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新目标 九年级 unit6 Section A-1

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Unit 6
I like music that I can dance to.
Section A
Period 1 (1a — 2c)

Listen to the song.

I like music that I can dance to.

I like music that I can sing along with.

I prefer music that has great lyrics.

classical music

I like music that is quiet and gentle.

light music

I like music that isn’t too loud. It can remind me of the past years.

rock music I like music that is loud and energetic.

New Words

prefer v. 更喜爱;更喜欢 lyric n. 歌词;抒情词句

gentle adj. 轻柔的,柔和的

情景对话 prefer, that, what, who, with, has A: 1. _______ kind of music do you like? B: I like music 2. _______ I can sing along 3. _______ . What about you?

A: I 4. _______ music that 5. _______ great lyrics. And how about musicians? B: Well, I love musicians 6. _______ play different kinds of music. A: Me, too.
答案:1. What 4. prefer 2. that 5. has 3. with 6. who

Look at the flash.

1a What kind of music do you like?
Write your own sentences.

Your sentence:

I like music that _______________.

1b Listen and check (√) the kinds of music Tony and Betty like.
Music that I can dance to Tony Music that has Music that I can great lyrics sing along with

√ √

√ √


Listen and finish the blanks.
What kind of music do Tony and Betty like?
Tony: Hi, Betty, what kind of music do you like?

I can dance to Betty: I like music that __________________ and I can sing along with ______________________. What about you, Tony?
has great lyrics Tony: Oh, I like music that ________________and I can sing along with, too _________________________.

Talk about the music that you like.
A: What kind of music do you like? B: I like music that I can sing along with.

What about you?
A: I prefer music that has great lyrics.

Talk about the movie that you like.
A: What kind of movie do you like

B: I like movies that are great / funny / scary …

love movie

action movie


2a Listen and circle T (for true) or F (for false).
1. Carmen likes musicians who play different kinds of music. 2. Xu Fei likes Dan Dervish. 3. Carmen likes music that’s loud. 4. Xu Fei prefers groups that play



quiet and gentle songs.

2b Listen again and complete the sentences. About the Modern About Dan Dervish
Xu Fei 1. I prefer groups 3. I like musicians


that play quiet and
gentle songs.

___________________ who write their own songs _____________. 4. I like musicians

Carmen 2. I love music

__________________ ___________________ that’s really loud who play different and energetic kinds of music ____________. _____________.

Answer the questions.
1. What kind of musicians / groups does Xu Fei like? 2. What kind of music / musicians does Carmen like?

Make conversations using the information from 2a and 2b.

A: Does Xu Fei like The Modern? B: No, he doesn’t. He prefers …

用所给词的适当形式填空。 staying 1. She prefers _______(stay) at home to playing outside

. called 2. Do you know a girl ________ (call) Li Na? musicians 3. Both of Alice’s parents are _________ (music). 4. She likes singers who write their own lyrics _______ (lyric).

Language Points
prefer v. 更喜欢,更喜爱 (相当于like ... better) 1) prefer sth. 更喜欢?? I prefer action movies. 我更喜欢动作片。 2) prefer doing / to do sth. 更喜欢做某事 I prefer watching / to watch TV at home. 我更喜欢在家看电视。 prefer的过去分词要双写r再加ed, 即preferred

3) prefer sb. to do sth. 宁愿某人做??

My mother prefers me to stay with her a little longer. 我妈妈更喜欢我和她多呆一会儿。
4) prefer sth. to sth. 比起??更喜欢??

She prefers cats to dogs.

5) prefer doing sth. to doing sth.= prefer to do sth. rather than do sth. 喜欢做??而不喜欢做??;宁愿做??而 不愿做?? Mary prefers dancing to singing. 玛丽喜欢跳舞胜过喜欢唱歌。 They prefer to stay at home rather than go out with their parents. 他们宁愿呆在家里,不愿和父母出去。

I prefer _______ a small gift _______ has some thought behind it rather than get some money. A. to receive;what B. receiving;what C. to receive; that D. receiving; who

【点拨】选C。prefer to do sth. rather than do sth. 意为“宁愿做某事而不愿做某事 ”,第一个 空填to receive或receiving;第二个空考查定语从 句的引导词,句中先行词为gift(指某物),关系代 词可用that或 which。故选C。

--- What a heavy rain! --- So it is. I prefer ______ at home ______ on such a rainy day. (2009年江苏 扬州) A. watch TV; to go out B. watch TV; go out C. watching TV; to going out D. to watch TV; going out 【点拨】考査动词prefer。表示“喜欢做…而不 喜欢做…”用prefer doing sth. to doing sth.,故 选C。

--- I prefer sports shows ______ soap operas. What about you? --- Me, too. (2011贵州贵阳) A. to B. than C. at

我更喜欢体育节目,你呢?我也是。这 里考查的是:prefer ... to …“与……相 比较,更喜欢……”。故选A。

Some students prefer chatting with their friends on the Internet to ______ (do) their homework at weekends. 解析:短语prefer doing to doing表示 “与做……相比,更喜欢做……”。其 中的to是介词,因而后加动名词doing。 答案:doing

Ⅰ. 用所给词的适当形式填空 1. He likes _______ (music) who write their own music. 2. John _______ (prefer) pop music to classical music. 答案:1. musicians 2. prefers

3. Now many people prefer _______ (send) e-mails to writing letters. 4. Many people love music that _______ (have) great lyrics. 5. He likes _______ (group) that play loud songs.

答案:3. sending

4. has

5. groups

Ⅱ. 单项选择 1. Students love teachers _______ understand them. A. whom B. who C. which D. when 2. Thi

s is the MP5 _______ mom gave me for my birthday. A. what B. when C. who D. that

3. Many young people love music they can dance _______. A. with B. in C. at D. to 4. I like the music because I can sing along _______ it. A. to B. with C. for D. on 5. My parents prefer _______ TV at home rather than _______ to the movies. A. watch ;go B. watching ;going C. to watch ;go D. to watch ;to go

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