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七年级上Unit 4检测题

Name ________ Number________ Score_________ I. 选择填空(30分)

( )1. _________ your hat?

A. Where B. Where're C. Where's D. Where are

( ) 2. Is his pencil case ____________ the drawer?

A. in B. at C. of D. to

( ) 3. Hello, mum! I need my English book. Can you _________ it to school?

A. need B. take C. bring D. have

( ) 4. The CDs ____________ in the drawer.

A. am B. is C. are D. be

( ) 5. —Are the shoes under your bed? —____________.

A. Yes, it is B. Yes, they are C. No, it isn't D. Yes, they’re

( )6.________ under the tree? No,they aren’t.

A.Where are B.What is C.Are they D.Is it

( ) 7.I need to take the video tape _______ school.

A. for B. of C. at D. to

( ) 8. Please ________ this key to your sister. She is at school.

A. bring B. brings C. take D. to take

( ) 9. Look. This is ________ clock. It’s _______ alarm clock.

A. a; an B. an; an C. an; a D. a; a

( )10. __________ my toys. They are new.

A. Here are B. Here is C. This is D. That is

( )11. —________under the desk? -No, they aren’t.

A. Where are B. What’s C. Are those rulers D. Is that ruler

( )12. -Where is your father? -__________.

A. They are in the bedroom B. It is in the bedroom C. I don’t know

( )13. — Are Jack and Mary your friends? —________.

A. Yes, they are B. They are C. Yes, they’re

( )14. My computer game is ______ the drawer and my books are _______ the sofa.

A. on; on B. in; in C. on; in D. in; on

( )15. Look. This is a picture _____ my room. ________ bedroom is clean.

A. of; A B. of; The C. for; A D. for; The

( )16. Look at those ________. They are nice.

A. photoes B. photos C. photo D. a photo

( )17.Is your photo in the drawer? ________.

A.Yes, I am B.No,it is C.Yes,it is D.No,I’m not

( )18.---________ my baseball? ---It’s under the chair.

A.Where B.Where’s C.Where’re D.Where are

( )19.---________ under the tree? ---No,they aren’t.

A.Where are B.What is C.Are they D.Is it

( )20.I need some things_________ class this afternoon.

A. in B. at C. of D. for

( )21.There ________ a computer on the desk.

A.are B.have C.has D.is

( )22.A notebook and an eraser _________ in the pencil case.

A. are B. is C. am D. have

( )23.I need to take the video tape back _________ the store after school.

A. for B. of C. at D. to

( )24. Look at those ________. They are _______.

A. photoes; hers B. photos; his C. photo; her D. photoes; mine

( )25. --- ______ behind ______? --- My alarm clock.

A. What’s; the chair B. Where’s; the chair

C. What are; the chair D. Where are; a chair

( )26.He ________ a small room. ________ a nice desk in it.

A.is, There is B.has, Has C.have, There is D.has, There is

( )27.Lucy and Lily ________ a new bike.

A.have B.has C.there is D.there are

( ) 28. Sally. I need my dictionary. Can you ___________?

A. bring me it B. take me it C. bring it to me D. take it to me

( )29. Please _______ the eraser _______ here. I need it.

A. bring, / B. take, / c. bring, to D. take, to

( )30. --Is my baseball _____ the chair? I can’t see it. – Yes, it’s there.

A. under B. for C. of D. on

II. 选择合适的答语(10分).

( ) 31. What’s in the room? A. Your baseball? I don’t know.

( ) 32. Is that Jeff? B. Yes, they are.

( ) 33. Are these your grandparents? C. No, they are in the backpack.

( ) 34. How about my pencil case? D. It’s on the desk.

( ) 35. Are the books on the sofa? E. No, it’s Jack.

( ) 36. Is the computer on the desk? F. Yes, it is.

( ) 37.Who is your friend? G. No, it’s my cousin.

( ) 38.What’s this in English? H. There are some things in it.

( ) 39. Is that boy your brother? I. Guo Peng.

( ) 40.Where’s my baseball? J. It’s a clock.

III. 阅读理解: (10分)


This is a room in Kate’s house. There is a big bed, a table, a computer and some chairs in it. There’s a glass and some books on the table. There is a picture on the wall. Kate is in the room. She is looking at the picture. Her father and mother are in the school. They work hard.

( )41.Is there only one room in Kate’s house?

A.Yes, there is. B.There is a bed. C.There is a computer. D.I don’t know.

( )42.What’s in the room? A.Only a bed. B.Only a table.

C.Only some chairs. D.A bed, a table, a computer and some chairs.

( )43.Is there anything on the table?

A.Yes, there is. B.No, there isn’t. C.Some books. D.A glass.

( )44.Who is at home?

A.Kate’s father. B.Kate’s mother. C.Kate s brother. D.Kate.

( )45.Kate’s father and mother are ________.

A.teachers B.students C.friends D.at home


My name is Jeff. I’m English. But now I live (住) in China. I am a student. This is my classroom. Fifteen small desks and thirty chairs are in the classroom. They are for (给) classmates (同班同学) and me.

A big desk is in the classroom, too. It’s for my teacher. A clock is on the back (后面)wall of the classroom. Next to the clock is a map. It’s a map of China.

( )46. Who is Jeff?

A. A schoolboy. B. A schoolgirl. C. A Chinese student D. American.

( )47. What is Jeff talking about?

A. The family. B. The school. C. The classroom. D. The park.

( )48. What’s on the back wall of the classroom?

A. A clock. B. A map. C. A map and a clock. D. A picture.

( 有) in the classroom?

A. Fifteen. B. Sixteen. C. Thirty. D. Thirty-one.

( )50. What does the underlined (划线) ―it‖ mean (意思) in the passage (文章)?

A. The classroom. B. The map of China. C. The big desk. D. The school

IV.英汉互译 (10分)

1.在桌子下________________ 2. 在抽屉里 ________________

3.在沙发上面 ________________ 4. 在图片里 ________________

5.在书架上 ________________ 6. 把… 带走到… ________________

7. 我不知道 ___________ 8. 把… 带来到… ________________

9.在地板上 ___________ 10. 他的录像带______________

V、句型转换。(10分 )

1. His baseball is under the table. (变为一般疑问句)


2. His dresser is next to his bed. (变为否定句)

_________________________________________________________. (对划线部分提问)


4. They are on the sofa.(改为单数句子)


_______ ______ your baseball?

VI、 根据所给汉语, 完成句子(20分)

1、 请把这些东西带去给你的哥哥。

Please __________these_________ __________ your brother.

2. 你能带一些你家的照片来学校吗?

Can you __________some photos of your family __________ school?


_________ is the photo_________ my _________.

4. 他的书包在桌子下面。

His ____________ is ____________ the table.

5. 我的字典在沙发上。

My ____________ is ____________ the sofa.

6. 我的棒球在哪里?

____________ my baseball?

7. 我的钥匙在梳妆台上吗?没有。

____________ my ____________ on the dresser? No,____________ ____________.

8. 她的闹钟在我的桌子上面。

Her is on my .

VII、 书面表达(10分)



Dear Li Mei,


—————————————————————————————————— Thanks,

Li Lei






V. 1-5 CACCB 6-10 CDCAA 11-15 CCADB 16-20 BCBCD 21-25 DADBA 26-30 AACAA 31-40 HEBDCFIJGA 41-45 DDADA 46-50 ACCBA 1. under the table 2. in the drawer 3. on the sofa 4. in the picture 5. on the bookcase 6. take… to… 7. I don’t know. 8.bring…to… 9. on the floor 10. his video tape 1. Is his baseball…?

2. ~ isn’t ~

3. Where are your keys?

4. It is on the sofa.

5. Where is

VI. 1. take things to

2. bring… to…

3. Here(This) of family

4. backpack, under

5. dictionary, on

6. Where’s

7.Is key is isn’t (Are keys they aren’t)

8. alarm clock table


Can you bring some things to school? My notebook, my ruler, my video tape and my math book. The notebook is on the floor. The ruler is on the table. The video tape is under the table. And the math book is on the bookcase.


Li Lei

Dear Li Mei,

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