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1.颜色 2.红色 3.黄色

4.绿色 5.蓝色 6.黑色

7.白色 8.橙色 9.地图 10.钥匙


____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________


1. A. h, a B. h, t C. h, k D. h, j 3. A. s, m B. x, n C. s, l D. l, o

2. A. d, t B. d, p C. d, e D. d, u 4. A. g, c B. g, p C. p, o D. p, u

四. 根据句意及首字母提示完成句子。(10分)

1 What's this in E__________?

2 What c______is it?

3 It's a____ orange.

4 The wall is w________.

5 His jacket is y_________.

6 Mary a________I are friends.

7 The sky(天空) is b________.

8 The tree in spring(春天)is g__________.

9 Look at the r_______apple.

10 Can you s___________this word ?


1. What’s this___________ English? A. with B. in C. to D. at

2. That is____________ eraser. A. a B. an C. the D. /

3. – Sorry, I am late. -- ____________. A. OK B. That’s all right. C. Right D. Yes

4. –Thank you. -- ____________. A. OK B. Right C. That’s all right. D. It doesn’t matter.

5. – What is your name?-- ____________. A. I am Vera. B. This is Vera. C. Yes, I am.

6. The girl___________ red is my sister, Tina. A. at B. in C. on D. wears

7. What ____________ is it, Julla? It’s white. A. letter B. this C. colour

8. Let’s____________. A. to go home B. go to home C. go home

9. –____________ is the girl in the picture?—It’s Gina. A. What B. Who C. Who’s

10. This is Mike. He is ____________. A. a English boy B. an English boy C. English

11. – Let’s dance and sing. –____________. A. OK B. Let’s go. C. That’s all D. right

12. – Oh, your English is so good.—______. A. No, thanks. B. Thank you. C. That’s all D. right

13. What’s your favorite colour? ____________. A. Apple B. Father C. Orange

14.—Hi, this is Golin. –___________. A. How are you? B. This is Mary. C. Nice to meet you.

15. –Can you spell your name? –____________.

A. M---A---R---Y B. Yes, M---A---R---Y. C. I’m m a r y.


1. this, in, what, English, is

2. meet, you, nice, to

3. color, what, this, Z, is, letter

4. learn, let’s, English, work, and, in, pair

5. name, your, is, what

6. color, the, ruler, what, is

7. name, my, is, Tom

8. my, this, teacher, is, Wang, Miss

9. do, you, how, do

10. to, morning, good, you



1. Good morning, Kelly. A. Nice to meet you.

2. What color is your pencil case? B. Hello.

3. Sit down, please. C. Peter.

4. Nice to meet you. D. It’s a phone.

5. This is Amy. E. B-O-O-K, book.

6. What’s your name? F. OK!

7. What’s that? G. Yes, I am.

8. Let’s sing. H. Morning.

9. Are you Jenny? I. Thank you.

10. How do you spell it? J. Blue.



What’s this? It’s letter P. What color is it? It’s green. What’s this and what color is it? This is letter E. It’s yellow. What’s this letter? It’s letter N. It’s red P-E-N. Is it ―pen‖? Yes, it is. I have a blue pen in my pencil case. My pencil case is orange. This is my book. It’s my Chinese book. It’s in my bag. My bag is black. Look, the bag is in the brown desk. The chair is yellow. It’s nice. I like it.

1. What color is letter P? A. Green B. Yellow C. Red D. Blue

2. The letter________ is red. A. P B. E C. N

3. What’s in the pencil case? A. An orange case. B. A blue pen. C. black bag. D. A yellow chair.

4. Where is my Chinese book?

A. It’s in my bag. B. It’s in my desk. C. It’s in my chair. D. Sorry, I don’t know.

5.________ is black. A. My pen B. My desk C. My bag D. Sorry, I don’t know.

B. 阅读以下文段并填空使内容完整(10分)

Hello! My____________ is____________ . F-R-N-K ____________ am English. This is____________ book. It’s____________ English ____________. It ____________ blue. ____________ is the Chinese for ―book‖? It’s ―shu‖. I like____________. Let’s ____________ Chinese.

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