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八年级英语下册期中测试题 一。单项选择题(20分) ( ) 1. In order to keep healthy, you should eat _______ fast food, _______ vegetables and take enough exercise. A. less, less B. less, more C. fewer, more ( ) 2. My father will be back from Nanjing ___ a week. A. in B. after C. behind ( ) 3. What do you think the weather ______ tomorrow. A. will be B. will like C. will be like ( )4. You can give him a ticket _____ a ball game. A. on B. of C. to ( ) 5. The children _____ on the playground when I left school. A. were playing B. .are playing C. was playing ( ) 6.She didn’t come home as _____ as you. A. early B. earlier C. the earliest ( ) 7. ____ you ____ for the bus at nine yesterday? A. Did, wait B. Were, waiting C. Are, waiting ( ) 8. He gave us some ______ on how to learn a language. A. advice B. advices C. advises ( ) 9. Women often complain about ____ too much housework. A. doing B. does C. do ( ) 10. There ____ a singing competition tomorrow evening. A. will be B. will have C. has ( ) 11. We played ______ last Monday. A. happy enough B. happily enough C. enough happily ( )12.There is a playground _____ our school. A. on the front of B. in front of C. in the front of ( )13.My father is a policeman. He wears a uniform on weekdays but he has on his ______ clothes at weekends. A. every day B. everyday C. new ( )14.They were walking along the street ____ it began to rain.

A. while B. when C. before.

( )15.I don’t like this shirt, and I don’t like that one,___

A. too B. either C. also

( )16.One day when I went into his room, I saw him ____ on a table.

A. sitting B. sit C. was sitting

( )17.The child isn’t old enough to _____ himself.

A. wear B. put on C. dress

( )18.It was 200 dollars last week. But you can _____ only half for it now.

A. spend B. cost C. pay

( )19.There _____ a basketball match in our school next week

A. is going to be B. is going to have C. is

( )20. Will there be more trees?” “______”

A. Yes, there won’t B. No, there will C. Yes, there will


These days it is found that school students hardly have any sports. Is it because they have no __21__ in sports? It may not be true. They often say they have _22 more important things to do.

What are these important things? Exams! They have to get themselves ready for all kinds of exams and tests in school, so many of them almost _23___ bookworms. In the past in the summer holidays, they could do ___24___ they like, but now they have to spend all their free time preparing for exams. So __25_ have kept them away going in for sports.

Because of the pressure (压力)from their parents and teachers, they have to work harder and spend most of their time _26__ books. As for the students themselves, they don’t want to fail the exams because they want to continue their __27studies. So it becomes necessary to give __28_ of their spare time to their studies and ___29_ up their school sports.

It is true that a good education cannot go without physical training, and the same is true that a quick mind hardly goes along without __30_ body. Without a strong body, you can never do anything well, then how can you make great success in life?

21. A. interested B. interesting C. interests D. interest

22. A. very B. much C. another D. most

23. A. turn B. look C. become D. grow

24. A. anything B. all what C. something D. nothing

25. A. teachers B. parents C. holidays D. studies

26. A. on B. at C. in D. to

27. A. farther B. far C. further D. furthest

28. A. few B. any C. all D. none

29. A. take B. give C. put D. send

30. A. strong B. ill C. weak D. heavy


(A) 阅读短文选择正确的答案

Once there lived an old man. He liked gold better than anything else in the world. He often said, “If I have enough gold, I will be the happiest man in the world.”

One day when he was traveling in the desert(沙漠), the old man lost his way. He was very hungry and thirsty, but there were only rocks and sand around him. Just then, he found a bag lying on the sand. He hoped he would find water and food in it. He took up the bag and opened it. He saw that the bag was full(满的) of gold. He was so sad that he threw away the bag and began crying.

Now, the old man knew that there was something better than gold in the world.

( )31. The old man liked ____ best before he traveled in the desert.

A. food B. water C. gold

( )32 When he lost his way, he wanted to get ____.

A. some food and water B. some rocks and sand

C. bags full of gold

( )33. What did he do with the bag? ______.

A. He didn’t take it up B. He brought it home

C. He threw it away

( )34. The old man did not become the happiest man when he got the bag of gold because ____.

A. the bag was too small B. the gold wasn’t his

C. he was very hungry and thirsty

( )35. In the end, the old man knew that gold was ____ in the world.

A. the best thing B. not the best thing

C. better than anything


We are learning English, but how can we learn English well? A student can know a lot about English, but maybe we can’t speak English.

If you want to know how to swim, you must get into the river. And if you want to be a

football player, you must play football.

So, you see, you can learn by using it, You should listen to your teacher in class. You should speak English to your classmates every day and also you could write something in English. Then one day you may find your English very good.

( )36.You know a lot about English, but maybe_________ it.

A.you can speak B.you can study

C.you can’t speak

( )37.You must get into the river___________.

A.to learn how to swim B.to play C.to jump

( )38.Do you want to be a football player?

Please ____________.

A.buy a football B.play football

C.have some lessons

( )39.You can learn by using it. For example:____

A.listen to your teacher in class

B.Speak English to your classmates every day

C.A and B

( )40.Which do you think is the best title for this

article? __________________.

A.How to swim

B.How to play football C.How can we learn English well


Several years ago Robert knew a girl at a party. He loved her at once. But he hadn’t enough money to marry(娶)her. He went to another village and wanted to borrow five thousand dollars from Peter, one of his classmates. He said he was going to return the money in two years.

Peter Black believed him and lent the money to him. And Robert thanked the young man very much.

In the past four years Robert married the girl and she had a baby. They lived a happy life, but he didn’t give the money back to Peter.

One day Peter’s mother was ill and needed an operation. He looked for Robert

for a few times, but he never met him. One day Peter heard that the young man was in. He hurried there. He knocked at the door for a long time and Robert’s wife came out to meet him.

“I’m sorry, Mr Black.” said the woman. “My husband has just gone out.”

Peter thought for a while and said, “Yes, I met him on my way here. He told me that he had left all his money at home and let you return it to me.”

“Don’t believe him, dear!”Robert came out in a hurry(匆忙) and called out. “I’ve never told him about it!”

( )41.Peter believe Robert because _______.

A.they were old classmates

B.they lived in different villages

C.Peter was a rich man

D.Robert once helped Peter

( )42.Robert wouldn’t meet Peter because _______.

A.he did not want to pay back the money

B.he had paid Peter all the money

C.he was always very busy

D.his wife didn’t let him do so

( )43.Robert’s wife said sorry to Peter because she wanted ______.

A.to pay Peter the money B.to make Peter leave

C.to let Peter in D.to go out to meet Peter

( )44.Robert came out in a hurry because _______.

A.he was afraid Peter would beat his wife

B.he was afraid Peter would take his wife to the police

C.he decided to give the money back to Peter

D.he was afraid his wife would give the money to Peter

( )45.Which of the following is true? ___________.

A.The woman didn’t know her husband was at home.

B.Robert had no money to pay Peter.

C.Peter was clever enough to make Robert come out.




1.Many families like to keep p________ dogs.

2.Our English teacher f____________ in love with a girl some years ago.

3.I don’t like doing housework, I think it is an u_________ job.

4.There is something w_____________ with my computer.

5.My grades are not good, so my father want to get me a t____________.

6.People will ________ to be 200 years old.

7.When the plane t_________ off, I was reading a book.


8. You may get a tutor _______ (teach) you English.

9. I found it difficult _______ (listen) to the teacher in class.

10. Could you please ______ (not cross) the street?

11. We should tell them _______ (not wear) the casual clothes.

12. They picked________ (few) apples than we did.

13. Edison was a great . (science)

14. The twins (study) in France next year.


15.He was in the ______________ (厨房)when the UFO arrived yesterday.

16.While the _____________(外星人)were visiting the museum the boy called the TV station.

17.I had a very strange _____________(经历)on Sunday.

18.He’s very ____________(心烦的)and doesn’t know what to do.

19.The girl went to the shop and ____________ (买) a beautiful skirt.

20.There will be more tall ______________ (建筑物) on both sides of the streets in ten years.

第二节 用所给单词的适当形式填空。(每题1分,计10 分)

Jolin Tsai ( 蔡依林 ), a famous singer, has become an English teacher! But she is not

staying in a classroom to give you talks in English. 1__________, she has published ( 出版 ) a new book, "Jolin's English Diary Book". It came out in Taiwan in March. Jolin is 2_______ you learn English in a light hearted way and give you useful words for life outside your textbooks.

"I hope it's a happy English book," she said, "When you learn English in a fun _3______, you will keep on doing it." This _4______ doesn't mean just reciting ( 背诵 ) words. Jolin has a lot of clever ways of learning. She _5______ to listen to English songs or find friends to talk to in English. She has been good at English since Grade 3 in primary school. _6_____ of this, she hosted news __7___ on the radio herself.

Jolin knows it's important to put English to good __8____. So, in her English diaries, she __9___ something about her everyday life, like study, fashion, travel and family. After each diary, she gives you lots of notes .You can use them often, too! Jolin also asks you to keep diaries like hers. If you do like this, your English will be __10______.


What is pollution ? smoke ,dirty water ,rubbish and so on .some pollution ia easy to be seen like smoke ,but much of pollution is not obvious (明显)at all ,yet you’re eating it , drinking it or breathing it most of the time . Pollution is everywhere . It makes humans ,animals and plants sick and it even kills them .It’s even making the climate change .(1)_.There’s nowhere on the earth left with no pollution ,not even the sea or the air .

to stop it , especially you ,because the future is yours ! We should protect our home .I hope the problems of pollution will be solved in the near future and our home will become better and better .


1.What problems can pollution cause ?


2.Who makes the pollution ?

___________________________________________________________________ 将短文中划线句子译成汉语。







5. _____________________________________________

六. 写作



Someone no one would want to see actors 70 years ago.

2、昨天晚上我和妈妈吵了一架。 I my mother last night .


The children go to bed they finished their homework.

4、我非常穷以至于拿不出钱买电脑。 I am too poor to the computer.


The girl ______ _______ when she saw a car accident. Ⅷ.书面表达(10分)。



要求: 1 句子通畅,语法正确

2 字迹工整,段落清楚

3 字数不少于80个单词


1.What problems can pollution cause ? __________________________________________________________________ 2.Who makes the pollution ? ___________________________________________________________________ 将短文中划线句子译成汉语。 3.

(1)_______________________________________________________________________ 4.

(2)_______________________________________________________________________ 请给短文拟一个适当的标题。 5. _____________________________________________

四 写作(20分)

1_________ __________2___________ _________

3___________ _________ 4___________ ___________

5_____________ _______________




______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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