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七下unit4 Learning Material for students

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Learning Material for Students Unit 4 How do you get to school?

Writing topic sentences(写主题句)

?Task : Write the proper topic sentence for each paragraph. ______________________________________We can learn English by reading English newspapers and story books. If you like singing, you can learn to sing English songs. It’s a very interesting way to improve your English. Watching English movies is also a good way. We can even talk with foreigners. ______________________________________Many of my classmates plan to have a rest at home on vacation. They want to watch TV, rent videos and sleep a lot. Some students in my class are going outside to enjoy themselves. They’re going to the beach, going hiking or going fishing. Others are spending time with their family members like babysitting or visiting their grandparents. A small number of students in my class are still studying hard for vacation.

Unit 4 3a (Page 23)

__________________________________________Most Chinese like rice. Many Chinese people enjoy meat or fish and eat them at every meal. Some like vegetables and can’t stand a meal without vegetables. Others like noodles or dumplings and eat them quite often. A small number of Chinese people love fast-food: a hamburger or pizza and a soft drink.

__________________________________________At Garden High school, most students ride their bikes to school. Many students walk to school. Some students go to school by car. Others go to by bus. A small number of students take subways to school. ___________________________________________For example, Mr. White sometimes goes to his office for work on Sunday morning, because he thinks it is Monday. Mrs. White sometimes forgets to cook supper for the family. Last Friday, they even forgot to pick up their daughter from school!

__________________________________________I do exercise every day. Sometimes I go swimming, and sometimes I play basketball with my friends. My eating habits are also pretty good. I have lots of vegetables, fruit and some milk every day. I seldom eat fast food or drink coffee because I think they’re not good for my health. Every night, I try to go to bed before ten o’clock. Enough sleep helps me study better.

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