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听 力 部 分(25)


第一节 下面你将听到八个句子。每个句子后有三个应答语,请从每小题所给A、B、C三个应答语中选出一个最佳选项。听完每个句子后你都有10秒钟的时间来作答和阅读下一个小题。每个句子读两遍。

C.He is watching TV.

( )14.Why is the woman tired in the daytime?

A.Because she can’t sleep well with the loud music every night. B.Because she always works the whole night. C.Because she always goes to bed too late.


( )1.A.By studying with a group. B.At the age of five.

C.I can’t remember new words.

( )2.A.Help yourself. B.Me,too. C.Not at all. ( )3.A.I think you go to bed too late. B.You are so lucky.

C.Don’t worry about things too much.

( )4.A.Stay at home. B.Go to visit my friend. C.See a doctor. ( )5.A.It must be Ted’s.He loves volleyball. B.It has to be Ted’s.

C.It mustn’t be Ted.

( )6..A.Yes,you do. B.Sure. C.I can.

( )7.A.I’d love to,but I’m busy. B.Yes,only once. C.No,I won’t. ( )8.A.Tomorrow afternoon. B.Every evening.

C.Before I had lunch.

第二节 听下面五段对话或独白。每段对话或独白后有几个小题,从每个小题A、B、C三个选项中,选出一个与你听到的对话或独白内容相符的问题的答案。 听第一段材料,回答第9至11小题。

( )15.Where did Sue stay at the weekend?

A.In a hotel. B.In a farmer’s house. C.In the open air. ( )16.How was the weather there that day?

A.Windy. B.Sunny. C.Cloudy. ( )17.When did Sue get back?

A.This morning. B.This afternoon. C.This evening.


( )18.Who does the man want to buy a comic for?

A.His daughter. B.His friend. C.His mother. ( )19.How much is the comic that he buys?

A.100 yuan. B.50 yuan. C.150 yuan. ( )20.What’s the relationship between the speakers?

A.Wife and husband. B.Seller and buyer.

C.Student and teacher.


( )9.Where does the conversation happen?

A.In a bookshop. B.In a library. C.In a classroom. ( )10.Where are the books he wants to borrow?

A.On the fourth shelf. B.On the fifth shelf.

C.On the third shelf.

( )11.How long can he keep the books?

A.For a month. B.For two months. C.For three weeks.


( )21.What did Maria use to be like?

A.She was fat. B.She was thin. C.She was short. ( )22.What sport does Maria like?

A.Volleyball. B.Basketball. C.Football..

( )23.What is one of the secrets of becoming a good language learner in Maria’s opinion?

A.Practicing listening a lot. B.Watching English movies. C.Joining the English club.

( )24.Who thinks sixteen-year-olds shouldn’t be allowed to drive? A.The speaker. B.The driver. C.Maria ( )25.What does the speaker think of Maria?

A.She is shy. B.She is outgoing. C.She is friendly.

( )12.When does the dialogue(对话)probably happen?

A.In the morning. B.In the afternoon. C.At night. ( )13.What is the boy doing?

A.He is playing games. B.He is listening to music.


笔 试 部 分(95)

二、单项选择。(15 分)

( )26.---How do you study ________a test ?

---I study _____ reading the textbook ?

A. for , for B .for ,by C .by ,for D . by .by ( )27 .Liu Xiang is one of _______ runners in the world .

A.famous B.more famous C .the most famous D .the more famous

( )28 .I don’t know_______ .Can you tell me ______?

A .how swim ; what to do B .how to swim ; what to do it C .how to swim ;what to do D .what to swim ; how to do ( )29 .My brother spends too much time ______computer games . A .to play B. play C.plays D.playing ( )30 .The young trees should _____well as often as possible .

A.be water B .watered C .watering D .be watered ( )31 ._____ that river _____ very clean ?

A .Did ; use to B.Did ; use to be C .Does ; used to D.Does ;use to be

( )32 .---How many people will come to Beijing next year ? ---It’s hard to say .______ people ,I think .

A .Million of B Millions of C .Three millions D .Three millions of ( )33 .---Whose guitar is this ?

---Susan plays the guitar .It must _____

A .belong to her B. belong her C .belong to hers D .belong hers

( )34. We would rather________at home than ____ at the party .

A .to stay ; dance B .to stay ;dancing C .stay ; to dance D .stay ; dance ( )35.If I ______you, I _____ the job.

A. was, will take B .was, would take C. were, would take D .am, would take ( )36.The sweater is______ small for the child .

A .too many B .too much C. many too D .much too ( )37 .There is someone ____ for you at the school gate .

A .wait B .waiting C .to wait D .waited ( )38 .Look ! Lu Ming’s name is on the bag .It___ his.

A.was B .has been C . must be D .will be ( )39 .Susan will not arrive at the airport on time ____ she hurries up . A .once B . if C .when D .unless

( )40 .Driving after drinking wine ________ in China.

A .allows B .doesn’t allow C .is allowed D .isn’t allowed


When we see a cigarette box, we’ll see “Smoking is harmful to your health” on it. Children are notto smoke by their parents or teachers. But in many becoming a bigger problem for young in their teens or earlier.

Some students think smoking is very cool, and they can see many people “If young people start smoking early, they will probably get addicted(上瘾的)to nicotine(尼古丁). And it will be very hard to 45 later on,” said a can we do to make them stop smoking? Some people think we a law. Teenagers under 18 are not allowed to smoke, or they should be fined. Parents should give up smoking. They can set an their children.

“Every year about four million people die of smoking. And if peoplesmoking, the number will increase 10 million a year from now on,” said the World Health Organization. So we must learn and tell others about of smoking.

( ) 41. A. asked B. allowed C. interested D. suggested ( ) 42. A. smoke B. smokes C. smoking D. smokers ( )43. A. make B. stop C. start D. finish ( )44. A. sleep B. rest C. look D. try ( )45. A. get up B. give up C. stay up D. look up ( )46. A. How B. What C. When D. Why ( )47. A. making B. makes C. to make D. make ( )48. A. for B. to C. at D. of ( )49. A. begin B. keep C. stop D. end ( )50. A. danger B. good C. use D. point



Americans are very direct people. When they want something, they say “yes” and when they don’t ,they say “no”. If they want something different from what is given, they ask for it. Here’s an example. I arrive at someone’s


house and he gives me wine, I don’t want wine. Maybe I don’t like it or maybe I just don’t want it. I will say “No, thanks.” If everyone around me is drinking something, I would ask for something else, “No, thanks. But I’ll take a bit of tea if you have some.” If I really want wine, I just say, “Yes, thank you.” Unless they happen to know the Chinese customs, westerners will not ask you again and again after you have said you don’t want it.

( )51.When Americans do not want what is given, they would say “___”. A.No, I don’t. B.No, thanks. C.Yes, thank you. D.No, I’m sorry. ( ) 52. The Chinese people might____if you don’t want something given. A. be glad B. say “thank you”

C. get angry D. ask you again to take it ( ) 53. From this passage we know that ________. A. the Chinese people are direct.

B. the Chinese customs are better. C. the westerners are more polite.

D. different countries have different customs.


B. The large population and the traffic. C. The expensive housing. D. The beautiful temples.

( ) 56. From the passage, we can know that_________.

A. San Jose and Hong Kong are the only two cities of the world’s best.

B. Housing in San Jose is not very expensive. C. the weather in both cities is fine.

D. San Jose used to be a small fishing village.


Two magazines recently listed the best cities to live in. Here are two of the cities listed as “ the world’s best.”

SAN JOSE, COSTARICA The city has comfortable weather all year round (15℃to 26℃). Housing is not very expensive in SAN JOSE. Also, many of the city’s older neighborhoods are very beautiful and have small hotels and cafes. Beautiful mountains are around the city. Lots of people go sightseeing there every year. But air pollution is a problem in the city center.

Hong Kong, CHINA This lively city---- once a small fishing village----- is today an international business center. It is an interesting mix of East and West, old and new. Modern tall buildings are next to small temples (庙宇). Popular nightclubs are close to traditional teahouses. Busy people fill the streets at all hours of the day. But outside the city, there are parks for walking or relaxing. Hong Kong is famous for its wonderful native dishes. There’s also food from Europe, North America, and other parts of Asia. However, this small city has a large population of nearly seven million! That’s why housing is often very expensive. Traffic and air pollution are also a problem.

( ) 54. Which of the following is NOT mentioned about San Jose? A. The weather B.The mountains C.The air D.The traffic ( ) 55. What makes Hong Kong the world’s best according to this passage?

A. The lively city and the wonderful dishes.


Everyone needs friends. There is an old saying “Friends are God's way of taking care of us.” But how do you find real friendship and keep it?

The American writer Sally Seamans tells young students some smart ways to find friends. Sally says finding friendship is just like planting a tree. You plant the seed and take care of it to make it grow.

First, you should choose a friend. What makes a Good friend? It is not because a person has money or good looks. A good friend should be kind and patient. For example, if you have a bad day, a good friend should listen to your complaints and do his or her best to help. To make a friend, you can not be too shy. You should make each other happy and share your lives. But things cannot always be happy. Even the best have fights. What should you do when you have a fight with your friend? You have to talk to him or her. When there is no one around, have an honest talk. If he or she doesn't want to talk, you could write a letter.

There are three steps to being friends again:

Tell him or her how you are feeling; say what your friend has done wrong, and explain why you did this or that. Remember that friendship is the most important thing in your life.

( )57.Sally wants to tell students the ways to ________.

A. find friends B. plant trees C. get happy D. keep fit ( )58.What makes good friends? A good friend should ________.

A. be lovely and cool B. be kind and patient B. have lots of money D. have good looks

( )59.Accroding to the text, you can ________ your friend after a fight. A. buy a present for B. never say a word to C. have dinner with D. write a letter to ( )60.What is the best title of the text?

A. Teenagers and friendship. B. The good friends around you.

C. The trouble of growing up D. The care and keeping of friends


J: Hello, Li Lei!

L: Hi, Jim. Can you come and play football with us on Sunday? L: Do you like going out in the car?

J: Yes, I do. We sometimes go out in the car on Saturday.

J: I like fishing. What about you?

He always catches a lot of fish. We often take the

. .

L: My dad. I help him. We like cooking fish! J: And eating it, too.


66.You______________________________(过去常常弹吉它),didn’t you? (use)

a (74)p________ of metal flew up from ahead and broke through the windscreen(挡风玻璃)of his bus. Wu was hit in the arms and stomach. What (75) d_______ he do next? A video in the bus clearly showed (76) h_______ final actions. He stopped the bus and (77) o_________ the door. And then he asked the passengers to get off and (78) t_________ them not to run around as the bus was still on the highway. (79) A__________ he did all these , he passed out(昏迷)。

“I didn’t realize what had (80) h________ until I heard the noise and saw the broken glass,” said a passenger. “Although the driver was injured, he made sure we were (81)s________.”

Wu was sent to a local (82)h________. However, he was badly injured and died several days (83) l_______.

Wu was a true hero. He was called “the best driver” in the country.


进入九年级后,你的学校生活和日常生活一定发生了很大的变化吧!请你给你的网友John发一封电子邮件,介绍一下你的变化。 要求:1.注意过去与现在的对比。

2.语句通顺、语言连贯。 3.不少于90词。

67.I often_________________________________(开着灯睡觉). (on)

68.The soccer ball__________________________(可能是她的). (belong) 69.I learn English___________________________(通过听磁带). (listen)

70.She_________________________________________________________________ (宁愿呆在家里看一本好书也不愿去晚会).(rather)

71.Alice is so friendly that everyone likes________________________________

(与她相处). (get)

72.Children___________________________(不应该被允许吸烟). (allow)



Wu Bin, a bus driver, gave his life to save 24 of his passengers. (73)O_______ May 29, 2012, when Wu was driving on a highway, suddenly


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