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班级 姓名 学号


﹙﹚1.Tom and Jim __________ in Class 3.

A.is B.am C.are

﹙﹚2.-What’s your telephone number? -______555-778.

A.That B.It C.It’s

﹙﹚3.You can call Gina _____ 234-5678.

A. in B. at C. for

﹙﹚4.You can look up(查询)the word(单词)in the ______.

A. pencil box B. dictionary C. box

﹙﹚5.—Is that______ ruler? —No, it’s not her ruler. It’s my ruler.

A. her B. my C. your

﹙﹚6.—What’s that? ______ English book.

A. It’s a B. It’s an C. This’s an

﹙﹚7.This is______ ID card.

A.an B.a C.the

﹙﹚8.Is this your book? ___.

A It’s a book B No, it isnt C Yes, it is

﹙﹚9.Is that her ruler? ___. It’s his ruler.

A Yes, it is B No, it isn’t C No, it is

﹙﹚10.—Hello! Are you Amy? — .


A. Yes, I’m B. No, I’m C. No, I’m not



This boy is Peter Smith. His _1_ name is Peter. His _2_ name is Smith. This is _3_ school. His school _4_ number is 20048567. His teacher is Miss White. Miss White _5_ a good teacher. Li Min is a Chinese(中国的)boy. Li Min is his good _6_ at school. Look! _7_ a pencil . Is the pencil _8_. ? I don’t know(不知道). Let’s(让我们)_9_ Li Min at 495-6548.

﹙﹚1. A.first B. family C. last D. one

﹙﹚2. A.first B. good C. last D. this

﹙﹚3. A.you B. that C. his D. it

﹙﹚4. A.computer B. name C. phone D. ID card

﹙﹚5. A.no B. not C. is D. am

﹙﹚6. A. father B. friend C. boy D. class

﹙﹚7. A.What’s B. This’s C. That’s D. The name’s

﹙﹚8. A.Li Min B. Li Min’s C. Li Min is D. The Li Min

﹙﹚9. A. ask B. call C. write D. look


Mary Green is a __1__. She’s twelve years old. She’s my good friend. She is English. Mary is her __2__ name. Green is her __3__ name. __4__ Green is her father. He is a doctor(医生). Mrs. Green is a teacher. She teaches(教) English in China now. She likes(喜欢) her students(学生) very much(非常). Her students all like her. Her __5__ number is 36482211.

﹙﹚1. A. girl B. boy C. man D. woman

﹙﹚2. A. last B. family C. first D. middle

﹙﹚3. A. last B. first C. middle D. full

﹙﹚4. A. Mr. B. Mrs. C. Miss. D. Ms.


﹙﹚5. A. car B. phone C. room D.ID



My name is Tina. I’m in Class(班) 4, Grade(年级)2. I’m in Row(排)2. Kate is my friend. She is in my class, too. She is in Row 1. My father has a beautiful car(漂亮的小汽车). The number is B-047968. Her father has a beautiful car, too. The number is E-0-double(双的)4-double 9-5. Her father often(经常) drives(用车送) her to my home(家). We are good friends. We are both(两个都) fifteen(十五).


﹙﹚1.Are Tina and Kate both students(学生)?

A.No, they aren’t. B.No, they are. C.Yes, they aren’t. D.Yes, they are. ﹙﹚2.What row is Tina in?

A.She is in Row Four. B.She is in Row Two.

C.She is in Row One. D.She is in Row Three.

﹙﹚3.What’s the number of Kate’s father’s car?

A.It’s B-047968 B.It’s E-032143. C.It’s B-032146. D.It’s E-044995.

﹙﹚4.How old(多少岁) is Tina?

A.She is fifteen. B.She is thirteen. C.She is fourteen. D.She is twelve. ﹙﹚5.What’s the number of Tina’s car? It’s __________.

A.B, zero, three, two, one, four, three

B.E, zero, six, four, two, eight, four

C.B, zero, four, seven, nine, six, eight

D.E, zero, seven, seven, nine, nine, five



Hello! I’m Tom. Here is a photo of my friend. His first name is Mark. His last name is Hand. He is English. His school ID card number is 19922. My school ID card number is 12299. That’s interesting(有趣的). Look at(看)the photo! He is in a black and red jacket .His bag is blue, and his watch is yellow. A white baseball is in his hand(手). His telephone number is 235-3577.

﹙﹚1. Tom is Mark’s___

A. brother B. cousin C. friend D. sister

﹙﹚2. The boy in the photo is___

A. Tom Hand B. Mark Hand C. Tom Black D. Hand Mark

﹙﹚3. Tom’s school ID card number is ___

A. 12299 B. 19922 C. 19292 D. 12929

﹙﹚4. Mark has(有) a___

A. green watch B. black and red jacket C. yellow jacket D. red baseball

﹙﹚5. Mark’s bag is___

A. yellow B. black C. blue D. white


﹙﹚1. _______ lost her school ID card.

A. Mary B. Tony C. Mike D. Kim

﹙﹚2. The ruler is _______.

A. red B. black C. yellow D. blue

﹙﹚3. Mike found a _______

A. card B. ruler C. watch D. jacket

﹙﹚4. Kim’s telephone number is _______.

A. 445-6767 B. 556-7892 C. 332-4768 D. 665-7359


1.What’s this in E____ ?

2.How do you s____ pencil?

3.Call Jane a____ 635-2469.

4.Is this y____ eraser?

5.My b____ is big(大). I can put(放) many things(很多东西)in it.

6.Is that your c____ game in the case(盒子)?

7.P____ spell your name.

8.A set of k____ is on(在…上) your desk(课桌).

9.Is your watch in the l____ and found case?

10.He can find the word(单词) in the d____ .


1._________(I) name is Lisa Barnes.

2.Jenny is a girl. _____________(she) family name is Green.

3.What’s ____________(you) name, please?


4.He is a boy and she is a __________(boy的对应词).

5.Nice __________(meet) you ,too.

6.I have ___________(yes的反义词) notebook.

7.That is _____________(Jim) watch.

8.My friends __________(be) Gina and Sonia.

9.I ___________(be) an English schoolgirl.

10.______________(he) pencil is in the pencil box.



1.Is this your computer?(肯定回答) _________, _________ __________ .

2. This is an apple. (改为否定句) ___________ __________ an apple.

3. I’m Alice Green. (变为一般疑问句) __________ __________ Alice Green?

4. These are erasers. (改为单数形式) _________ _________ ________ ________.

5. They are his brothers. (改为单数形式) _________ _________ ________ ________.

6. That bike is black. (对划线部分提问) __________ __________ is that bike?

7.Is this a blue ruler?(否定回答) _________, _________ _________.

8.My friends are fine.(对划线部分提问) _________ _________ your friends?


1. 打扰一下,简。这是你的笔记本吗?

___________ _________, Jane. Is this ________________ ________________?

2. 那个是玛丽的学生证。

That is ________________ ________________ ID card.

3. 请拨打453-8641给大卫。


Please ________________ David ______ 453-8641.

4. 你手里的橡皮擦是什么颜色的?

________________ ________________ is the _________ in your hand?

5. 你的游戏机在失物招领橱里。

Your ___________ __________ is in the ______ and ______ case.


Can you _______ ________ this ________?




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