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八年级英语课件上Unit 2 period 3

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Unit 2 How often do you exercise?

陕西省太原市清徐县教研科研中心 牛改萍

Unit 2 How often do you exercise?

Period 3: Section B 1a — 1e
陕西省太原市清徐县教研科研中心 牛改萍

Let’s talk
milk fruit







Let’s have a try
cola, salad, soup, hot dog, mushroom, broccoli, milk , hamburger, dumpling, potato chips, fried chicken, onion, junk food, milk, coffee, chips, cola, chocolate, fruit, vegetables healthy: unhealthy:

healthy: salad, soup, broccoli, milk , dumpling, onion, mushroom, fruit, vegetables unhealthy:

cola, hot dog, potato chips, fried chicken,
hamburger, junk food, coffee, chocolate

Let’s practice
— How often do you eat/drink…?
— I eat/drink…

— Do you like…? — Yes/No, Because they’re / it’s good/bad for health.

Let’s listen
1c. Listen to the interview about eating habits. Circle your answer to each question. Yes. No. I don’t know.

Is Bill healthy?

Is Tina healthy?

Yes. No. I don’t know.

1d Listen and fill in the blanks

How often …? How many hours…? exercise eat fruit sleep every night
drink milk eat junk food drink coffee

Tina every day


Let’s interview
A: How often do you exercise? B: I exercise every day. A: And how often do you …? B: …

Let’s discuss
Do they have a healthy lifestyle? What are the advantages of having a healthy lifestyle?

1. Do a survey about your family members’ living

habits, using the questions in 1d. (必做)
2. Using the information in 2a &2b, write a report about Bill’s and Katrina’s eating habits. (选做)

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