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Unit12 Don' run in the hallways.

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Unit12 Don’t eat in classroom

Section A

一.Knowledge aims:

1 .Words: rule, hallway, classroom, fight, Ms, outside, dining, hall, have to, else, sports, shoes, gym

Drills: 1、What are the rules at your school?

2、Don't run in the hallways and 't arrive late for class.

3、Can we eat in school?

4、We can eat in the cafeteria, but we can't eat in the


5、Do you have to wear a uniform at school?

6、What else do you have to do? We have to clean the

二.Ability aim: 学会用英文表达一些标志的含义。

Emotion aim: 作为学生,学习完本课后更好地遵守学校规章制度 三Important points

1. 情态动词have to 的用法,意思是"必须、不得不",它侧重于客观上的必要和外界的权威。

(1)结构:主语+have to+动词原形+其他

一般现在时,主语是第三人称单数时,用has to;句子是过去时,用had t

(2)否定形式:主语+don't have to+动词原形+其他

(一般现在时,主语是三人称单数时,用doesn't have to. 句子是过去时,用didn't have to) (3)疑问句:Do (Does或Did)+主语+have to +动词原形+其他

2. 情态动词can的用法


Can you play the guitar? 你会弹吉它吗?


四.Difficult points:如何谈论学校规章制度

五.Learning process

Step 1 Greeting


找出学校的一些规章制度并试着翻译 Step 2 情景导入: 教师吃东西,问学生能否这样做,然后教师 ’t eat in the classrooms.

Step 3 自主探究 1. 学习P71 1a 2.Listen to 1b and 2a 2b Step 4 合作交流


小组内更正1b 2a 2b 的答案

Step 5 拓展创新


Step 6利用可前备好的图片,检测学生的表达是否正确,然后解决不对的问题,老师把正确的英语表达发给学生说出来,在反复的练习。 Step 7当堂检测


1、’t stand o_____. Come in, please.

2、’t run in the h____.

3、You’d better not break the r_____.

4、You don’t have to wear a u_______ at home.

5、I had a f_____ with Bob yesterday.

6、What e____ can you see on the blackboard?

(二) 翻译下列短语

1. 上学迟到 ______________ 2. 在走廊里_________________

3. 听音乐 ________________ 4. 在音乐室里_________________

5. 在餐厅里_______________ 6. 穿着运动鞋________________

(三) 选择题

1、___________late. It’s your first day to go to school.

A. Don’t to be B. Don’t be C. ’t D. NO

2、--____sing! -- All right.

A. Let B. Let’s C. We let D. How about

3、When does the train ____?

A. arrive B. arrive at C. reach D. arrive in

4、Students can’t ____ hats in the classroom .

A. put on B. wear C. in D. earing

5、___ she ___ clean the classroom today?

A. Does, has to B. Does, have to C. Does,has D. Does,have

6、’t _____TV too much after school.

A. watch B. watching C. to watch D. to watching

7、It’s very warm outside. You ____ wear the coat.

A. must B. ’t have to C. have to D. mustn’t

8、The girl ___ red dress is my friend’s daughter.

A. with B. wear C. put on D. in

9、My mom ____carefully, but she ___ nothing.

A. listened, listened B. heard, heard

C. listened, heard D. heard, listened

10、Does your father always wear ___?

A.uniform B. an uniform C. a uniform D. two uniform







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