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八年级英语课件上Unit 2 Period 2

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Unit 2 How often do you exercise?

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Unit 2 How often do you exercise?

Period 2: Section A 3a — 3c (含Grammar Focus)
陕西省太原市清徐县教研科研中心 牛改萍

Group work
Who’s the best English student?
A : What can you do to improve your English? B: I read English books/… A: How often do you … ? B: I read English books every day/…

根据提示完成句子。 1)在周末你通常做什么?我有时候和父母一起去购物。 What — ________ do you usually do on weekends? ________ shopping — I sometimes go ________ ________ ________ with my parents. 2)你多久锻炼一次?每天 How often — ________ ________ do youexercise ? ________ — Every day. 3) Sam多久看一次电视?一周两次 does watch — How often ________ Sam ________ TV? Twice — ________ a week. 4) Sue每周上舞蹈课?是的,一周一次。 Does dance — ________ Sue have ________lessons every week? ________ once — Yes, ________ a week. 5)你妈妈周末上网吗?从来不。 — Does your mother use the Internet on weekends? ____ ____ ________ Never — ________ . 6)我几乎不在晚上出去。 hardly ever I ________ ________ go out at night.

Questions 1. How often do you help with housework? 2. What do you usually do on weekends? 3. How often does your best friend exercise? 4. What do you usually do after school?

Have a try(exercises)

1) I listen to English songs every day. 我每天听英文歌曲。 Do you ①_____ _____ listen to English songs every day? 你每天听英文歌曲吗? don’t ②I ________ listen to English songs every day. 我不是每天都听英文歌曲。 often do ③ —How ______ ______ ____ you listen to English songs? 你多久听一次英文歌曲? — Every day. 2)She often use the internet on weekends. 她周末经常上网。 What does she often do on weekends _________________________________ ? 她周末经常做什么?

请从方框中选出适当的单词或短语完 成下列句子及对话。
hardly ever, sometimes, how often, usually, never hardly ever 1. My brother is very lazy. He__________ exercises. usually do after school. 2. —What do you __________ — I always play soccer with my classmates.

3. __________ I go to the supermarket with Sometimes my parents on weekends. 4. Sue always finishes her homework on time. She __________ leaves it for tomorrow. never How often 5. — _________ do you go to the movies? —Twice a month.

用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空,完成句子。 1) How often ________ (do) she watch TV? does twice 2) Mike usually has violin lessons ________ (two) a month. shopping 3) Would you like to go ________ (shop) on Saturday morning? 4) We do morning exercises (exercise) every day. ________ times 5) They have PE lessons three ________ (time) a week.


Write a short passage to describe the best English student in your class or group, telling what he/she does

to improve English and how often he/she does these things.

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