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新目标 九年级 unit6 Reading

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Unit 6 I like music that I can dance to.


What?s your favorite food?

What kind of food do you eat every day?

Section 1

Look at the diets of two people. Discuss which diet is healthier and why.
Linda?s Diet
She prefers: to drink water to eat brown bread and rice to eat fruit and fish

Jack?s Diet
He prefers:
to drink coffee to eat white bread and rice to eat sweet desserts

New words
sweet adj. taste v. 甜的


to be honest
be bad for


actually adv.
fry v.


mainly adv.
stay away from


be in agreement itself pron. laboratory n. type n. cancer n. barbecue n.& v. increase v. risk n. biscuit n.

意见一致 它自己,它本身 实验室 类型;种类 癌症 户外烤肉 增加;增大 危险;风险 饼干

短语匹配 Ⅰ 1. keep healthy 2. to be honest 3. be bad for 4. stay away from 5. be in agreement 6. increase the risk of

Ⅱ A. 老实说;说实在的 B. 与??保持距离 C. 增加??的危险/风险 D. 意见一致 E. 保持健康 F. 对??有害

Section 2

I only eat food that tastes good.

根据课文内容, 补全句子。
1. The children in the passage mainly talk keep about how important it is to ________ healthy ___________. eating burnt food 2. Laura believes that ________________ can increase the risk of cancer.

3. Peter says he only eats food that ______ tastes

____________. good
4. Tony thinks that fast food itself isn?t eating too much is bad always bad, but ______________________ ______. for us 5. Tony believes that people should eat a ______________. balanced diet

Language Points
taste v. 品尝;尝起来 n. 味道 I only eat food that tastes good. 我只吃美味的食品。 Let?s taste the delicious food together. 让我们一起品尝这美味的食物吧。 This kind of vegetable has no taste. 这种蔬菜吃起来没有味道。

--- What do you think of the cake? --- I like it very much. It tastes _______. A. good B. terrible C. well 【点拨】选A。taste意为“尝起来”时,是 系动词,其后接形容词作表语,排除C项; 由答语“I like it very much. ”知蛋糕的味道 应是尝起来很好,排除B项。故选A。

【2011 安徽】The food here smells good but what does it _____ like? A. taste B. touch C. seem D. feel 答案:A 【解析】选 A。句意:这种食物闻起来 很好,但是(尝)起来怎么样呢? taste“尝起来”;touch “触摸” seem “好 像”;feel like “想要”。结合句意选 A。

(2011 贵州安顺) — Dinner is ready. Help yourself. — Wow It ______ delicious. Could you A please tell me how to cook it? A. tastes B. looks C. sounds D. feels B (2011河北省) This sentence _____ right. Please write it down. A. feels B. sounds C. tastes D. smells

(2011 广东) This silk dress ______ so A smooth. It?s made in China. A. feels B. smel

ls C. sounds D. tastes (2011四川内江) — Which scarf do you prefer? —The red one. It _____ more comfortable. B A. tastes B. feels C. gets (2011 湖南益阳) The idea to go to West Hill C ______ wonderful. A. looks B. tastes C. sounds A (2010 潍坊) The cookies ______ good. Could I have some more? A. taste B. smell C. feel D. sound

honest adj. 诚实的,正直的
Her husband is an honest man. 她的丈夫是一个诚实的人。 Please give me your honest opinion. 请把你的真实想法告诉我。 反义词为 dishonest“不诚实的”。 注意:honest 的读音是[??nIst],以元音音素 开头,因此前面有不定冠词时用 an。

to be honest 老实说;说实在的(作插入语) To be quite honest with you, I don't think you can pass the examination. 老实对你说,我认为你通不过考试。 To be honest, she is not an honest girl.

honest with sb. 对某人以坦诚相待

(2010江苏连云港) My best friend Neil is _____ honest boy. You can believe him. A. a B. an C. the D. / 解析:本题考查冠词的用法。句意为 “我最好的朋友尼尔是一个诚实的男孩, 你可以相信他”。表示“一个”的概念 用不定冠词 a 或 an,honest /??nIst/的读 音以元音音素开头,故用 an。 答案:B

be good for ... 对??有好处

Watching TV for too long isn?t good for your eyes. 看太长时间电视对你的眼睛没有好处。 It?s not at all good for keeping healthy. 它对保持健康根本没有好处。

be good for还可意为“对??合适”

She would be good for this job. 她会适合做这项工作的。
链接: be bad for ... 对??有害 be good at ... 擅长?? (相当于do well in ...) be good to = be friendly to 对…..很友善 be good with sb. 和……相处融洽

(2011?乌鲁木齐) I think drinking milk is good ______ our health. A. for B. to C. with D. at

解析:本题考查短语be good for … 的用 法。


This kind of food is good for me.
阳光对植物有益。 Sunshine is good for plants. 我哥哥擅长于游泳。 My brother is good at swimming. 你应该善待孩子。 You should be good to the kids.

stay away from 远离 (= keep away from)

Tell him to stay away from my sister!
叫他离我妹妹远点儿! You just stay away from me please. 求你离开我。 stay up 熬夜 stay awake 睡不着, 醒着 stay out 不回家, 避开

— I don?t feel very well these days. — You should __________ junk food if you want to keep in good health. A. look forward to B. get along with C. come up with D. stay away from 答案:D

练 习
I. 根据句意完成句中所缺的单词。 1. It may increase the _______ of cancer. risk 2. I know you hate meat. What about eating fish _________ of meat today? instead main 3. What?s the _______ idea of this

essay? tastes 4. I love chocolate because it _________ sweet.

5. The house stands by ________ outside the itself

II. 根据括号内所给的汉语提示, 用合适的短语 填空。 even though 1. I will try ____________ (即使) I may fail. stay away from 2. You should _______________ (远离) drugs (毒品). be in agreement 3. They seem to ______________(意见一致) on the matter.

4. It?s important to _________________ eat a balanced diet

5. On the eve of the Spring Festival, people get together ______________ (相聚) with their family and friends.
6. I?m lucky to come to Beijing for my _________________________ (六个月的中 six-month Chinese course 文课程).

Section 3

Never! An exclamation Really!_____________________ Oh! Yes, it is! ___________________________

A sound made Er Hm, um to show you are ___________________________ thinking A tag question isn? it ? is it? don?t you? ______________________ shouldn?t they? ___________________________ Here?s, I?d, it?s, isn?t A contraction Don?t______________________ that?s, I?ve, shouldn?t ___________________________ don?t __________________________

Section 3

Use information from the dialog to match the statement with the person. Peter
1. This person spoke last.

2. This person says tasty food is bad for


3.This person eats a balanced diet.

4.This person is a strict vegetarian.
5.This person doesn?t mind eating burnt food.


6.This person is shocked by what others

Section 3

Write each type of food or drink from the reading in the correct column.
Things That Are Good for Us Things That Are Bad for Us

cola, French fries, chips
fast food, sugar, oil,

water, fruit, vegetables, nuts, meat, fish

sweet desserts, burnt
meat, biscuits,


Section 4

Read I Only Eat Food That Taste Good and write T (for true) or F (false)
( T ) 1. Tony doesn't like eating too much food that is fried, like French fries. ( F ) 2. Peter minds eating burnt food.

( T ) 3. Laura is a strict vegetarian.
( F ) 4. Laura likes eating anything that

has been cooked in oil.
( T ) 5. People who eat hamburgers and

biscuits should be less healthy than
those who eat a balanced diet.

Write a report of what was said in the discussion by Laura, Peter and Kim. Use words like “agree” and “disagree”.
Peter wants to stay healthy but he thinks food that

tastes good is bad for
you. Kim agrees …

Section 4

Make a survey.
Are you a vegetarian? Do you care how much fried food you eat? Do you prefer to drink water when you are thirsty?



Do you only eat food that you like?

Ⅰ. 用所给词的适当形式填空 1. The boy only eats food that _______ (taste) good. 2. If you want to stay _______ (health), you should eat a balanced diet. 答案:1. tastes 2. healthy

3. They never eat meat. They are _______ (vegetarian). 4. When we heard the news,we were deeply _______ (shock). 5. They seem to be in _______ (ag

ree) on the plan. 答案:3. vegetarians 4. shocked 5. agreement

Ⅱ. 完成句子 1. 说实话,我更喜欢美味的食品。 _______ _______ _______, I _______ food that?s tasty. 2. 18岁以下的青少年应远离网吧。 Teenagers under 18 years old should _______ _______ _______ net bars. 答案: 1. To be honest;prefer 2. stay away from

3. 熬夜太晚对健康有害。 Staying up too late _______ _____ ______ health. 4. 科学家说吸烟会增加患肺癌的风险。 Scientists say that smoking can _______ _______ _______ of lung cancer. 5. 如果我是你,我就会接受她的建议。 If I _______ you, I _______ take her advice. 答案:3. is bad for 4. increase the risk 5. were; would

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