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Ⅰ.按顺序写出26个英文字母的大小写 (10分)

Ⅱ.选择填空 (20分)

( )⒈ “What’s your name, please?” “____”

A. My name’s Lucy. B. I’m nine. C. I’m Meimei.

( )⒉ “Hello! Good morning!” “____”

A. Morning. B. Good. C. How do you do?

( )⒊ “How are you, Peter?” “____”

A. Fine, thanks. B. Guess. C. How are you, Lin Tao?

( )⒋ “____, Li Lei. ” “Nice to meet you, too.”

A. How are you B. What’s your name C. Nice to meet you

( )⒌ “____” “I’m fine. And you?”

A. Can I have some water? B. How are you? C. How old are you?

( )⒍ ____ you Ann?

A. are B. Are C. Is

( )⒎ What’s ____ name?

A. you B. is C. your

( )⒏ Nice to ____ you.

A. Meet B. thank C. see

( )⒐ “Hello!” “____”

A. Thanks you. B. Hello! C. Oh!

( )⒑ I ____ Bai Ling.

A. is B. are C. am

Ⅲ.选词填空 (20分)

nice let’s excuse this how fine thank thanks have what’s

⒈ Hello! I’m Kangkang.__________ your name, please?

⒉_________ to meet you!


⒋___________ me. Are you Jane?

⒌ Mom,_________is my teacher, Mr Long.

⒍ “________are you?”

“I’m____________ ._________ you.”

⒎ “_________ a nice day!” “You, too.”

⒏ “How are you?” “Not bad,_________ . How are you?”

Ⅳ.口语交际 (10分)

(A) (B)

( )⒈ Good morning! A. Bye!

( )⒉ How are you? B. Nice to meet you, too.

( )⒊ Sit down, please! C. Thank you.

( )⒋ Nice to meet you! D. Morning.

( )⒌ Goodbye! E. Not bad. Thanks.

Ⅴ.用 is / isn’t / am / are 填空 (10分)

⒈ This_______my teacher.

⒉ I_______fine.

⒊ “Is she Maria?” “No, she________ .”

⒋ “_______ you Jane?” “No, I_______not. I____Maria.”

⒌ “_________he Kangkang?” “No, he_______ . He_______Michael.” ⒍ “What_________this in English?” “It’s a pen.”

Ⅵ.写出下列缩写词的完全形式 (10分)

⒈ I’m =________ ⒉ what’s =____________ ⒊ her name’s =______________ ⒋ isn’t =____________ ⒌ let’s =____________

Ⅶ.连词成句 (10分)

⒈ this, my, is, teacher_______________________________________

⒉ what, is, name, her______________________________________________ ⒊ how, you, are_____________________________________________ ⒋ have, a, nice, day______________________________________ ⒌ what, your, is, name_____________________________________

Ⅷ.阅读理解 (10分)

A:Good morning!


A:Are you Jack Green?

B:No. I’m Mike Smith. What’s your name, please?

A:My name is Long Junyong. And this is my mother.

B:Nice to see you.

C:Nice to see you, too.

B:Have a good day!

C:Thanks. You, too.


( )⒈ Mike Smith, Long Junyong and Long Junyong’s mother meet in the morning.

( )⒉ Jack Green and Long Junyong are good friends.

( )⒊ Long Junyong doesn’t know Jack Green.

( )⒋ Mike Smith isn’t a Chinese boy.

( )⒌ Long Junyong is a Chinese boy.

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