to music or go to dance with my friends sometimes. I hardly ever stay up late and I usually eat more vegetables and fruit. However, I have some bad habits, too. I usually watch TV for more than two hours a day and I usually use the Internet for over four hours a day. Sometimes I eat junk food because it tastes quite delicious. I hardly ever go to the dentist for teeth cleaning. Because I’m not sure if it is good or bad for my health.

How often does Jane exercise / drink juice / stay up late / help with housework / go to the dentist/ …?



Days a year 365 365 210 15 320 95 20 0

Exercise Good habits Read books Drink juice Stay up late Bad habits
Watch TV for over 2 hours Eat hamburgers Help with housework Go to the dentist

always almost usually


hardly sometimes ever









In our group, A eats breakfast almost every day. B never eats breakfast. C …

usually A: What do Tom and Mike ________ do on weekends? B: They sometimes go to the museum. How often A: __________ do they go to the shopping center? Hardly B: ________ ever. Maybe about twice a month. How often A: __________ do they watch TV? B: Mike never watches TV, but Tom watches TV ________ day. every often A: Oh, I’m just like Tom. I ________ watch TV, too.

选择方框中的句子完成下面对话,使对话意思完整、通顺。 有两个多余选项。 Do you exercise every A: You look so well. 1. _______________ day?

B: Yes, I do. I exercise every day. A: 2. How often do you eat And I eat vegetables a _______________ lot. vegetables? B: I eat vegetables every day, too. A: And 3. what do you usually have? for breakfast? _________________ B: For breakfast I usually eat bread and drink some milk. A: What about your sister? Does she like drinking milk? No, she doesn’t. B: 4. _______________ She never drinks it. But my mother wants her to drink it every day. A: Your mother is right. 5. It’s good for our health. _______________ We should drink it every day.

A. Did you run yesterday? B. How often do you eat vegetables? C. Do you exercise every day? D. No, she doesn’t. E. Yes, she does. F. what do you usually have? G. It’s good for our health.

Homework Write a report about your father’s or mother’s good and bad habits. (at least 60 words)

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