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概 念

连 词

并列连词:连接平行的词、词组或分句。 从属连词:即状语从句的引导词。表示时间、地

转折: but, yet (however是副词), while

并 列 连 词

for, so (adv: therefore, consequently, prep-短语:as a 因果: result, as a result of, because of, owing to, due to, thanks to)
and, not only…but also, 并列: both…and, as well as,when 选择: either…or, neither…nor, or, otherwise

练习 1. He learned English for many years, ____he but can’t speak it well. 2.Study hard, or/otherwise you will fail in the ____________ exam. 3.He got up too late, ____ he missed the flight. so 4. She always plays jokes on me. However still _________,I like her. 5. He is fat while _____his sister is thin. 6. I don’t want these shoes. They are neither _______comfortable ______nice. nor 7. _______ you ___I am crazy.we should be calm. Either or
Not only but also

for 1. It must have rained last night, ____the ground is wet. 2. He always tells us we should _________ know not only “what”, ________understand “why”, but also

1.经验是一位严厉的老师,因为她先测试再授课。 Experience is a hard teacher ____________she gives the test first, the because lesson afterwards. 2.母亲不是赖以依靠的人,而是使依靠成为不必要的人。 A mother is not person to lean on but ____a ______a person to make leaning unnecessary. 3.幸福的家庭大多相似,不幸的家庭各有各的不幸。 All happy families are like one another ________ each unhappy family is while unhappy in its own way 4.随着年龄的增长,我们并不变得更好也不变得更坏,而是变得更像我们 自己。 We grow _______ ____better ______worse as we grow old but more neither nor like ourselves.

注意:although/though,和but; because和 so不能同时用来连接两个分句。

1.Although he is a little child, but he knows a lot.
Although but

2.Because the weather is terrible, so the flight is cancelled

because so

相关的主谓一致 1.and, both…and, 连接两个并列主语时,谓语 一般用复数。 2.not only…but also, 连接两个并列主语时,谓 语一般以靠近谓语的主语为准——就近一致 原则。用到就近一致原则的连词还有:or, nor, either…or, neither…nor等。 3.as well as, 连接两个并列主语时,谓语一般 和第一个主语一致——就远一致原则。用到 这个原则的连词还有:with, together with, along with等。

找出句子中的连词,用所给动词的正确形式完成句子 1.Mary and Lily _____(be) both interested in are collecting stamps. have changed 2.Both you and I _______________(change) a lot in the past ten years. 3.Not only you but also I _____(be) late

for the was meeting. was 4.My sister as well as my parents _____(be) watching TV last night. were 5.My sister and my parents ______(be) watching TV last night. 6.Not only my parents but also my sister was _____(be) watching TV last night.

注意:如果and连接的主语是同一个人或物时, 则谓语应使用单数。 is 1.The singer and actor ___ (is/are) popular with the youth. is 2.A Chinese and English dictionary ___ (is/are)missing. 3.The bread and butter _______(taste/tastes) tastes delicious. is ? 4.A black and white dog ____(is/are) coming.

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