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八年级英语周清 (1)

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学号 班级: 姓名: 八年级英语“周周清”检测题 ( 第11周 出题人:) I. 根据首字母或汉语提示,用适当形式补全词汇,(每题1分) 1. Wash your hands with s_____ before a meal , please.. 2.The question is very difficult ,so let’s have a d_______ about it. 3.A terrible traffic accident(交通事故) h_______ last night. 4. If you fail(不及格) the exam,we should(应该) find out the r_______of the failure。 5. Do you m______ if I smoke here ? 6.Spring(春天) f_______ winter, many flowers come out. 7.I can’t s_______ his bad manners(态度) of speaking to old people. 8.Greenwood Park is a ______(拥挤) place on weekends. 9.Ann speaks English more _______(清楚) than Tina. 10.When you have problems,we can talk about and _______(分享) them. II. 用所给词的适当形式填空。(每题1分) 1.Mickey is an/a______(luck) character in his early films such as losing his house or girlfriend. 2.Most people are bored of the _______(mean) shows. 3.It’s better for kids to read more_______(education) books. 4.Mr Disney made 87 cartoons with Mickey ______(success). 5.The sun ______(appear) in the east every day. 6.Lots of young men enjoy watching ______(act) movies. 7.The little boy isn’t so______(simple) as people though. 8.The _____(hard) you work, the more you get.. 9.Hainan Island(海南岛) is the second______(large) island in China.

10.What can you expect______(learn) from sitcom?

III. 根据汉语提示补全句子。(每空1分)

1.Hua Mulan ____ ____ ____(化妆成) a man, and ____ her father’s ______(代替) to join the army.

2.I like to follow the story and see what’s_____ _______(发生) next.

3.____ ____ _______(在二十世纪八十年代),Mr Wu was very rich.

4.Thanks for _____ _____ _______(你尽力) to help us in the hard days.

5.What do you_____ ______ _______(打算干) tonight?




3.Tom 计划当一名新闻记者。




(1)_____ 80 years ago, Mickey first (2)_____ in the first cartoon (3)______ sound and music.。After the cartoon came out, people have Mickey as(把-----当做) one (4)_______ of American culture. Why was Mickey so_____(5)?One of the main ______(6) is that Mickey was like a ______(7) man and ready________(8) his best to face any _____(9).People want to watch him_____(11) and learn a lot from him.In 1978, Mickey was the first cartoon______(12) to have a star on Hollywood Walk of _______(13).In the 1930s,Mr Disney was famous to people for_______(14) 87 cartoons with Mickey



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