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一. 主要词组

Unit 1

(1)make flashcards做闪视卡片

(2)study for a test为考试用功

(3)make vocabulary lists做单词表

(4)ask?for help求助于?

(5)practice conversations with friends和朋友一起练习对话

(6)read aloud to practice pronunciation 大声朗读来练习发音

(7)improve the speaking skills提高口语能力

(8)too ?to? 太?而以致于不能做

(9)memorize the words of pop songs记忆流行歌曲的歌词

(10)feel differently感觉不同

(11)join the English club加入英语俱乐部

(12)end up (with?) 以??结束

(13)do a survey做调查

(14)watch English-language TV 看英语电视

(15)make mistakes in grammar 出语法错误

(16)get the pronunciation right 把读音弄准

(17)first of all 首先,第一

(18)to begin with 首先

(19)later on 过后

(20)be afraid to do ? 害怕做

(21)make complete sentences做完整的句子

(22)take a lot of grammar notes记大量的语法笔记

(23)enjoy learning English喜欢学英语

(24)have trouble doing sth. 做某事有麻烦

(25)look up the words in a dictionary 查字(词)典

(26)this kind of paper这种纸

(27)speak English as a second language 把英语当做第二语言来说

(28)be ashamed of ? 对??感到羞愧

(29)behind the times 过时

(30)become an expert at ? 成为??的专家

(31)spend ?on ? 在??上花费(时间、金钱)

(32)give up 放弃

(33)in the future 在将来

Unit 2

(1)used to 过去常常

(2)be afraid of ? 害怕??

(3)play the piano 弹钢琴

(4)be interested in ? 对??感兴趣

(5)speak in front of a group 在人群面前讲话

(6)be terrified of ? (极为)害怕??

(7)sleep with the light on 开着灯睡觉

(8)all the time 一直

(9)chew gum吃口香糖

(10)chat with sb. 和某人聊天

(11)in the last few years 在过去的几年里

(12)send messages 发信息

(13)be able to 能够

(14)be made up of ? 由??组成的

(15)sound like ? 听起来像

(16)stand for ? 代表??

(17)can’t stop doing sth. 禁不住做某事

(18)instead of ? 代替??

二. 语法

1. 动名词的用法:

(1)动名词兼有动词和名词的特征,由动词加 –ing 构成。


A. 作主语

She said that memorizing the words of pop songs also helped a lot.

B. 作宾语

Now, I am enjoying learning English.

Thanks for sending me the E-mail.

C. 作定语

I think that doing a lot of listening practice is one of the secrets??

2. used to 的用法

“主语+used to+动词原形+其它”这个句型结构表示过去的习惯,暗示现在已无此习惯。

其否定形式是主语+didn’t use to +动原

问句形式为:Did+主语+use to+??

反意疑问句:主语+used to+?,did+主语?

和used to 相关的其它句型:

get / be used to doing 习惯于做?

be used for doing被用来

3. 简单的被动语态




一般将来时被动语态:主语+will be+过去分词


4. allow句型

(1)allow sb to do sth 允许某人做某事

We do not allow people to smoke in the hall.

(2)allow doing允许做某事

(3)be allowed to do 被允许做某事

(4)should be allowed to do 应该被允许做某事

5. 虚拟语气



从句:if+主语+过去式(be动词一律用were)+其它 用法:

A. 表示与事实相反的假设

B. 表示不可能实现的事情

C. 用于提建议

6. 提建议句型总结

(1)I think you should / could do.

(2)You had better do.

(3)If I were you, I would do.

(4)What about / How about doing?

(5)Why not do ?? / Why don’t you do ??

7. 表示推断的情态动词

(1)can’t(0%)(2)might / could (20%-80%)(90%



A. +名词

He must be a boy.

B. +物主代词

It must be Mary’s / mine.

It must be Mary’s book.

C. +形容词

She must be very sad.

D. +be +doing

She must be doing his homework.

三. 话题:








1. Here are some things they have learned from ______(scientist ) studies.

2. Sunglasses are used for _____ (keep) out the sun.

3. The students are ______ (confuse) about the ______ (confuse) problem.

4. I’m considering _____ (study) in Beijing or Shanghai.

5. I felt _______(embarrass) when everyone looked at me.

二、根据首字母提示,补写下列单词, 使句意完整。

1. We should protect e_______ animals.

2. I want to eat something because I am k_______ of hungry.

3. How do you feel a________ pollution?

4. The cake t_________ delicious. Would you pass me one more?

5. Many advertisements are aimed specifically a________ teenagers, so you have to be careful.

6. I need a pair of warm trousers to keep o________ cold.

7. Money is a_______ in some situations.

8. You can send flowers a_______ of time for Mother’s birthday.

9. It’s very important to choose a p_______ time to visit friends.

10. The map m_______ me, so I went the wrong way.

三. 选择正确答案。

1. Loud music may make people ____ fast.

A. to eat B. eat C. eated D. eats

2. I want ____ whether he’s all right.

A. to know B. know C. knowing D. Knows

3.Her teacher was annoyed ____ Tom because he made a lot of mistakes in the English Test Paper.

A. at B. with C. in D. for

4.Don’t forget _____ the tap when you don’t use it.

A. turn off B. turn on C. to turn on D. to turn off

5. The children were made ____ homework first.

A. do B. to do C. did D. doing

6. Don’t worry about her,Madam. Your daughter is ____ danger now.

A. in B. out C. out of D. at

7. It’s ____ to play on the road. You’d better play in a ____ place.

A. safe, dangerous B. safety, danger C. safe, danger D. dangerous, safe

8.I ____ an expensive gift for my birthday, but I could not ____ it.

A. accepted, received B. received, accept C. accepted, receive D. accepted, received

9.Loud music makes me ____. So I feel very happy.

A. energetic B. stressed out C. energy D.stress out

10. I can’t wait ____ the present box.

A. open B. to open C. opening D.opened

四. 根据汉语提示,完成下列句子。(横线处不限词数)


He is very clever and he knows _______________.

2.我不喜欢阴雨天, 因为它常常使我伤感。

I don’t like ________, because it often ____________.


Students should learn __________, or you will


4.同潘长江相比, 赵本山很高。

__________________, Zhao Benshan is very tall.


I ____________ home.


That day I got up early __________________________.


It’s better to ____ than _____________.


He ____________ and went on listening to music.


Can I _____________________________________?


Li Ming, ______________________________________.


一、1.scientific 2.keeping 3.confused confusing 4. studying 5. embarrassed

二、1.endangered 2. kind 3. about 4. tastes 5.at 6. out

7.acceptable 8.ahead 9. proper 10. misled

三、1-5 BABDB 6-10 CDBAB

四、1.how to make more money 2. rainy days makes me sad 3.how to study feel stressed out

4.Compared with/to Pan Changjiang 5.left my key 6.so that I could catch the first train 7.give to receive

8.pretended not to hear me 9. invite you to dinner/to have dinner 10. you are wanted on the phone

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