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2013年八年级上最新人教版新教材Unit 4 What's the best movie theater Section B

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Unit 4 What’s the best movie theater? Section B

1a Write these words and phrases next to their opposites in the chart.
funniest most creative quietest best most boring loudest worst most serious most creative
quietest best

1c. Match the pictures with the performers.

Eliza____ Vera____ Steve____ Dennis____ The math teachers_____





1d Listen again. What do the people say about the performers? Fill in the chart with the adjectives you hear.
Names Eliza Steve Vera Dennis The Math Teachers What people say best excellent, great

most creative
worst loudest

2b Read the passage below. Which three talented shows are mentioned?

Who’s Got Talent? Everyone is good at something, but some people are truly talented. It’s always interesting to watch other people show their talents. Talent shows are getting more and more popular. First, there were shows like American Idol and American’s Got Talent.

have sth in common 与…相同,有共同点

All these shows have one thing in common: They try to look for the best singers, the most talented dancers, the most exciting magicians, the funniest actors and so on. All kinds of people join these shows. But who can play the piano the best or sing the most beautifully? That’s up to you to decide. When people watch the show, they usually play a role in deciding the winner. And the winner always gets a very good prize.
be up to… 由…决定 play a role in 在…方面发挥作用

make up 编造

However, not everybody enjoys watching these shows. Some think that the lives of the performers are made up. For example, some people who say they are poor farmers are in fact just actors. But if you don’t take these shows too seriously, they are fun to watch. And one great thing about them is that they give people a way to make their dreams come true.

2cThen answer the question: 1. What do talent shows have in common? They try to look for the best singers, the most... and so on. 2. Who decides the winner? The people who watch the show. 3. Why do some people not like these shows? Because they think that the lives of the performers are made up. 4. Why do some people not like these shows? Because they are fun to watch. 5. What do you think of these shows? I think they can make people’s dream come true.

2d Underline all the superlatives in the passage. Then write sentences using at least four of them.
best singer: In my class, Tom is the best singer because he can sing fast songs very well._____________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________

2eWho’s got talent in your class?
Talents Classmates’ names
How many students agree?

the best chess player the most talented dancer
the most interesting writer the fastest runner

3a Read the article about Greenwood Park.

crowded creative

good fast


Greenwood Park is the best place to go to on weekends. I always finish my breakfast __________

___on Saturdays the fastest because I went to get to Greenwood Park before 10:00 a.m. to meet my friends. The park is _________________ the most crowded place on weekends because almost everyone goes there to see the street performers. Some people think they are the most creative boring, but I think they are _________________ people. However, the place where you can enjoy your time the most quietly _________________ is at one of the small coffee shops near the park. You can read or relax there. There is something for everyone at Greenwood Park.

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