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Unit 8

1 clean up 把-打扫干净

2 cheer him up使...高兴使...振作

3 come up with= think up (an idea ) 想出

4 put off doing sth推迟做某事

5 Write down写下

6 set up建立

7 call up sb打电话给=ring sb up=call /telephone sb 8 hand out= give out分发,

9 help sb (to) do sth.// help sb with sth帮助某人做某事

10 put up 张贴/举起

11 put away 收起来,放好

12 be home to sb 是...的家园

13.volunteer to do sth 自愿干某事.

14 be similar to和...相像

15 put ... to good use 充分运用

16 plan to do 计划做

17 spend time doing sth 花费时间做某事

19 not only... but also 不仅...而且

20 get to do sth 逐步做...,

21 run out of = use up用完 22 fix up 修理

23 give away 赠送

24 ask for 请求

25 work out fine效果好

26 try to do sth 设法做某事

27 tell sb about sth 告诉某人有关某事

28 take after 和...很相像

29.Thank sb for sth/doing sth为…而感谢某人

30 fill ...with ... =be full of ... 充满

31. help sb out 使某人脱离困境

32 I’m not sure what I should do.我不确定我该做什么。 33 be used to do sth 被用于做某事

34 at once= right away立即

35 hand out (with sb) 闲逛

36 be the same as ... 和...一样

37 paper 不可数名词‘纸’,可数名词‘卷纸

38 make it +adj.+for sb to do sth对某人来说使某事怎么样

39 a friend of mine 我的一个朋友

40 fetch sb sth=fetch sth to sb给某人取来某物

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